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  1. If I was married to that, I’d probably take a more effective approach to offing myself.
  2. Where and when do you guys play? I’m roughly at 101 and Cactus and would definitely come out and have a few and listen to you guys.
  3. You having a total, hemi or reverse done? Who is the doc? What city are you in?
  4. CSB...Wayne Peace’s now wife Melanie used to babysit me. Somewhere my parents have a picture of the two of them with Chris Collinsworth holding me. Circa 1983
  5. Dude is the difference tonight
  6. Delta Heat here. 7 years and not one issue, it get used twice a week minimum. I do nothing to maintain it and it is still yet to disappoint. I also have it hooked up to my gas line, which I highly recommend.
  7. Crazy in the head, crazy in the bed
  8. I put my D in South Austin’s moms P last night
  9. Hope it went better for you then it did for me. What a complete pile of shit this entire Ryder cup ticket lottery turned into. Lots of folks are pissed at the pga of America for the complete misrepresentation and lack of transparency of the whole process. I’ll probably get some tickets on the secondary market, but I’m pissed, thought it was a done deal a week ago. Would love to know the inside story, crooked as shit I’m sure. Anyone else get screwed today?
  10. Going back 26 pages to bump this. Is this still a thing? I enjoyed watching it last year.
  11. The food is great and Fenway is a blast, but it sounds like the timing is off for you there. I had a great time in a lot of the pubs, kind of plug and play but all have a good vibe if you like to drink. The chicks were beyond heinous, thought the script club would be better...save your money. Traffic is a mother and the accent eats at me. Could never relocate there but a few months would be doable.
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