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  1. And that foul wasn't even reviewed. It was an obvious flagrant.
  2. LULZ at teams that wouldn't trade Tua for Dak. A guy that's proven and only 27 vs a guy who is unproven and coming off a crap ton of injuries. Futureman is still doing his troll crap and keeps going and looking more stupid by the day.
  3. Fun game to watch. Need more of that from KP/Luka together.
  4. As I said you're underrating him. There are times he plays like a Top 5 QB in the league. Sometimes 12-15th. he's still a guy you pay. And that's why I say you're underrating him. And the whole "pay your QB money and cripple your team" is such regurgitated BS. It's a myth. The cap rises so much every year, and is only going to get higher. His contract will NOT be detrimental unless he goes out like Romo did and can't play the last 2 years of his contract. That would hurt EVERY team if that happened to their QB, Mahomes, Rodgers, whoever. People are just listening to talking heads and stupid people on twitter using outdated logic when it comes to the Cap and cap allotment. The Cap, as Hard as they say it is, is not. No team has been in Salary Cap hell since Dallas was in the early 2000's, and that's only because EVERYONE of their high priced players all got old and left around the same time...plus the cap was pretty stagnant then. The cap is fungible. There is ALWAYS ways to make cap space that does not hurt the team and will continue to be until the league stops growing. You should check out Bob Sturms latest on this subject. Pretty much dispels all that BS about "can't pay one player that much". When KC give Mahome 45 mil they'll still be fine, and not just because of Mahomes, but because the cap isn't nearly as detrimental as you think. And they'll have a bunch of high priced guys all over their team too.
  5. Romo should be 4th or 5th at least. I think you guys are severely underrating Dak, but he hasn't earned a Top 5 spot in the franchise. Not even close. He will though.
  6. Man I feel like people are watching a different show.
  7. The Palpatine connection was not only stupid, but completely forced and unneeded. And lived up to the billing better than TFA and TLJ? LMFAO.
  8. Seems like Astros and their fans are bigger pussies tbh. No chance with Houston Fan not only taking that crown but running away and hiding with it. ZING! Slap on the fucking wrist. The Manage and GM will be replaced pretty easily, or come back after the smoke has cleared. We really talking about draft pics in the MLB when your team already has one of the best systems in baseball? They'll EASILY overcome losing 4 total picks. And 5 million dollars? Astros will make that opening day. It's a weak punishment and the immunity wasn't needed to figure out what happened. If that bitch ass Commish would have suspended players from both 2017 and 2018 for even 20-30 games it would have gone over much better. Key word "legitimate". At least Houston can claim more WS appearances than Texas...unless you take 2017 out, as you probably should. Ouch. We counting aggy Womens Basketball and Softball too?
  9. Clips getting a lot of guys lately. Who the Lakers been getting?
  10. I do not think he meant that at all. He may be saying he'll be the highest paid NOW, but he's been pretty clear, as most others, that his contract won't be prohibitive to the team, and will be an average contract in a couple of years.
  11. Yep love when people extrapolate what a guy likes on social media meaning he's an absolute racist.
  12. I don't blame Mason, but a lawsuit is probably a bit much, but completely understandable if he's protecting his character. Myles is obviously lying.
  13. If Dak is so fucking bad, why in the world would Miami trade away from Tua for him? This is the problem with fan bases...."Dump Dak for 2 first rounders and draft the 2nd or 3rd best QB in this draft!!! No way he'd suck as much as Dak"
  14. Honestly I was thinking the same thing. They were missing a guy like Luka to play make for them, and a guy that could score a tough shot. Luka was always on the wrong team IMO.
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