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2023 NCAA tournament survivor pool

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8 hours ago, BigOrange1 said:

so this is most likely* going to the elite 8 for the first time in the history of the contest.



* - no jinx

If it doesn’t I believe we will all lose the same game with Creighton. I expect everyone to take them tonight. 

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Relinquish has no pick in for KSU. He has both picks in.  The only thing he could be doing is SDSU and Miami- so he’s probably done. 
2 KSU and 1 for FAU- that winnows the field a fair bit on this game. 
Not sure this gets broken before the final 4. Also not sure anyone gets to final 4. 

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9 minutes ago, IPoopOnWhoop said:

How does this work with selections as 1st or 2nd picks?  Am I eliminated if ksu loses tonight since I had them 1st, or will my 2nd pick still be there in case nobody goes 2-0?

Second pick still stays there. Someone has to go perfect to eliminate us if we go 1-1. 

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2 hours ago, IPoopOnWhoop said:

image.thumb.png.606b374d2d88fcf739c0a7db34654ea4.pngSomeone is guaranteed to go 2-0 unless BigOrange also takes Miami.  For future reference though, it won’t let you change your pick if your Pick 1 loses.  So make sure you pick the later game as your game 1.

I knew Big O was on Texas and UConn  that’s why I had to switch off of Texas onto Zags in desperation time once KSU lost. 
I lost my balls not taking KSU on Thursday and saving UConn for EE. Damn. Was hoping to end it before EE. 
good year by the pickers this year. Hoping big o wins obviously. 

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