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  1. How was Trump's travel "ban" against WHO recommendations when the WHO declared a global health emergency the day before?
  2. Hope Hicks probably has time on her schedule to not give press briefings.
  3. Anytime Trump gets hostile and asks a reporter who they work for, they should all answer, "OAN."
  4. Congratulations, Mississippi, on your proud history of racism and treason.
  5. Another stain left behind by George W. Bush.
  6. Wtf? No it doesn't. It just determines who can spend the most.
  7. No, probably just the ones asking for donations to support the poor Jews in the former Soviet Union.
  8. I watched the first several because I thought it was important to do so. I think the first one I didn't watch was that Friday when he bragged about his ratings. I haven't watched one since. Don't watch. Don't give him the ratings. He's not out there to lead or to inform. It's just become part of his reality show. And his campaign for reelection. He can't hold rallies but he can still get daily free media exposure.
  9. Holy shit. He's just a political operative like Bill Barr. Make excuses, don't trust the media, blame China. We know the drill.
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