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  1. The CFP selection committee members aren't paid.
  2. I've never actually done it but I confess I've considered snacking on just croutons and dressing.
  3. Sorry to hear about Tedford. Coaching at his alma mater was a good story. Tough year this year, though. I wish him all the best.
  4. That's a lovely run-on sentence you've got there.
  5. What if congress wanted to investigate the court? Would they need the court's approval to do that?
  6. Both. If you can make them soggy with dressing then you're putting way too much dressing on your salad. (Incidentally, Cardini's Caesar dressing is also great.) Mmmmmm...nom nom nom nom. So good.
  7. Senator Lindsey Graham already said he's voting to acquit Trump and will do so without looking at any of the evidence against him.
  8. Gaetz: 'I get to interrupt you, you don't get to interrupt me.' Scumbag. More hysterical, panting, ranting.
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