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  1. I’m trying to listen to some classic metal albums start to finish. Been at it for the last month or so. I’ve listened to the below. Any other good recommendations? Black Sabbath 8/27/22 Heaven and Hell 8/24/22 The Mob Rules 8/23/22 Vol. 4 8/3/22 Black Sabbath 7/31/22 Master of Reality 7/29/22 Sabotage Metallica 8/21/22 Black Album 8/19/22 And Justice For All 8/12/22 Ride the Lightning 8/10/22 Master of Puppets 8/4/22 Kill Em All Ozzy Osbourne 8/22/22 No More Tears 8/11/22 Diary of a Madman 8/1/22 Blizzard of Ozz Megadeth 8/18/22 Countdown to Extinction 8/7/22 Rust in Peace 8/5/22 Peace Sells Pantera 8/16/22 Far Beyond Driven 8/15/22 Cowboys From Hell 8/6/22 Vulgar Display of Power Judas Priest 7/30/22 Screaming for Vengeance Slayer 8/8/22 Reign in Blood Iron Maiden 8/18/22 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 8/26/22 Piece of Mind 8/25/22 Powerslave 8/9/22 Number of the Beast Guns & Roses 8/2/22 Appetite for Destruction Tool 8/20/22 10,000 Days 8/17/22 Lateralus 8/14/22 Fear Inoculum
  2. From 1947 - 2005, the cut off was August 1st. From 2006 - 2017, the cut off was April 30th. Since 2018, the cut off has been August 31st. My son's birthday is end of August, so the change made a big difference for us. We've since moved on to select only.
  3. I’m disappointed. There is no reason to watch the Rangers. Gallo was the lone bright spot. It’s now just a collection of journeymen and low end prospects that won’t be on the team when they’re good again. No confidence that any of these prospects will amount to anything.
  4. SIAP https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/30800732/san-francisco-giants-outfielder-drew-robinson-remarkable-second-act
  5. Ours is $2200 in the Spring. Includes uniforms, bags, 2 practices per week with paid coaches, and 12 tournaments.
  6. Lots of signs for Hunt in the Villages as well. Probably 25% of the houses also have Trump signs. I was asked to go to a fundraiser for Hunt this week and declined. Even if I was a supporter of his (I'm not), I don't really understand how effective a fundraiser this late in the game would even be.
  7. It can easily happen. Put someone like Bernie Sanders versus someone like Mitt Romney and watch how quicky a lot of these people move back to the GOP.
  8. Voted in Harris county. 10 minutes in and out. There were only about 8 people in line. For the first time in my life I voted straight D. I'm a moderate conservative.
  9. Anyone know of a Houston 10U team looking for a player for the Fall? Preferably one that practices out at Baseball USA.
  10. It already was remade. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian's_Song_(2001_film)
  11. This is why things like OPEC++ and RRC don't matter right now. The free market has taken over. Supply is going to equal demand. The price will fall until it does. We need to take out roughly 30 million barrels a day of supply. Prices will fall to whatever point it takes to get enough shut ins to balance the market. Once the market is back in balance, prices will rise to whatever is needed to maintain that balance. It should be the marginal cost to produce the 70 millionth barrel (on an operating cost basis). No clue what that is, but I know it's a hell of a lot lower than the 100 millionth barrel. We'll also have a crazy amount of spare capacity to bring on line at a ridiculously low price.
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