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  1. I like your style. I was also trick or treating with a glass of MWND.
  2. Anyone tried the Kentucky Owl batch 3 rye? I loved batch 1 and kind of liked batch 2, although the price was ridiculous. The batch 3 I've seen was retailing at $190. One positive is that they've increased the proof up to 114.
  3. Good start to both the 8U and 9U teams we're on. Both are playing a Sunday DH league. I'm coaching the 8U coach pitch team. We went 1-1, blowing out a solid AA team and then getting crushed by a really good AAA team. We played okay the last couple innings actually outscoring them 4-1 from the bottom of the 2nd on; the problem was that we fell behind 14-0 to start the game. Oh well, it was a good learning experience. 9U was generally some ugly baseball, but we went 1-1 there as well. We played well against an okay AAA team. Most of our kids were pitching for the first time, and it showed. We lost 9-3, giving up 5 runs in the last inning when our pitcher couldn't find the strike zone. We beat an overmatched team the next game, and my kid pitched one inning. No hits, no runs, struck out 2, walked 1, on a pretty efficient 15 pitches. That level isn't very fun to watch. Feels like it's nothing but walks and steals.
  4. Those Knob Creek Rye picks can be delicious. One of my favorite bottles was a Houston Bourbon Society pick from a couple of years ago.
  5. I'm going to hold off for now. Looks like that's about what they're going for on stub hub, but it also seems like the price has been trending down. I may check in again with you in a couple of days if I still haven't found any and you still haven't sold yours.
  6. Looking for 2 tickets for the opener. I'd preferably like something lower level or a club section.
  7. I bit the bullet. Just agreed to have my kid join a 9U team that will start play this Fall. Hoping for a good experience.
  8. We're moving closer to joining a team. It will be a newly formed 9U team made up of kids from our school and a few others nearby. The head coach is not a dad; he's an assistant coach at a nearby private school that several dads have been taking their kid to private lessons to for the past few years. He intends for it to be a AA team initially. We will roster bat and no kid will sit for consecutive innings. He wants everyone to have an infield and an outfield position. The team will be formally selected in July with games starting in the Fall. We'll do two practices per week with a double header every other Sunday in the Fall. We'll play weekend tournaments every other week in the Spring. Still in the learning phase, but I like what I hear so far. The things I like the most are: 1) not having a dad for the head coach; 2) having some friends from our school on the team; 3) it being located near where we live; 4) a lighter Fall schedule that will allow for participation in other sports; and 5) every kid will get fairly even playing time. Thoughts from those with experience? What questions should I be asking?
  9. I think it is pretty unlikely you're going to get a fake open bottle. The seller would know you are going to drink it and would likely be able to tell it was fake.
  10. I don’t like it as much as batch 1, but KO batch 2 is pretty damn good. Also helps that I didn’t pay that ridiculous retail msrp though.
  11. Which act? I'm not interested in act 5 or 6. Maybe for one of the others.
  12. Here’s the fill level. Don’t have any specific asks. I generally like higger proof ryes, but I’m pretty open to other bottles. Got any Willetts? Are you in the Dallas area? I’m in Houston.
  13. I’ve got an open bottle if you want to trade for it. That or trade some samples.
  14. Almost 7 and almost 9. They both played 8U coach pitch.
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