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  1. what. is that. i've never seen one worn in public. you trying to look like a human pitching wedge?
  2. it seems like you're equating an hour and a half a day to "not doing anything". what you're not realizing is the amount of time it takes to plan that session, film it, then go over all of the students' submitted work. and that's before they make sure each student has access to internet, has the appropriate hardware to get online, can actually get online and logged in, has the correct permissions set, etc. outside of those "class" responsibilities, teachers also have to meet with admin and then their cohort group to make sure they're on the same page in an ever fluctuating situation and to lesson plan. and for many of these teachers working online is something they have zero experience with- how many have ever had to go on a conference call? now they have to migrate their entire teaching plan to distance learning. it's an insane amount of work.
  3. don't be that guy. teachers and admin right now are flying by the seat of their pants trying to figure out a completely new model of teaching. it's more than posting lessons on google classroom. there's so much behind the scenes stuff parents and students don't witness. my wife is admin for an elementary school in centex and she's on non-stop conf calls from 830a to 11:30p (some nights) and fielding text messages from teachers asking her to help troubleshoot this or that. it is crazy.
  4. gsoda3

    Fire Mike Yurcich

    growing up we ran a play like that in my backyard. we called it "just go deep".
  5. those things are printing money right now. rental prices are 2x and 3x normal rates with everyone looking for places to store oil.
  6. gsoda3

    Tiger King

    you know that's fake right?
  7. gsoda3

    Tiger King

    i wish they'd spent time addressing joe's accusations that jeff told him to give the $3,000 out of the thanksgiving dinner proceeds. i mean they had cameras rolling, seems like it'd be pretty easy to prove. also wish they'd flesh out jeff lowe's background and activities.
  8. when you go out of town do you board them or do you have someone come and stay? how much does that run?
  9. that works out to $35 / day for one walk each day?
  10. you spend $700 a month for dog walking? somewhat ironic considering your $265/month gym membership. not criticizing, merely observing.
  11. chinatown wasn't officially shut down. i don't think they'll ever officially shut down. even during harvey there were businesses open. but the last weekend of january traffic (both vehicular and foot) was already down 50%. it was surreal. and all large gatherings of asians experienced about half the attendance they otherwise would have expected. this was the weekend of the superbowl.
  12. I found this from this past Friday, 7.3%. wondering how many of that 23,660 # are negatives vs how many are pending results.
  13. gsoda3

    2020 NFL DRAFT

    Not gonna happen but that would be nice.
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