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  1. Yep this. Then, as Patrick Batemen has pointed out repeatedly, you really have no clue how any of this work. Guess what happens as soon a smart fucking team pays Dak to lead them to the promised land? Guys like Lamar, Baker, Kyler, Allen are coming right behind to get paid even more. Guess what? The Cap goes up every year. Even in a pandemic riddles season the cap is not dropping at all. Half those guys, probably most, are NOT as good as Dak is. But sure, god forbid Dak get's paid Top Tier QB money, while other guys do. It's the nature of the business. As he
  2. He doesn't have that problem. He's been legit the 2nd best Maverick in February.
  3. 7 threes attempted...the entire game. Wow.
  4. I mean Zoe Kravitz is fucking hot too. Gotta give him a pass on this one.
  5. Yeah when someone said they wouldn’t be a playoff team. Or a “squeak out the 8 seed” I just put my head down and shook it. First I don’t think they realize there is a play in tourney. 7-10 will be up for grabs for 7/8. Then the Mavs had one bad 2-8 stretch with obvious reasons for that(Covid). Other than that they’re 15-8. I think the latter is more indicative of their team. Now they’re still not on the Lakers/Clippers/Jazz/Philly level of contenders. But they were never going to be this year without a massive move anyways. People who are in the “Luka is going to leave if they don’t go
  6. As the absolute Biggest Dak guy on here even I have said the same(my last post). Just depends on the assets given up. I'm sorry but #10 and Dak for him should be more than enough to get that done.
  7. They're Making the playoffs. Other than that I can't say much else.
  8. You serious? He's played in 3 playoff games. Beat Russ head to head, should have beaten Rodgers, and outplayed Goff in the other loss(when the defense gave up over 200 yards rushing). This is another case of narrative/perception being WAY off reality. He was not even close to the issue in any of those games, and honestly a big reason they won the 1 game, and were even in the others. Jesus, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I mean if it's strait up? You have to. Even though Russ is 4+ years older, he's objectively better(even though there is thought that he's not T
  9. They're not trash. Far from it. They ran into a buzz saw. Anyone who had them winning Last night, or against the Nets, is a bigger homer than me. They need to just win the last 2 games before the Break, and then they got a pretty easy schedule after the Break. Still expecting them to make a move(KP or not).
  10. I haven't started that one yet. I heard mixed reviews when it first started. Is it good?
  11. So @sccane92according to the episode guide, the final episode is March 29th. At least a full week before the English Translation is out on the Dark Web. I'm assuming the Japanese translation will have been out by then. I don't know how it airs in Japan, if they air the episodes before Crunchy Roll and the like does here, so it's interesting if the ending will be leaked on reddit for the Manga/Anime before we know. I'm with you though...I just don't know how they cram about 20 chapters into 5 episodes without cutting a bunch. Edit: actually it looks like the Japanese air
  12. Ding Ding Ding. All the "Can't signs Dak because Cap Space!!!" idiots continue to miss this big shining neon sign. Cool. Let me know when the Cowboys are trying to sign and "Average QB" because right now they're trying to sign a Top 8 QB and closer to Top 5 who's only 28 and getting better every year. But sure, let's let him walk to a team with a competent front office who's already built a good team and let them win SB's with a QB who could win them for us.
  13. Home Wrecker...I really thought that was it at first. And I was like "Wow...that will be a joke for everyone"
  14. But it's supposedly the 4th easiest schedule from here on...of course with 10 back to backs, and a couple of back to backs with the Clippers and Utah and Portland it'll be tough.
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