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  1. OSU lost Likele for several games to mono and then it took several more weeks before he was playing at full strength again. That all coincided with the huge stretch of losses they had in the middle of the season. This was almost an 8 week stretch.
  2. OSU isn't the worst Big 12 team. Iowa State and Kstate have worse records in overall and conference.
  3. My wife has kicked on the garbage disposal with every spoon in our house at least once. I cannot find one freaking spoon that does have chewed up edges. You can feel the jagged edges when you eat.
  4. We always have a jar of sliced mushrooms, some chopped up onion and some fresh jalapeños in the fridge. So I'll buy a Digorno 4 cheese pizza and package of pepperonis and top the pizza with all that. The package of pepperonis will usually last through several pizzas and whatever other random stuff I want to add pepperonis to. But that makes a damn good frozen pizza.
  5. This game would look pretty cool after dropping a hit of acid.
  6. I watched (the original) Point Break today. Seen it a million times and still love it, but what I find really hilarious about that movie is at the end where Johnny Utah lets Bodie go to ride the wave in the 100 year storm. Bodie tells Johnny he has been waiting his whole life for this. Then precedes to only get up on the wave for about 10 feet before eating ass and drowning. He was only up for like 2 seconds.
  7. Another one of those stories that blows the whole "if you're not doing anything wrong, you don't have anything to worry about" saying out of the water.
  8. Spitting image of Kendrick Perkins though
  9. After seeing that preview, I guess season 2 was all wrapped up as is.
  10. Every season I start this show only to have it go completely of the rails about 4-5 episodes in and I never finish it.
  11. yoshi

    Ric Ocasek RIP

    He's been dead since 2001
  12. yoshi

    Ric Ocasek RIP

    Who's gonna die next, Pat Benatar?
  13. yoshi

    Ric Ocasek RIP

    That's my favorite Cars song right there
  14. I read this in Clark Griswold's voice from this scene.
  15. What a terrible way to lose to one of your biggest rivals. (Especially at home)
  16. Yeah Muskogee is a rough town. That place was meth central was back in the day way back before meth was even a big deal. Back in the late 80's-early 90's.
  17. yoshi


    Wraps up the season? That was the season finale.
  18. That Shakin' video remains one of those most hilarious videos in the history of early MTV. Apollonia was hot AF.
  19. Haha. One of my buddies bought a set of those speakers out of a white van when we were in college. Around 1995ish.
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