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  1. That's a really shitty take IMO. Miami will probably win a game in Boston and come back tied 2-2. These playoffs are weird...there isn't a "fake team" just not a dominant one. I mean, would it really surprised you if the Mavs hit their shots tonight and won by 18?
  2. Aint gonna win shooting 11-48. Unfortunately you can't tell the Mavs to change what they're doing...they do what they do, and usually do it very well. This loss doesn't bother in the slightest. Not after witnessing the last round. We've seen this coaching staff adjust and attack the other team very well and the players respond. Anyone thinking Luka is going to be bad more than once or at most twice this series hasn't paid attention to his normal playoff trajectory. GSW are the favorites for a reason. Mavs just can't let this get too far away. Win your home games and try to steal a road game.
  3. It's funny because I keep seeing all over social media from Warriors fans how THEY'RE the underdogs who everyone keeps picking against. Despite being Vegas favorites...having the higher seed, and about 80% if not more, of the experts picking them to win.
  4. Oh for sure...but the whole "giggling press conference" they had and then Booker calling a flop the "luka special" got Luka to go into overdrive.
  5. Drew

    Luka Doncic

    You did catch hell for that. You were right about more skilled. When you made the thread you jumped the gun IMO, and yes were attacked for saying "better than dirk alreadly"...but of course, have most likely been proven right by the end of the post season.
  6. No 2 days in between any games. Everyone saw this coming too. I don't what it is. Maybe because Luka is a slow white boy from Europe. But whatever it is...when will these idiots not realize Luka aint the one? Players try this crap all the time...all luka does is use it as motivation. And instead of being classy and keeping it personal like Dirk...Luka will clown you on the way out and make sure you never forgot. Just nuts.
  7. Drew

    Luka Doncic

    Here's the thing...of course there's obviously a racial component that a lot of people immediately jump to "He's like Larry Bird". No, playing wise and skillset he's not. He's closer to Lebron in playstyle(without the athleticism) and of course Harden by what he wants to do(Luka is bigger and stronger, and posts up more...plus shows up more in the clutch). I think when people say he's like Larry Bird now, it's more about the mentality. He's a Dawg. He's an Asshole. He takes shit personal and will use it to motivate him to go hard on you...and when he does? He'll let you know. I've even seen it compared to the way MJ motivated himself. He used slights against him to motivate him to be even a better player. No he's NOT Bird, or Lebron, or MJ. He's his own guy...and with this current trajectory, there's no doubt in my mind he could be mentioned amongst them in 15- years.
  8. Bandwagon if. Jesus Christ talk about over exposing yourself. Been a Mavs fan since the triple Js. You ain’t as smart as you think asshole. Keep hyping yourself up as an expert though. It’s cute.
  9. Jesus you come off as a dick in every post. Just responding to a post…as you know, what people do on a fucking message board.
  10. We came out this series with an epic pic/meme(luka looking at Booker cheezing his ass off) and an all time quote after game 5(“always tough when you up”). He destroyed them after that. Add in the “Luka special” abs CP0rings and Booker giggle fest of a post game conference about targeting him in game two and they awoke a beast. When the league gonna stop trying this kid? He lives for this. Feeds a off the hate and disrespect.
  11. Also while GS should be the favorites. I do not think they’re going to to dominate or “run” the Mavs out. This should be a toss or up slight lien to GS. They need to come out and punch them in the mouth or the Mavs will make it tough.
  12. You should never have thought he wasn’t top tier. Maybe in November when he was out of shape and fat…bus since Jan, or at worst the trade deadline he was as good as any of the MVP candidates or even better.
  13. Great ducking win. And now, of course, “GSW are going to feast”. That’s the word in the streets. Can’t wait.
  14. Mavs 0-3 on TNT. 3-0 on ESPN. If you believe in that sort of thing. BTW aren’t we smart enough to realize the whole “Luka shared the ball more and they win” narrative is BS? His usage has been about the same every game. The number of shots taken has been pretty close every game. The only difference is the role players at home got shots and on the road they don’t. You could also say the energy and flow of the off ball Mavs is better too.
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