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  1. I'm a little surprised they haven't been sued for donation matching to date, but they also have nothing to worry about with Barr running the show.
  2. I was really hoping the Suarez back to Ajax rumors were legit. Knew it was too good to be true.
  3. shnsajax

    USMNT 2020

    I don't see a real difference between the two come 2022, but I do think US will have the advantage back in 2026. Raul Jimenez is still one of the more underrated strikers in the world, and a likeable player to build around (odd being from Mexico 😉).
  4. shnsajax

    USMNT 2020

    Weston started and played all 90 for the Juve opener. "McKennie is better than others physically because he came from Germany [having been training]," Pirlo said. "Today he did well. He could have done better, because he did something wrong in the building phase. But it was the first game, we can forgive him."
  5. shnsajax

    USMNT 2020

    Transfermarkt has him valued at $16.5 million at 17 having scored 1 League and 1 CL goal. He, Sancho, and Haaland are perfect for each other.
  6. Really nice pIls as someone who really doesn’t drink them often. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. shnsajax

    2020 MLB thread

    Kyle Hendricks is boring and good.
  8. This would be preferred. He and Davies on both side would cause some problems.
  9. Sergino Dest to Barca rumors happening again.
  10. We need a 1,000 more Grohl's in the world. Just a badass human at everything he does.
  11. I'm in Boise, 430 miles away from Portland and out air quality has been in the over 200 the past two days with no fires around. Can't even imagine Portland right now.
  12. Pretty much my favorite non Cowboy in the league now. Was hoping to see more of a connection with Collin today but it will come.
  13. I was almost slightly impressed there were a few defending him, but others ruined that.
  14. Also Fiesta's Fajita seasoning also goes well on fries or any types of potato dishes you like.
  15. I thought we proved that with Ricky 20 years ago?
  16. Sadly most of their really good one off stuff never sees distro.
  17. I don’t think it is, Tycho is the worst beer I have had from them in a while and it’s not close. Space Ways is just now coming out and their next seasonal hazy, last year it was a really great beer at $3 a can and better on tap.
  18. For someone who owns courses, plays 3-4 days a week, his swing is complete shit. Maybe it’s good for a dude after several strokes, I’ll give him that.
  19. Onana, Neres, Dest, and Tadic valued at $40 $40 $20 and $22 as well. They will reinvest and be back sort of in 3-5 years. And also Eric ten Hag is one of the best coaches around, he’s probably gone after this season as well.
  20. I feel like I relive that fucking match vs Tottenham every single transfer. Still believe they would have beaten Liverpool in the final had they not collapsed. Also can’t blame them on cashing in on over $300 million in youth signatures.
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