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  1. Posrep. And gotta pick em yourself. Watch out for Rattlesnakes.
  2. It was supposed to say I wouldn’t drive from sa to tyler. Still wouldn’t but I’m just more soberer right now. Would still consider murder for that chicken Sammy tho.
  3. I’m sticking to my 750s of regular ass Elijah Craig and handles of EWBiB. It’s always on shelf, tastes good, and is well priced. I’m a simple man: I eat when I’m hungry, I drink when I drive.
  4. And the first quote: dm44time 9h ago First, no disrespect towards the University of Arkansas. This is just directed towards the author of this article. When you use the word "cult" in reference to a school's cheers, or chants as you like to call them, you undermine your credibility. Every school has certain group cheers, and traditions. Certainly the Hog Call is an example of this. Now as for inferring from rumors, that Texas A&M would want to leave the SEC due to some form of jealousy or envy of the University of Texas, again this is an old narrative that show's lack of creativity in writing, and any insight on the matter of a possible re-alignment that has Texas A&M moving to the Big 10. I am a fan of the SEC. It's a great conference. But so is the Big Ten. And if your state has more than one world class university, it would actually make more sense to have each school separated into the two big time athletic conferences. College Football is a business. In business, you want to have your product available in as many markets as possible. This is about what benefits the state of Texas. And it's about establishing connections from the state of Texas, to as many young people as possible. And having both of our world class universities distributed into each of these different areas of the country benefits the state of Texas as a whole. Reply 1
  5. But doesn’t aids do that regardless the of how regarded aggy or our posters are?
  6. I’d kill for a cadillac motherclucker. I would drive from San Antonio to Tyler but I’d kill for one.
  7. They need to fire Otmar and figure this out
  8. I just figured the lack of screenshots means that aggy stopped posting stupid shit on forums. Why are my feet so cold?
  9. They’re probably also seeing rivian and lucid going tits up. That and they’re $3500 vr set that doesn’t even do pron is now developing cracks so the market for people with loose cash may be drying up a bit on Apple…..until the next iPhone/pad/Mac release cycle. And I’m an Apple fan.
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