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  1. Looking forward to the meltdown when a kid literally nobody on earth heard of a week ago doesn't end up coming here.
  2. Big move for UCLA. They also just got one of the top transfer QBs (https://247sports.com/college/ucla/Article/UCLA-Football-Recruiting-UCLA-Lands-Kent-State-QB-Transfer-Collin-Schlee-200718469/), I wonder how that plays out.
  3. Young QB and he had a bad day. We knew there would be up and down days with him. Hopefully this is just one of the worst ones and the team backed into a W despite that.
  4. I predict Jimbo will swap out QBs and the rollercoaster will reset itself.
  5. Goes to show when the play the #1 team you can't make any mistakes. They played their asses off but too many little mistakes by both the players and the coaches them cost them the game. No moral victory in that.
  6. Nice write-up. My take? Too many kids named Johnson.
  7. Watching that play had me thinking about this one. Maybe not exactly the same but whatever I'm posting it anyway.
  8. Well fuck. Collin Johnson carted off at Giants practice Wide receiver Collin Johnson has been getting snaps with the first team for the Giants this summer, but his bid for a role in the regular season appears to have taken a hit at Wednesday’s practice. According to multiple reports from the Giants facility, Johnson went down during drills with an apparent right leg injury. Johnson was looked at on the field and a cart was brought out to take Johnson for further evaluation. The results of that evaluation will determine Johnson’s outlook for the future, but the reporters at practice noted that the reaction of his teammates indicated a serious injury. Johnson was a Jaguars fifth-round pick in 2020 and he joined the Giants as a waiver claim last September. He had 11 catches for 105 yards in 12 games this season and caught two passes from Daniel Jones early in the team’s last preseason game. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/08/24/collin-johnson-carted-off-at-giants-practice/
  9. I believe you. Meanwhile, the state of California has a $97 billion budget surplus and has already determined to invest a significant share of that back in their university system. It is not a stretch to say the incredible UC system (plus Stanford) are the biggest things keeping California's economy driving in the long-run.
  10. The UC system has 6 schools ranked higher than UT in the US News rankings. This is an embarrassment for the state of Texas and shows how little the state government values having even one world-class university. With this much money at its disposal, there is no reason UT should not be in the top 25 except for politicians disregard for the value of higher ed.
  11. We maxed out the 529 contributions for the first few years of our kids lives and figure 15 years of growth should add up to a good amount. UTMA of 5k each when they were born for a college graduation gift for a wedding or whatnot. If they can graduate debt-free and with that they should be in good shape and I don't owe them any more than that. I don't understand the logic of funding an IRA for them, shouldn't they be able to save for their own retirement during their working years? That seems like not my problem.
  12. The highest bidder mercenary types always commit late to drive the price up. The game is different now though with NIL replacing bags, so who knows how it will play out.
  13. This makes no sense. Who would pay $277 for a screenshot of a tweet?
  14. Sounding like the team next year will just be Bijan, Worthy, RoJo, and the class of 2022.
  15. Look, I'm as shell-shocked as anybody by this catastrophic season we just witnessed, but there is no way Ewers is transferring and not to Texas. Don't be a bunch of pussies about this. The next chapter starts now.
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