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  1. Rhyner is nothing without the ticket. All 4 of his podcast ventures failed, his ticket knockoff station is a disaster, and Corby kicked his ass in the most recent ratings book.
  2. I'm really surprised his fingernail shtick isn't being made out to be a bigger deal. If Tim Tebow was doing "Fuck Alabama" on his eye black it would be national news on ESPN for months. But I guess Tebow had an image to protect while Caleb is fine being viewed as a piece of shit
  3. How do these people have standing to sue? They've never been sanctioned by Colorado for refusing a same sex wedding website
  4. I kind of lean towards this being some kind of performance. What I don't understand is the Nick Fuentes connection. So this kid loves Trump, was at January 6th and other riots, started a movement around the president, and his next move is to partner with Kanye West's 2024 presidential run and praise Hitler during interviews? Either he's getting paid life changing money or there's something else going on. This entire shtick is creepy as fuck
  5. Yes I can. I don't understand how you can say it helped Penn State. They made it to the conference championship game, won it, and lost a playoff spot to a team they beat in their division. Ohio State isn't supposed to benefit from sitting at home during conference championship week yet that's exactly what happened.
  6. I said it on the old board. In a conference where every team plays everyone, a championship game can only hurt the conference's chance at making the playoff. No CCG and TCU is in the playoff. I mean for fucks sake it was only a few years ago that Penn State made it to the CCG and won only to lose a playoff spot to a divisional runner up. Don't give me this bullshit herp derp about them losing to Pitt and Michigan. That only confirms the CCG was meaningless. Okay committee you now have permission to consider Ohio State and Alabama in the playoff. Get on your knees and start sucking ya turd burglars.
  7. Well ESPN you fuckers will get what you want. Alabama is about to be in the playoff. FUCK YOU!
  8. Alex would have gotten away with it had he not been elevated in status by Trump. It's hard to tell people you're on the fringe trying to expose the Satanists in Washington DC when you land a White House press pass and the sitting President says he loves you on national television
  9. A USC loss will make the Sooner nation very happy so I hope they roll the fuck out of Utah
  10. Do yall have a resource or chart for point redemptions and airline/credit card transfers? I've been out of the point spending game since before the pandemic but I've been stocking up for the right time
  11. Well sure we all appreciate the VW Beatle and Fanta but the whole killing millions of people and trying to dominate the world thing kind of overshadows everything else
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