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  1. There was that race a decade or so ago where one of the stewards went out on the track and then started using electric horsewhips to cut cars in half. That was pretty exciting.
  2. Jokes on you. I’m still deployed. That’s just my buddy Jody driving my truck. “I can see my house paddleboard from here”
  3. Somehow, this is Lance strolls fault.
  4. They would have played us in Austin. We would have fucked them. Johnny would not have acquired nachos.
  5. jumbofisher-aggyfootball.com Pretty sure the .clownpenis.fart domain is already taken
  6. ^happy Mother’s Day south Austin’s mom
  7. Tcu has played Georgia as many times as aggy has despite not being the same conference. Over the last 2 decades or so at least. Can’t remember how we fared against Georgia off the top of my head.
  8. Did you just fucking do that?! Like ….fully, man.
  9. Fuck it. I’m learning Lingala.
  10. Fresh outta the air fryer, don’t call it a comeback
  11. Tonight at Kroger field, every sheep gets laid
  12. And don’t forget longhorn fans to redeem your ticket stub for one month of commercial real estate and your local industrial park
  13. Fuck You for posting that
  14. Fuck that. Ridiculous. I would have totally gone with the $275 nachos.
  15. He look like a man
  16. Sold his soul to the devil apparently
  17. It’s not like a Red Bull could ever crash into another Red Bull in a race
  18. Max is on significantly older hards and laying down the same time as checo on new hards. He’ll kill once he’s on new mediums if the timing of the change is right. Hamilton is shit without the best car under him. Maybe Charles can get a job selling Hot Dogs at the next rack.
  19. Stolen rental mp5? What kind of lax ass policy were they practingnthere?
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