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  1. The climbers-and-hiders almost always are.
  2. This one possible edge interpretation of one section of the bill could, under certain circumstances, be used to provide additional voting hours, assuming everyone in that R-controlled county/district choose to explicitly act against the default settings in the bill which of course will never happen but it COULD. See? It's a good bill, why are you guys such assholes? Fuck these people.
  3. I'm starting to wonder if you're making a play for your own media empire.
  4. Brian Davis reporting him to Texas. I don't know shit about fuck. I'm also not trolling ... I come here for my news.
  5. So is it official? The "debate UT's next head coach" thread implies that it's not a done deal yet.
  6. A few more months ... god I want to go back to Nawlins so badly.
  7. Ya got 'em on ya' feet, and ya got 'em on Bourbon Street! (I freely admit to being taken by this one when I was young, and paying the man his $10).
  8. Ya'll are some short-memory-having motherfuckers. Scottie was the most dominant player on the course all day Saturday and Sunday morning - I think he was -15 without a bogey over his two rounds on Saturday. Demolished Poulter, took down Rahm, and beat Kuchar in a "high leverage" moment by burying a birdie putt on 17. He and Horschel both SUCKED Sunday afternoon, and it was clearly fatigue. Sucks that our boy lost, and he probably struck the ball better than BillyHo did but putted worse. Let's not over rotate here and let 4-5 bad putts cloud a phenomenal weekend of golf. He's won at every level
  9. Holy shit, this is horrible. I used to love getting a last-minute (or government rate, my wife is civil services) rate out there, staying a quick overnight and playing 1 or 2 rounds at Wolfdancer.
  10. I find things like this weird. Why is Faxon even commenting? "Brooks is a hell of a player, and I know he wants to be out here. I know he's seen the doctor, I saw the same instagram post you guys did. Here's hoping he's back as soon as possible, but that he takes the time to get fully healed."
  11. +1 to bedside manner being important. I'm a talker when I get a lesson; I have to be able to "play back" what I'm being told in my own words, things that make sense to me, and have the instructor understand that and course correct me where I translate something wrong. I also describe how things feel, and I have to rely on the instructor to translate to teachable functional movements. I've put two guys onto my guy here in Austin, and both love him. He's VERY technical, but also incredibly patient lol.
  12. This thread continues to be like heroin. Just put it right into my veins. "He's a strong family man, and helps people who are down." HAHAHAAHAHAHA fuck outta here with that shit.
  13. Or when a nugget drops on it's own, and you gotta stop and just embrace it.
  14. Welcome us to the fold. We've rented RVs in the past, used my in-laws Bigfoot several times, but just this last week took the plunge ourselves. Found a basically-new Jayco 25bh - perfect layout for our family of four (kids are 10 and 6). Towable with my F150 (3.5L v6 EB with Maxtow), AMAZING condition, and something we've been eyeing for a while. Going to also get it into one of those AirBnB-for-RV programs, to try and make some money back on it. We know the local franchise owners for one of them, and we trust their caretaking (and the insurance is good). Shakedown cruise is to Jellystone Park
  15. Made a 2 today on #7 at Forest Creek. That was fun :).
  16. Christ I can't imagine that track tricked up like that.
  17. Do you mean 12? 11 is the par 3. WAY back in the day, 9, 10, 12 and 18 were both "drop a ball in the middle of the fairway, and it'll roll into the rough and possibly even the hazard" territory. 12 runs HARD right, but as long as there's even a little bit of grass in the rough right, it'll keep your ball out of the hazard now. As of summer 2020, CF was eminently playable. It would be a bummer if they've let the greens go back to being trampolines with no grass. They had a fairly large management turnover two summers ago (head pro, several staffers), but I think the super is still the same
  18. The Tech guy inbounding the ball on the next fucking trip down the court did it! I was screaming at the TV. (That's not a defense of Ramey, his was terrible)
  19. He's just a sad 6 handicap who can't break 80. (also an inside joke ... ddd is good people and he's also my lawyer).
  20. Why are you like this?
  21. New weapons. I've loved this iron from Titleist for years. Bought an old set off the Bay, got them stripped and buffed, then refinished in a black oxide. New high-end shafts (Tour Issue S400s), new paintfill, swingweighted back to d3 (titleist stock sw, given that these are stripped of chrome, there's some tip weight added, and they're probably technically closer to d2, but still - heavy), and MCC College orange grips. Hook 'em, bitches.
  22. Godammit we fucking sucked.
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