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  1. I think kp's inconsistencies stem from him forcing shots and lacking confidence in getting opportunities in the offense. Whenever he's played without Luka he's done well. When he has to defer to Luka he's been hesitant to pull the trigger and also makes bad decisions when he gets frustrated. I really hope they learn to play with each other. We started seeing them being comfortable last year in the bubble but then of course guess who's hurt again.
  2. I literally just ordered a pair. Refresh20 gives you an extra 20% off.
  3. what makes CW a good tackle is his athleticism. he has ability to move his feet, stay balanced, and play in open space keeping the rusher away from the qb. unfortunately his arms aren't quite as long as what NFL scouts look for- rushers in the NFL are longer and quicker and the extra inch or two make a big difference. CW's inability to play guard in the NFL is due to his lack of strength. he just doesn't have much of a base. the hope was he'd grow into the position by now but that hasn't happened. by moving him into the interior you take away the necessity of playing in space, which is wh
  4. that's what should happen. and again, no one's arguing differently. your point and johnny's point aren't mutually exclusive although you're trying to make it that way.
  5. what you're saying here is different from what johnny's saying. both are integral aspects of our justice system. this is holding officers accountable to a standard they should be, but rarely are, held. in an ideal world (which this isn't) there should be no deferential treatment or bias. this is hoping our process is impartial enough to give the accused a fair trial.
  6. sure, i don't think anyone's arguing that though.
  7. i doubt johnny disagrees there. his point is lawlessness and misapplied justice can swing both ways.
  8. is he trying to imply maligi's dirty?
  9. i believe that satisfies minnesota's standard for murder in the third degree.
  10. are you married? does your spouse have income? if so you can contribute to an IRA based on her #s.
  11. in hindsight we should've played bobi more, let him vacuum up some of those rebounds.
  12. post it here, there are some knowledgeable people with experience.
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