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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. That neighborhood is fucking nuts. That's the third or fourth time some crazy shit has happened in that part of Stone Oak. Before I bought my house, the wife and I were looking in that same area about 12yrs ago and after we finished the open house visit and drove off we see a BMW 7series with the front-end all smashed up and racing down the street and parking into the garage and dude closed it, like no one saw him. Yeah, we said fuck that noise, not dealing with that bullshit.
  2. Currently @ -3.25 on both eyes. Eyesight has improved throughout the years by smoking lots of kush and reggie.
  3. Damn bruh.....you my neighbor? Northwoods gangsta, holla.
  4. Hell yeah that is a fucking weed. That shit is always trying to kill my Bermuda grass, drinking up its water.
  5. I see the Eagles and Niners making a run on players with a similar skill set like Tyreek Hill. Good luck suckas.
  6. Nah, just his man crush.....
  7. SA-KC_Horn


    We high af.
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