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  1. You have obviously never encountered a feral pig!
  2. FOX BREAKING NEWS!! "We are hearing reports that the teacher had just finished up a lesson on cross dressing and gay-pedo sex and was just about to start her lesson on Critical Race Theory when she decided to saw a transvestite outside with a gun and decided to prop the door open. "
  3. My plan is to move to the Sugar Babies thread and never leave
  4. TX/OU- “Your honor, we are leaving the B12 conference primarily because it failed to provide competent leadership as contractually required” B12- “This is false” TX/OU- “ Were you aware we were contemplating a move to the SEC?” B12- “We were told that multiple times, but slept well at night because we thought you would never leave!” TX/OU- “Your honor, we rest our case”
  5. What do ya'll suppose columns "I" and "J" are for??
  6. Yup. Here is the armed Pakland security guard (former cop) hiding outside in the shadows while kids were getting slaughtered. But if we just armed all the 60yr teachers....
  7. You are not on the ledge because based on your Sugar Babies posts you are getting more strange then everyone on the ledge put together.
  8. Alright. Who had Social Conservative claiming lower taxes and tax exceptions/write offs as the "new communism" on their bingo cards?? This fucking time line....
  9. That was brown, jewy, middle eastern Jesus. White, ‘merican, christian Jesus had a whole different message.
  10. if you can turn a wrench, (GO ON…) work safe in shitty conditions, (OK…) willing to to be on the road, (I’M LISTENING) and pass a drug test.
  11. Something Fishy With Jimbo’s 2022 Recruiting Class https://www.rollbamaroll.com/platform/amp/2022/5/20/23131384/something-fishy-with-jimbos-2022-texas-a-m-aggies-recruiting-class
  12. This is the comprise we have been looking for! From now on, the aborted fetus will be removed from the mother but kept alive artificially. Books about “queers” and CRT will be placed by the incubator and the fetus will be painted brown if not naturally so. A doctor with a semiauto assault rifle will then enter the room and shoot the fetus dead. We will then have a moment of thoughts and prayers and decide will all agree that this tragedy could not have been prevented.
  13. We can still turn this around but we need to act fact! I just need all of you to transfer $350 in bitcoin to me, but you have to do it now! This is a very limited time offer.
  14. Unfortunately your friend is correct. But you don't have to watch some long movie to understand how the liberal cabel stole this election and handed it to Biden. I have linked a 6 minutes video which sums it all up if you open your mind. It's all there man... just look for the signs!
  15. Oh it's so funny to be seeing you after so longAnd with the way you look I understandThat you were not impressed but I heardYou let that little friend of mineTake off your party dress Addison, I know this world is killing youOh, Addison, my aim is true
  16. It happens cause there is no god. Or if there is a god he is that sociopath kid that you knew who taped frogs to bottle rockets and fired them up for fun
  17. Since abortion is now "homicide" in LA, I would bet that you could shoot a pregnant woman who you believe is contemplating abortion and claim some form of "fetal self defense by proxy", stir up the right wing media machine, and probably be attending a Mara-Largo party as a right wing celebrity by this time next year.
  18. In the state of Texas, with a population of 29 million, yes there are emergency surgeries for ruptured ectopic pregnancies daily. Now how many cases do you think each individual obgyn is doing? In my 2 hospitals we get MAYBE 1-3 of those cases annually with a obgyn staff of 5. Its all fun and games until its your loved one who needs an proficient surgeon with no time to transfer.
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