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  1. 78749, now on a boil notice with no water coming out of any faucets after a a slow decline of pressure the last couple hours. Question: with no water coming through the pipes, should I take this opportunity to turn off the main cutoff outside? TIA
  2. Cut the dead weight on the coaching staff and the Death Star plumbing is operational again??
  3. I think the armchair coordinating from fans is usually pretty under-informed, but in this circumstance, even Joe Fan knew we needed a four-man front on the DL. Lo and behold, Ossai goes ape-shit off the edge. Christ on a cracker, Todd!
  4. It will never not be funny A&M hired a relic of a corch to teach dem der players how to play SECx3, hand-in-the-dirt, two-tight end, smashmouth offense right when Alabama and LSU were moving to modern spread attacks.
  5. We’ll find out soon: can Tom Herman hold his staff to the same standard of accountability he demands from his players?
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