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  1. They both suck. The difference is that humans don’t have to.
  2. With a whole lot of help from the Americans. Blame all of “Western Christendom” who were perfectly willing to get rid of the Jews from their societies. And who believed the Abrahamic myth that this piece of land was promised to them by the God they invented (but who still believed would all burn in Hell at the end of days because now THEY were the chosen ones). Never mind that they were kicked off their land (repeatedly). And they didn’t take it back by force. They got it back by a massive swindle exercised by people who didn’t think highly of the Jews but thought even less of the Arabs they c
  3. It is surprising how many adults never actually left high school.
  4. That would make sense but Mitch is more purple.
  5. The second button on your shirt is too high.
  6. Troy got sick and lost the starting job to Joe Flacco. Did you know that? Now let’s compare arrests.
  7. Craig Krenzel’s first pass in the NFL went for a TD down the left sideline for the Chicago Bears. I hope Justin Fields has a more successful NFL career playing for the Bears than any former Buckeye because my school isn’t known for producing successful NFL QB’s. But that’s beside the point. It makes me feel old and sad that Colt Brennan passed away. I’ve been near the stadium but never saw a game there. I think it would be great if UH fielded a championship team. Remember Colt’s criticism of the UH program back in 2007? https://www.espn.com/college-football/story?id=2860691
  8. And she was still out of your league.
  9. It’s too bad he didn’t dominate the way Vince Young did.
  10. This isn’t the place to speculate. Please take that elsewhere.
  11. I think some of my neighbors from Canton can answer that question.
  12. You will never be invited to my Festivus party. Heretic.
  13. Man, that’s so sad. Was it a result of opioid addiction after prior injuries?
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