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  1. Hopefully, Weeks 2-5 Chiefs dont show up at the Superbowl. That is my only fear, especially how good the SF defense is. Mahomes won't have all day to sit back in the pocket. He'll have a lot of 3 step drops and try to avoid the edge rushers. I'd expect more jet sweeps and to keep SF honest. Will SF play man or double Kelce or Hill? If SF schemes around those two then the backs will be a big part of the game plan. My other worry on the Chiefs defense is containing Kittles, that is a bad mofo.
  2. Those kits open up a history that some try to hide. My half-sister submitted one of those kits and started finding matches from unknown relatives. Long story short, her Grand parents on her dad's side had a daughter in Texas and gave her up for adoption and my sister's dad and aunt's had no clue of this sister and are in denial because they grew up in Colorado. The grand parents have long passed and only a few elders are still alive who could confirm. But this lady looks exactly like my sister's dad. A fucking match. Can't wait for the outcome on this one.
  3. Naw bruh......Chiefs fans only are only terrible to Broncos and Raiders fans. But every fan base has shitheads. Unless your Aggy, where life is grand and classy and we all can't wait to go back. Or it could be that people just don't like your goofy ass.
  4. You completely forgot to mention Priest, he was the main reason we had a pulse in the 2000's, then Jamaal took the reins and kept us relevant. Mahomes is a once in a generation player. We finally have a franchise quarterback and the ghosts of Deberg, Bono, Grbac, Gannon, Trent Green, Cassell can no longer haunt our playoff woes. Coach Reid has easily moved himself as the second best coach in team history and has bumped down that choking ass Schottenheimer down the list and buried all our playoff ass kickings we took in the 90's.
  5. Woooooooooo....fuck yeah!!! Great overall team win. Never imagined we'd outrush the Titans. Yesssssss..... we're going to the motherfucking Superbowl!!!!
  6. We almost there, let's close this bitch out.
  7. Didn't even break a sweat, all he has to do is change and hit up the club.
  8. This is the matchup I dreaded before the playoff seedings were decided on week 17. I knew back early in the season when KC was getting exposed by the Texans, Titans and Green Bay.....that the run defense was the single weakness on the team. My Hope is that early season issue does not show up. Fuck it....with that said, my boys will ball out and win this bitch. 34 - 20
  9. Their highway configuration sucks and is bumpy af.
  10. KC baby. Fuck Houston. Near freezing temps, we got this. TechN9ne vs. SCU Box Chevys vs Slabs *Mahomey 23 *My dear Watson 17
  11. It really sucks that I have six to choose from within a 5 miles radius.
  12. My face has been swollen and eyes itching like a motherfucker. Been feeling like this.........
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