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  1. I still LOVE people acting like this team was fine without Powell and Brunson. They're not. The depth they had early in the year and the lethal bench has been broken with a couple of big injuries.
  2. Since game fucking one I’ve been consistent about 2 things. They Mavs do NOT prevent offensive rebounds for the other team. They have lost 6-7 games solely on the fact that they could NOT box out and prevent the other team from getting offensive rebounds. And FTs in the clutch. Luka has issues already with FTs. But when Curry can’t hit late FTs were fucked. The defense doesn’t bother me. This is a young team and Luka isn’t a great defender. That doesn’t kill them. It’s not being able to secure a rebound late and hit late FTs that really hurt.
  3. Major Disagree on Luka. Not only has it been discussed that he was dealing with nagging injuries and a banged up wrist that never had a chance to heal, if anyone saw him play at all in the scrimmages he picked up right where he left off. I agree with the idea that he didn't need the rest as he's young...but he needed the time to heal up.
  4. I just hope they show up and play well. Of course I'd LOVE a win, and a win would give me a huge sign of relief...but if they lose 135 to 115 or something I'm going to be a little antsy about all this.
  5. Glad I can use chromecast to cast from the HBO max on my phone.
  6. Yep and he had is long time friend mocap for Ahsoka as well. That's why the fight scene between those two looked so different and almost real.
  7. Same. I think it's more than reasonable to rent a brand new movie for 20 bucks. Even bad movies would be worth it if you just wanted to see it with the family. And probably save you a ton of money if there's more than 3 of you.
  8. Drew


    to be fair BOTH Jamie and Beth think he should probably sell. Beth won't go against her Dad though, and thus will duke it out(and win I'm sure). Kacey would probably be okay with selling it too. I think that's why John is getting so irritated and thus the' "In 30 years my grandson is fighting for this ranch by himself" line.
  9. Yeah fan of the characters...really get the anger at the story line. I'm a fan in general of the CBS All Access Star Trek stuff but can't like that I'm super excited about Pike.
  10. Nah man that's a TON no matter how you slice it, late round picks or not. It's not just 2 Firsts...it's a 3rd AND another starting Safety in return. Yes Adams is good...but as good as he is he's still a Safety and not worth that much of a return.
  11. Yep and I ate massive amounts of Crow for that. He was not bad his first year and even filled in that year for Tyron in 2014 I believe without much of a drop off. But after that and with the injuries he never justified the pick. I have never been one to shy away from admitting when I'm wrong. Problem is there are very few who will ever do that...but instead will run away and hide, until the next time they can pretend they were right all along.
  12. I mean that's obviously true, plus Dallas fans, in general, are a beating, ALL of us included. But honestly, they haven't been elite for several years. It's just perception...like Romo being horrible in clutch was a perception when it was absolutely not the case.
  13. This is me. I love the movie experience, especially in the newer theatres with reserves seating with reclining seats and more space.
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