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  1. LET’S GO!! Think positive and check your email. Ticket requests are out for Regionals & Supers [emoji869] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. If THERE, or ANY OTHER REGIONAL, our road is not going to be easy. NCAA does not like us getting to Omaha and if we miss out on having our own, they will stick it to us and give us a tough path in regionals, or in pairings for a Super should we get through someone else's regional. Still not sure what happened in Manhattan on Friday and Saturday, but not winning on Sunday against OK St and WV are looming large. We need to win our remaining season games and then get one or two wins at least in the Big XII tourney to have any hope of hosting at the Disch.
  3. Just follow the pork. The mayor and city council (much like many other cities throughout the US) of Austin are out of touch with their public and how or where the money goes. Travis County Commissioners aren't really any better. They get themselves elected to push their own agendas and projects, not to better yours or our projects/ needs/ wants. There is a posting on this site that has over 5000 responses to the spending of public money.....(for a group that majority wise, isn't paying taxes). As far as public services, most municipal fire departments fall in the junior taxing districts alongside public libraries. That's why they are always shown having their budgets cut first when city council's finally realize they have overspent, AGAIN. Library branches and stations close, personnel are cut, or at the minimum, their funding is not as high as previous years. The PD can get around budget cuts by them having the ability to impose more fines or tickets, but staffing or hiring can still be affected (at least until armageddon sets in. See Minneapolis). Austin has third service EMS that (while the personnel are good and do their best in a shitty environment) is grossly understaffed , under trucked, and mostly underpaid. The council recently invoked a raise (insult really) for the medics and emts that was literally pennies per hr.
  4. You don't have a homestead exemption on your primary residence?
  5. While the play should have been to first from the start, through 7 we left 10 on base. 8 in scoring position. Can't stand there with the bat on our shoulder watching good pitches go by and then swinging at one in the dirt for strike 3. Crappy at bats and some shoddy base running (AGAIN ) cost us this game.
  6. It's Mother's Day. Just go do some yard work for the Mrs...you mom, girlfriend, sis, neighbor's mom, or anyone else that could need some done. Thanks!!
  7. Great start. Hope they do the same tomorrow and make it 3.
  8. It's now in effect (per the WV announcers) with Melindez 3rd HR of the day.....11-0. Shut them down in the bottom half of the inning and we're up 2-0.
  9. Coolio....run rule is in effect (being 2nd game of DH)
  10. Announcer stole my post.....Gordon dealing.
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