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  1. Friend of a friend used to be a teacher at HPISD. She said she used to be paid in gift cards by parents lol
  2. Stabbing a toddler is just pure evil.
  3. Fraternity brother's home in Travis County is flat. Are yall sure the online values are updated?
  4. I can't believe Fred Goldman outlived OJ
  5. That was fucking crazy! All of the clouds disappeared 10 minutes before and I got a wide open view of it. It's really true that it hits you at your core.
  6. It was $31/lb before the "price cut". Heim is just full of shit
  7. Good call. It will crank up around noon and last all day once the storms roll in. Downtown is getting totally shut down at 1
  8. We're shutting down the pharmacy for an hour around the eclipse and taking bets on how many missed calls we get around totality. I'm betting we get at least 2 or 3. Believe it or not there are people in DFW who have no idea a total solar eclipse is happening today
  9. Same as last year. 224 on the first base side
  10. Sold my tickets for today's game. Lots of stand up sit down this weekend and I hate that shit. Probably gonna look around for different seats for next year
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