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  1. I've been pretty bullish on them winning at least 10 games since the offseason started. It's what they do. The offense will be at least as good, if not better in a second year of Moore, I feel Lamb can at least replace Cobb. I think Jarwin is better weapon than Witten at this point, and I think we'll see more of Pollard. Plus, even if you consider Packer fans saying he was stale, the simple fact that McCarthy was MUCH more aggressive than Garrett on 4th down and short to medium situations will help not only the offense, but the defense as well. I don't know if the defense will be better, but I have a hard time believing they'll be worse. They were like in the late 20's or 30's in almost everything. They can only go up, or at worse stay stagnant. I suspect they'll give up more yards and big plays, and finally offset that with some turnovers which will help the offense instead of hurting them as they did consistently last year by not getting off the field. The Special Teams will be massively improved. They were the single worst unit in football last year, and they brought in one of the best coaches there. I think people are vastly underrating just how bad the Special Teams screwed them last year. And I'm not just talking about missed FG's, which cost them 1 or 2 games at least. They also had horrendous field position, among the worst in the entire league, in every damned game they played. That alone put so much pressure on the offense, especially late, that we started to see the cracks. Hard to drive 80-70 yards on every single drive. I do think you're onto to something with the lack of offseason with the new coaches. That's why I'm not saying they're wining 12-13 games. I think they're a 10-6 team right now. I think they new coaches will breath life into the team, which is already talented enough at all the skill positions, to win 9-10 games with decent coaching already. Just my opinion though. I have no problem with someone like you saying they'll struggle early and only win 9 games. But when idiots say something like "Dak can't win games and they'll be under .500" that opinion is basically invalid.
  2. Drew


    Man I picked a bad time to finally cut the cord. The ONLY channel/App I can't get seem to get a password for is Paramount. ugh.
  3. Cowboys aren't going .500 again. They NEVER follow up a bad season with another one...not since the 8-8 Garrett years, and before that Campo. They're winning double digit games, if only because that's what they do after a mediocre year.
  4. Agreed. You can say what you want about him, but he's not playing it safe last year because he's worried about his contract. Otherwise he's not flinging it all over the field with a ton of deep passes that could be intercepted.
  5. Everyone with any sources actually inside either camp has said that Dak's agency and the Cowboys haven't even spoken since late march or very early April. Every time someone posts something, like Chris Simms, or whoever else, it's just to the get the idiotic lemmings to blow up social media for another day. NOTHING has changed in their contract talks. And NOTHING will until closer to the deadline. All this does is drag up more Dak haters saying stupid shit, and Dak Supporters having to go through the litany of reasons and proof that Dak is actually a good fucking QB. It's stupid, and yet we continue to do this every time some idiot on Twitter or ESPN says something like "Derrrrr….I heard Dak want's 45 mil a year, derrr", and the gullible folks fall for it.
  6. Could definitely see that if you're watching over a hundred hours of those shows back to back.
  7. Pretty much spot on. But leave it to Iceman to focus on the 45 mil part thinking that's a real thing or that it was for the entire contract. It's the 5th year. It's a sticking point, and has always been the sticking point. If Dallas wants Dak for 5 years, they'll have to pay for that 5th year. He'll sign 4 for 35 if the guarantees are right and that's about the right price for him now. But they can't seem to get that last year right.
  8. They talked that the televised aspect won't be that bad. The announcers wouldn't call the game remotely and no sideline reporters thus less personnel overall and cameramen for interviews and such.
  9. 100%. It's a negotiating ploy. If Dallas wants that 5th year, they'll have to pay him for it. And, like you said, they're not actually far apart on money at all. It's always been about that 5th year.
  10. Well considering that could be describing you or futureman, it's hard to say. God you're a moron. Exactly. All social media, and the idiotic Dak haters are seeing are "He wants 45 Mil a YEAR" when no, that's not what he wants. The Cowboys, if true, offered 5 for 175(35 mil a year, which is in line with what everyone has been thinking). Dak knows if he signs that he'll be woefully underpaid by the 5th year. So of course his side wants a massive 5th year number to justify signing that 5th year. All this proves is that, as most of us with a brain have figured out, that the 5th year of the deal is the sticking point. It would suck, but I agree. They NEED to get Dak signed before Mahomes and Watson sign or this will be much worse. Exactly. The 5th year doesn't really matter what price it is. Dak doesn't want to sign a 5 year deal. Dallas wants it so they can spread the money out a little differently. That's the sticking point, and that amount shouldn't bother them one bit. The Franchise Tag will be MORE than 45 mil in 5 years most likely.
  11. Of rebels? I, personally, don't think any episodes are filler...but I do distinctly remember social media and reviews saying that episode of rebels was a "filler" episode, and considering that the space wales didn't come back until the very final episode, I could understand why someone would think so.
  12. I man I'm scared of this. I know Sasha Banks as a wrestling fan...and like her in general. But haven't seen her act at all. And she talks with a lisp that I'm sure will turn some people off. I thought this was just a rumor and not a for sure casting yet....but like always, I have faith in the guys running this show. Guess it wouldn't hurt to have Snoop Dogg's cousin on the Mandalorian. I'm sure he'll give it some love on other platforms.
  13. Man that episode was great, and was fully expecting to see a "meh" shit in here. Perfect episode...and yeah it's among the better episodes for sure. So clever. They never took the "easy" way out IMO.
  14. Pretty much my thoughts too. I LOVE both. But I think I like Rebels just a little bit more. Not mad at someone saying the opposite. The fucking space wales. Filoni fed that to us in a "filler" episode of season 2, and everyone who saw the finale knows how it came back. Dude has it all planned out.
  15. Oh. My. God. Seriously? When someone posts a stat that Mahomes is #1 in and Dak is #2 in, all that's saying is that "Hey, he must not be the average, or trash, QB people claim he is". That's it. I mean Mahomes was far and away the #1 guy...Dak wasn't close at #2, but he was #2 in that particular stat. Hell there might be some stats where Dak actually ranks higher than Mahomes. That's possible. But that doesn't mean he's better(he's NOT). The point is to show that he's not "just a guy" and deserves to be talked about like a borderline Top Tier QB, depending on how you have your tiers. Compensation has NEVER been about who's the Best when it comes to QB's or Brady or Manning would be the highest paid for 15 years. Just when they get their deal done and if they're a franchise QB at the time. Dak deserves, and has EARNED, to be paid. It's his turn. Watson and Mahomes will get way more than he will. It's how this works.
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