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  1. are the antibiotics working well against the secondary bacterial infections?
  2. Lol Fernandes's complaining has paid off
  3. Villa have been more dangerous so far
  4. They call themselves unions even if they don't fulfill all the traditional roles. That's why I was saying it really depends on the intent behind the question.
  5. i've always thought it was the perspective of a dad who'd messed up and was ostracized from the family.
  6. yeah i've been using stick traps and shooting them in the head when they get stuck. the one i can't get is either used to the scent and has kept skirting around them or he's smarter than the average mouse (he's been avoiding them for a month). i set up a bucket drop trap last night but haven't checked it yet. might get one one of those electric zappers.
  7. Hah, thanks, I dunno how I've never seen that thread.
  8. PfISD just sent out an email to admin, they're providing teachers and staff with 1 reusable mask. Students have to provide their own. For the entire year.
  9. Whatever was the cheapest to build is most probably what we have.
  10. I've spent the past 4 days taking everything out of the backyard shed and cleaning out the rat nests. Killed 3, 1 escaped. Now I noticed one in the garage and there are fresh droppings. Our garage is pretty clean, there's no clutter and everything is either hung on the walls or in overhead storage bins on ceiling racks. We garage our cars. What's the best way to kill this guy and how do I keep more out? Should I call an exterminator or can I be just as effective while exacting revenge? I hate rats.
  11. That's helpful. We don't have those so I'm guessing it's just a regular old slab.
  12. oh right. i thought there was an incident on holly street in austin i hadn't heard about.
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