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2021 Surly Roto League


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On 2/3/2022 at 2:48 PM, DougO said:

I really enjoy roto. It's my favorite fantasy sport even though I'm primarily a football guy. I like the daily maintaining of the lineups and roster, and I make tons of transactions to maximize my limits down to the inning. Not into head to head or any cute stuff, just something like regular 5x5ish. I don't know MLB players that deep, but I know how to play roto and the long game. I've been in a 9 team league with friends for a long time. If y'all need another give me a holler.

i'm sure there's room for you. ideally i'd like for this league to expand, so assuming everyone comes back then you can help us do that. and if anyone doesn't return then i don't see why you wouldn't just take their place. 

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any key we can recruit? should we make a post on the baseball board looking for two more teams? 

also, if we end up only having 8 teams then i propose we make the rosters bigger. i don't remember the exact layout of our rosters from last year, but with only 8 teams plus covid still lingering, i think that adding some IR slots and some extra hitting/pitching slots would be wise.

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