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  1. I thought he would be utilized how Eric Striker was. But he manned the middle and got swallowed up by blockers at the 2nd level.
  2. Check out his high school highlights, that's all he was. It did not translate into college nor the pros.
  3. Agreed. Which is why I said see RB & QB and hit. Cuz if he sees a OL in front of him he's already toast.
  4. He is an OLB. He is only able to see RB & QB and hit. Nothing more.
  5. He refused to put his Horns up during the Eyes. At the end of the broadcast you can see him with his arms crossed. Someone asked him and he shook his head NO. That there says a lot about his character.
  6. If this team beats Duke in the black jerseys, then Shaka can stay for-ev-er.
  7. A tournament victory (not NIT) and advancing to the second weekend would validate your OP. Competing for first in conference and a great showing in the conference tournament are signs of a turnaround. Repeating what I've stated consistently is our expectation. That should make us believe Shaka has this program going in the right direction.
  8. What is Coleman's problem with not participating in the Eye of Texas. Fucking asshole.
  9. I hope this is a game where the bench gains experience and executes the game plans. They need a healthy dose of minutes before conference play.
  10. Not if the ghost DC that called press coverage in the 2nd half against ksu is back.
  11. IDK, but the DBs changing from 10yds off the WR, to a press coverage was on point. Whoever the fuck made that adjustment, please stand up.
  12. Greg Robinson was patched in to his ear piece and taught him how a hoss makes halftime adjustments.
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