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  1. Well, duh. He said in the 2016 debates that it made him smart. We already knew he was a tax cheat. He never tried to deny it.
  2. "Penis, vagina! Penis, vagina! Penis, vagina!" - Hank Kingsley
  3. I really hate Mike DeWine. I've hated him for years. But for the most part he's handled the pandemic pretty well because he let the medical professionals call the shots. He deserves credit for that. Of course his party is turning on him. It's amazing how the GOP keeps going deeper and deeper into the shithole and making the last shitty Republican look better by being an even more shitty Republican.
  4. Jerry Garcia's death was the first one I learned about via e-mail. That was 25 years ago.
  5. I watched Imagine John Lennon again over the weekend. I'll never forget when he died. My mom generally doesn't know much but she knew how much I loved the Beatles and she came and woke me up to tell me when she heard the news. Such a brilliant, complex, flawed, and totally honest artist.
  6. I haven't checked in but I'd be kind of surprised if they were reporting on it much at all.
  7. Just doing God's will. How else was Jesus supposed to die for our sins?
  8. WhatTheBuck

    Things That Suck

    Linda Lovelace Vacuum cleaners Michigan football
  9. As long as it takes to read them. Then they go in the trash.
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