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  1. You could also read the replies to the tweet.
  2. A) If you're a good evangelical then you want the world to end. B) Did someone rebuild the temple in Jerusalem while I wasn't paying attention?
  3. The way I found to overcome the risk of coronavirus was to stay the fuck home.
  4. If he was going to spend his life in jail anyway, the least he could've done was take out Fieri.
  5. Then let's buy up all the cartels and solve the drug problem!
  6. Donald Trump told more lies to the American people in his first week in office than Jimmy Carter did during his entire 4-year term.
  7. Remember when I said "You might be dumb enough" before? I was just trying to be polite.
  8. So, like Bolton's book, this insider account is going to tell us that Trump is who we thought he was.
  9. That video clip doesn't prove anything indisputably. I'm not familiar with the game but I assume the call on the field must have been that he touched the ball. There's not enough in that video to prove indisputably that he did or didn't touch it. To prove indisputably that he didn't touch it we'd need to see all of his fingers in their entirety with at least a pixel of daylight between them and the ball at all times. The video doesn't meet that standard.
  10. Not in Ohio. Maybe you've never driven in a really hard rain. I've seen it rain so hard that I had to pull off to the side of the road and come to a complete stop. Even with the wipers on high you couldn't see shit. You might be dumb enough to keep driving under those conditions. I'm not.
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