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  1. two twins. especially since you like the feeling of liberated toes.
  2. gsoda3

    Eminem/MGK beef

    are diss tracks supposed to sound commercially produced? like he'd written it for something else and decided he wanted to use it for this instead. mgk's is more catchy, but i gotta believe it was written originally to be a single. eminem's response was great. lyrically deep, rhythmically complex. minimal supporting tracks. it's all em. it's like shakespeare and chopin rolled in to one.
  3. i know it's trash but i like tony's. and i like it microwaved so the crust is soggy. i figure nothing frozen is going to come close to what i consider to be good pizza, so why not appreciate it in its completely inferior and soggy state?
  4. gsoda3

    Fire Tom Herman

    huh interesting i've never heard of that.
  5. i absolutely hate how luka throws his hands up or does the harden headshot every other time down the floor.
  6. yes the weighted blanket is like that, you won't like it. the good thing is they usually come in twin sizes, so she can use the weighted blanket and you won't be affected at all. that's what my wife and i do. one other thing we had to be careful about was not letting our then 1 yr old get trapped or sleep under the blanket. it's heavy enough to suffocate them.
  7. we were there too saturday early evening. no wait.
  8. forecasted high of 84 today. not hating it. this year i've suddenly grown averse to anything less than freezing.
  9. Swadl - and right now it's at literally half the price we purchased it for.
  10. as i understand it, they do this because having kids in familiar surroundings (with family or family friends) is believed to be better for the kids (as long as they're not in harm's way obviously). i don't think they're just pushing kids back to their original situations to meet a goal.
  11. i've had restless leg syndrome for 20 years. noticed it was worse after physical activity. only cure for it was having pillows under the knees or having heavy cushions over my legs. spent a lot of nights on the sofa because the cushions provided convenient solutions for that. probably once or twice a week i'd be on the sofa. my wife bought a 20lb weighted blanket for my birthday in aug 2018. instant change in sleep quality. i haven't slept on the sofa once since then. it's amazing. i've tried the cheaper ones from amazon but they don't work as well as mine because mine have the weighted beads sewn in to smaller quilt-like boxes and the weight doesn't redistribute as much. not sure which brand this is exactly but if you're interested i can find out.
  12. actually our defense is solidly average in almost every category. where we're not average we're actually top 10 (points per game and total points both #8) and 3rd down conversion rate (#3). what's killing us is our average starting field position which is around our own 20 yard line. special teams is the main culprit, with a lack of turnovers playing a big part also. add to that consistently questionable coaching decisions with clock/game/drive/playcall management and that's what lands us where we are.
  13. so he was about to get demoted? or sent on a really bad assignment? seriously do we have to bring a navajo in here to decode this?
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