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2022 ATP/WTA thread


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Rafa’s 21 Grand Slams against an American vs Emma’s 1 Grand Slam and 4 first set double faults vs an Australian girl in boxer shorts with 7 first set double faults. 

Not shocking that they cut away. The diaper-wearing Tennis Channel demographic has been following Rafa almost as long Emma has been alive. 

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Emma was having difficulty in her first service game of the third set and at 30-30, you could see her staring over at her box as she went to a ball. Then she stared over there again as she was preparing to serve…


…to the point that she bounced the ball off of her foot. 

But she won the point. Then looked over again and was staring for her instructions and then got it and served and won the game. 

I know that some coaching is allowed in women’s tennis, but isn’t only during coaching timeouts?

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1 hour ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

And there it is. Tourney organizers/sponsors ain't digging this. 

What about in Acapulco where a edgy blond god that is loved (worshipped?) by the locals goes off on the umpire’s chair because their don’t have video review for doubles (or anything on the outer courts.

Zverev is GONE! 

And likely forfeits his singles & doubles earnings + who knows what Moore. 

Click above.

And he gets back up and hits the side of the chair one more time as the umpire was trying to get down and get the hell out of there.

HUGE FAILURE not having video review on every court. Ridiculous!

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He’s had an allegation of an instance or more of domestic abuse by his ex-girlfriend that has been covered quite a bit by a journalist in Europe, but the ATP doesn’t have any policy on that, so there has been a lot of “Let’s just wait and see where this leads.” (Basilashvili as well)

So the ATP hasn’t done anything (not that it would be cool if they did and it was all a lie) and then this guy goes off on a chair umpire’s chair in a fit of rage. (Not that I blame a guy who walked off of a court at 5am that morning for being upset because a tournament chose not to use technology on all but their center court when a close call is made against him on match point.)

He has to be booted from the tournament, but the tour has to insist on all courts having video review. This is some CONCACAF shit. 

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Dinner stand on / 1 foot behind the baseline during rallies. Murray stands 5 feet behind the baseline during rallies. 

This match was over before it started. 

When two players have very similar games, but one player has better angles to work with, the guy with the better angles wins. 

Coco & Paula Badosa are starting.

I am a fans of Paula’s wardrobe team.

HUMANS make awful line judges. 

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Wow! And that is the day after crushing Krejcikova.

She bare beat someone in 3 sets this week, which means that that person was really playing well.

[pauses to look up that player’s name]

Anisimova! 6-3, 4-6, 6-4

Bummer for her playing that steamroller this week. Hopefully she gets a better draw in Indian Wells. 

ALL FOUR SEMIFINALISTS absolutely steamrolled their opponents. No WTA matches to roll our eyes at. 

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Medvedev just spanked Nishikori in his first match as World #1.

Marcos Giron 🇺🇸 vs Tsitsipas 🇬🇷 on Tennis Channel right now. 

I’m both a fan of Giron’s (all UCLA tennis players for that matter… GO BRUINS!) and dislike Tsitsipas, so I know who I’m pulling for in this one. 

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Hailey Baptiste 🇺🇸 got royally butt-fucked by the chair umpire serving at deuce and down 3-5 in the 3rd set.

She reached for a dying bounce that had hit the net and her racquet hit the court, but got to the ball about 6” from the ground and the chair umpire called it a double bounce. 

And it was on the side in front of the chair umpire. It was almost like the umpire was looking for an opportunity to weaken Hailey, especially since her stab at the ball went over the net and died and it didn’t look like the Colombian girl was going to get to it. 
NOTE: I don’t think that the chair umpire was out to get her, but it was such an awful call that it was shocking. 

Osario also thought that it was a bad call, but she didn’t concede the point, or even suggest a re-play of the point. 🙄

Hailey then double faulted on match point. I would say that she could get past getting screwed. If she had pulled a Zverev, she would be suspended for a year and lose all of her sponsors.

México is kind of fucked up. 

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1 minute ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

Iga murdered Anett, 2 & 0 for the 1000 title. 


2000 French Open Iga is back sand she plans to mow down everyone in sight, including all Soviet players. (Not that Estonia & Latvia were willing members of the Soviet Union.)

I missed the semis from yesterday and so I didn’t catch Potapenko losing. As said before, the 4 women in the Semis absolutely crushed their quarterfinal opponents. 


This French soccer journalist speaks about Poland, Sweden, and Czech federations (all in the same 4 team playoff with Russia) refusing to play Russia. 

He then says that this should spread to all sports. 

No sport would be hit harder by a Russian player boycott than tennis.

Medvedev just becomes #1 (or will on Monday) and then boom, a boycott would soon crush that. 
Djokovic (#2) has taken himself off the tour (for the most part) and Zverev (#3… Russian German) will be suspended for a while, which leaves Tsitsipas (#4 Greek Russian) and Rafa (#5 or #6… but playing a reduced schedule) to headline… and Rublev (#6 or #5) would be put on the shelf as well.  

Cam Norrie and the Americans plus Vesely will be the stars of the tour if a boycott happens. 

Where have you gone Gael Monfils? A sport turns its saddened eyes to you!

And that doesn’t even touch the Women’s Tour! (And if you throw Belarus into the boycott…👀)

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Sloane Stephens about to start against the very lovely Anna Kalinskaya who I adore, but who should be suspended from the tour as long as the invasion and/or occupation exists.

But in the meantime, she is quite lovely, especially when her makeup covers those moles that she should have had lasered off several years ago... (though they aren't showing up on TV, so maybe she did get rid of them recently... or the broadcasting software is going easy on her.

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Kalinskaya had the trainer work on her back during her previous match and wasn’t sitting down during the changeovers during the first set and then one or two into the second set, but then she did. 👀

And around that time, but maybe before, it became obvious that she was in a decent amount of pain. Her movement was hampered, she just bailed on a few shots hat she was fairly certain that she wasn’t going to get to, and she called the trainer (I believe) around 4-3. Don’t know for sure, because I went to the store and haven’t watched the wrest yet, bu I wasn’t surprised when I saw that AK had retired. 

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Santiago ATP 250:

Martinez 🇪🇸 vs Baez 🇦🇷 

The British play-by-play guy keeps pronouncing it “MAR-tin-ez” and Paul Anacone was as well befor switching to “Mar-TEEN-ez” this game, perhaps because a producer whispered it into his headphones. 

Holy Shit!! They are both in Los Angeles, a Spanish/Mexican city that eventually became a city in the USA, but has Spanish speakers and Spanish names por todos lados. 

It’s one thing not to pronounce it “Marrrr-TEEN-eth” like it would be pronounced in Spain, but at least try the basics. 

Paul Anacone just went back to “MAR-tin-ez” after 3 or 4 times pronouncing it somewhat correctly, probably because the British play-by-play guy keeps saying it wrong. 

I cannot understand why British announcers are employed by the Tennis Channel. (It bugged me for the Olympics as well. WHY is a BRITISH man getting excited that an American is doing well in an Olympic event? 🤬)


Oh, it’s 3-3 in the 1st set  


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