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  1. Is Fantrax the only option for college fantasy now? I played on yahoo previously but see they canceled it.
  2. Any idea when tickets for Texas arky will be on sale?
  3. Announced on Twitter he’s entering the portal.
  4. As someone who attends NDSU, I think this would be a damn good pick up versatile LB that could thrive in big 12 imo.
  5. Can anyone hook a broke bitch up with a stream cuz I’m in shitty ass North Dakota?
  6. Remember when George was gonna be the 5th guy good times...
  7. It’s 12:58 and Baylor is a bunch of POS rapists
  8. There anyway for out of staters to watch?
  9. Not a great place to do much in January besides binge drink.
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