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  1. If the defense can hold at all we’re good. They’re missing like 4-5 starters and 3-4 more meh reserves in defense. They ain’t gonna shut the Eagles down completely. Hurts will run around and the DL will get tired. But just don’t let them score a bunch of easy drives.
  2. Just win. Doesn't have to be pretty. Doesn't have to be a blow out. Win on a last second kick. Just fucking win. With all the injuries, and playing a running QB and a Divisional Rival, we just need to take what we can get.
  3. I mean the fact that Aggy is STILL 13 or so and Texas isn’t even ranked is laughable. Yes you can say Texas looked worse against Pig, but that was a true road game with a freshman QB playing in his first real road game as well. Aggy was embarrassingly bad on offense. Worse than Texas was.
  4. Yep. Pig up to 8 at least. Probably top 5 after a “beating a top 10 team”
  5. Texas scored more points IN Fayetteville than Aggy scored in a neutral site game that was probably ban Aggy lien. Hate to see it.
  6. Somehow they thought the shortened, covid plagued 2020 season that was capped off with a bowl win over a team missing almost ALL their offensive talent, was just a stepping stone to their assured place among the Elite. Covid 2020 was the worst thing that happened to them.
  7. I’m sorry. We can take the points off the board if that makes you happier? Of course if SLO Neal actually wraps up instead of just pushing him, this drive is still going.
  8. Nice to see we weren’t the only team unprepared for Arky. Of course Aggy was supposed to be a top 10 team. Texas wasn’t.
  9. Cool thing is, if they had won 42-14 we’d be absolutely ecstatic right now. Lol
  10. Who the fuck is “shitting” on Card? All I’ve seen is people “shitting” on Sark fro not going with Thompson to start with, and being more prepared for Arky.
  11. Absolutely. No one hates card. If anything they hate the perceived/forced QB competition based on practices. Thompson, with experience should have been the starter.
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