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  1. Still watching but it looks like the funyuns were laced with LSD
  2. That is pretty much the pass Purdy missed to 15
  3. Right now I want to say sarcastically great OT of a shitty game then I realize that in August I will be watching shitty football with great sense of appreciation after the offseason.
  4. This just has feel of game between two teams that are not running on all cylinders.
  5. Kyle with the dreaded double digit lead in a Super Bowl
  6. Well that entire set was garbage starting with Reese's.
  7. That mayo one is in the lead for the worst one so far.
  8. All I could think of was those of us in teens and 20s when that movie came do look like the gummy now.
  9. Anything with Walken has to be good
  10. Having Romo talk about handling pressure in big games is priceless. I thought what hell would you know about handling pressure in big games. Never played in any.
  11. The thing about GOT up till season 5 before G.R.R.M. screwed us by being lazy is that meandering was part of the build up of characters and attention to detail. GOT was great at making something that seemed so irrelevant be completely essential to the story once things played out. Once GOT went of the rails loose ends arose and characters started being other people. Season one of true detective did some of the same things and unlike GOT characters did not become different people all of a sudden. A good detailed story and character connection is what makes a series great. The Jodie character for instance is suppose to be a pain in the ass but why is it a loss of a child like season one? Look at Rus and how they got us to care what a loss of a child meant specifically to his soul and how GOT got us to care about Tyrion. This series needs to do some more of that in order to have a payoff otherwise people are uninterested in what happens to the characters.
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