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  1. Yep. I keep seeing the defense of Garrett as “rudolf went after him” like that justifies hitting him with his own helmet after ripping it off.
  2. Crap I just saw what aggy boy did. Bet TexAgs us having a field day, defending him. Oh wait:
  3. People trashing TNG, especially for how good it was at the time(not talking about a rewatch) is just crying out for attention. It was great when I watched it(after the first season), and they introduced the whole Cliffhanger finale into the mainstream.
  4. Drew

    South Park

    So good...and of course the Social Media PC warriors are up in arms... It's all fun when Southpark is making fun of China, and Trump, and Conservatives, and racists...but actually call out something in the Trans/LGBT community, and NOW they've crossed the line?
  5. I enjoyed it...much better than Pearl Harbor. Even the wife was entertained. Good flick for a matinee or discount night for sure.
  6. This. Hamill was obviously trolling the guy. Basically saying he didn't HAVE TO buy those tickets...he could have just waited if he's that worried about it. He wasn't saying whether the movie sucked or not.
  7. This. I think guys just see the Connor is the worst OL on the Cowboys, and think that means he's the worst OG in the league(much like people think Heath is the worst Safety in the league, when he's probably no worst than middle of the pack towards bottom 3rd) People seem to think XSF was good last year when he was only good for a couple of games then regressed while Connor got better. Even the fucking players know what a god damn joke that series of plays was. Yep. But like others have said, that's not what this year is about. Personally I would LOVE to win the division and be the first back to back East winner in like 15 years or so...because I know they'll get bounced early(wouldn't even be favored at home in the Wild Card IMO), and that still means Garrett is gone. Plus that means the fucking Eagles are sitting at home.
  8. Except it was exactly that...while taking a shit on the mouth breathers.
  9. Drew

    2019 MLB thread

    Just because the stats home/away don’t show some huge advantage doesn’t mean anything. Cheating is cheating. Wether you’re bad at it or not.
  10. Nice Looks like it...probably Netflix if you really want everything. My mom has Amazon Prime with CBS All Access(Star Trek stuff) and HBO(for whatever they have) so I see no reason for cable other than football.
  11. Yep was definitely a giant Fuck You to the hard core Fan Base. Wish Disney/Lucasfilm would do the same thing to the SW fan base...bunch of mouth breathers.
  12. If not the worst it's up there. BIG issue with this team, and TBH if they hit their FT's late they win the Lakers, Nicks, and Portland games. I'm not concerned yet because I sorta expected him to be rusty coming out. If he's still like this mid December I might start to worry. Plus it looks like the flow of the offense with him just isn't good right now. Looks like it'll take some time for him to feel comfortable.
  13. I don't know why this continues to be so fucking funny, but easily my favorite meme in any setting right now. pos rep. Dude no. XSF WAS better than Connor through 8 games last year. There's no denying that. Over the last half Connor went from being as good to flat better. He was clearly better in the offseason and preseason(just check practice/game reports and twitter feeds from back then). Now I'm not saying he's been great or even good. But he's definitely better than XSF is right now and just about any football guy says so. If you want to move on from Conner XSF is a down grade for sure. He's been up and down. Some games he's been good, some bad. Definition of mediocre. Doesn't mean he's a bust, but it doesn't help that he's automatically the worst offensive lineman on this team. Stands out more. Still hope McGovern steps up next season. Except the actual stat's that back up exactly what he says? I know it's fun and low hanging fruit to trash Dak for 2-3 throws a game that are bad...but you don't EVER hear that about the same amount of throws other QB's have that are just as bad. Curse of being the Cowboys QB and over scrutinized. We sat here last year and trashed him for missing a deep throw every game, but when you watch other games you see other QB's, even the great Brees and Rodgers, missing open WR's deep as well.
  14. Heath had such a great acting performance, but he was just a freaking regular guy too. This is the START of the Joker...he's not the fully established mad genius he is later. Jesus.
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