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  1. Bill millers or Fred’s fish fry
  2. Yeah but the original statement implied that it was worth it in some point in history and we all know that to be incorrect.
  3. Our house covered a sheet pan in yellow triangle tort chips with a scoop of warmed refried on each. Then liberally sprinkle with shredded cheddar and top each with a pickled jap slice. Broil to melt cheese just enough, top with a sprinkling of salt. And no foil. Ya gotta use your fork and scrape up the cheese crispies once the nachos are gone. That and some of the carbonized flavor on the pan I guess.
  4. Those southwester egg rolls didn’t give their lives to enter my gut just for you shit all over their legacy
  5. It’s weird how they notice a media bias for big 12 basketball and how that affects seeding but just naturally believe that sec football is bestest based on 2 teams every year and so they naturally deserve more playoff spots and premier bowls. Weird.
  6. Yes. Thank goodness we didn’t have to face the meat grinder that is aggy basketball in the second round or we’d shirley be home by now.
  7. It is one of the worst everyday injuries indeed
  8. That drivers seat is going to need to be fumigated
  9. Fuck it. Going with Istanbul. They’re probably big might be giants fans.
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