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  1. Will have a kid playing Minors for the first time this year. What are the typical velocities that pitchers will throw at that level?
  2. Here's the guys with a chance. Beltre in 2024 (probably not), Ichiro in 2025 (toss up), Pujols in 2027 or 2028 (highly likely)
  3. Based on the latest tracker. Looks like Jeter and Walker will make it. Jeter may be unanimous. Schilling may barely get in, and Bonds and Clemens will be just out.
  4. I'm pretty damn sure Iran exports far more crude oil than they do refined products. Why do you think their economy is centered on refining?
  5. And here's her ballot. So Bonds, Pettitte, Sosa, Manny, and Sheffield were all PED users and got her vote. No vote for Clemens. Makes sense.
  6. I know none of this is new, but here are Odor's stats by month for the past three years. What is it that makes him so streaky?
  7. Thanks for posting this. Great article.
  8. So what do you do with Solak? Just try to get him enough ABs between DH, 2B, and OF?
  9. What kind of person votes for Bonds but not for Clemens?
  10. Feeling good so far about this offseason. Trying to make sense of where we stand and what's left to do. A few questions for you guys. I don't live in Dallas, so I'm a little out of it on current thinking. 1) What role does Nick Solak have this year? Does he start out splitting time with Odor? Can he play third base if we don't add someone via free agency? 2) With our starting five seemingly set as Kluber, Minor, Lynn, Gibson, and Lyles, will any of the younger guys like Allard, Burke, or Jurado be on the opening day roster? I guess maybe Jurado would be bullpen? 3) Is Danny Santana our opening day CF unless we add someone else via free agency or trade? 4) Our returning bullpen guys are Chavez, Leclerc, Brett Martin, and Montero right now? Joely Rodriguez has been added. Anyone else? 5) Any chance Pence gets resigned? Remaining priorities seem to be the following. This seem right? 1) Fill out the bullpen 2) Starter at 3B 3) Starter at 1B 4) Catcher upgrades over Mathis, Kiner-Falefa, and Trevino 5) Upgrade centerfield
  11. What are the main differences between Pony and Little League?
  12. Most important thing at that level is having a first baseman that can catch. You put your best players at 1B, P, and SS.
  13. Had an awesome time in the Fall doing our first foray into select ball. Had my 9 year old on a 9U team coached by our hitting instructor. Ups and downs, but it was a great experience. He learned a ton with his first year of kid pitch and open bases. Played 1B, backup catcher, and pitched quite a bit with a lot of success. Had my 7 year old on an 8U team that I coached. Coach pitch is a blast, and we had a ton of success. Towards the end, the coach of our 9U team asked my 7 year old to join that team as well. He did that too, so he got a crash course in kid pitch and open bases. He played in 2 tournaments including getting to pitch this past weekend. Went 2 innings giving up 1 run and striking out 5 in his debut. Only real issue is that he's used to playing middle infield, but with this older team he's usually playing LF or sitting on the bench. He also bats last. He's handled it great, and I'm sure he feels cool playing with these older kids and having some success. Kids all treated him great, which I'm sure it helped having his older brother on the same team to stick up for him. Going to have both kids play in the local little league for the first time this Spring along with playing periodic tournaments with our 9U select team. Older one will be a young minors player, and the younger one will be pee wee. They do machine pitch at that pee wee level. So, he'll be doing both kid pitch with the select team and machine pitch with little league. He's a good fielder, so I hope he can get an infield spot and get a lot of fielding work in this league. I'm assuming there's a lot of offense with machine pitch but not many outfield hits with the USA bats. I need to start researching bats for both. We've never used USA bats before.
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