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  1. It was Mikegundy'srant. I need to take a break from here. Some real life issues with my kid's health. Happy holiday to all of you.
  2. As common as a penny. I think I have a selfie or two of you standing in line in the background.
  3. They started two. Did you know that Gonzaga basketball might move to the Mountain West? Riveting shit. There will be jizz in the Spokane River.
  4. e There's the proof. These interviews are a dime a dozen. I hate that I know Barstool Sports, but that's something for me to improve on in life.
  5. The Josh Allen thread was moronic previously, and the Virginian appears to be digging in for additional blind, deaf worship here, too. I can't imagine puking pages and pages of unyielding useless James Washington draft "news" on a UT board without being able to pause to acknowledge constructive criticism, but the Virginian is only talking to himself. I remember when this guy was a decent poster.
  6. Do you run a cult that revolves around worship of this young man?
  7. With all the disgusting people in line for that ride, I just haven't gotten involved.
  8. Maybe not. We've been talking/gossiping extensively about you in paradise as a candidate, and we're just not sure.
  9. You need to post at least one good pic of an attractive adult female in your family before the Council of Pervs will review your application.
  10. Gotcha. Double-repped today. A couple of good posts.
  11. Who has the time for that shit? I just looked up that term on Urban Dictionary. Meh.
  12. That’s quite a bit of stamina. I managed about 4 per day for six years. It’ll probably shrink back down to around that pace that when I head back to work on Tuesday after surgery.
  13. No worries at all. Happy to help out.
  14. Your present GIF is very wide for the square box. I cropped it and shrunk it. Shrinking it lost a little resolution, but it’s worth trying it out.
  15. If I came home to that, I’d be in intensive therapy to determine the root cause of my poor life choices.
  16. Do people realize that there’s tons of porn available for free on the Interwebz?
  17. That’s probably a little more polite than saying, “get out.”
  18. This thread is just a shitty poster trying to preemptively suck off the mods in the hopes that they will hate him less than the rest of us do. You don't need to help him.
  19. People look at me differently right now because my post count and rep are lower. I'm largely disrespected in my local community. I walk around asking loudly who wants to fuck, but only a couple homeless people have responded positively. I suspect that it would be much different if I still sported 9,000 meaningless posts over 6 years.
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