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  1. It's nice to see Megyn Price (the yo-yo'er) is still milftastic. And i've never flown on a private plane before, is adding up everybody's weight a thing people do?
  2. FYP It's pretty damn close when both are at their hottest imo
  3. Thirded and legit mad they didn't pick Watson with that pick. Watson is great, but Mahomes is better.
  4. I called dibs first.
  5. Still a lateral move from Olivia Munn.
  6. Also, correct me if i'm wrong, was one of the early innovators of the Air Raid offense as Offensive Coordinator at Kentucky.
  7. You're forgetting Larry David's integral role as man with cape, because as you can imagine, it was a good cape day.
  8. I watched CNN today and the correspondent in Iran said a big issue the Iranians had is America getting out of the Iranian deal. Is the only reason Trump did that was because it was Obama's?
  9. Jerry Seinfeld should kiss Larry David's feet for help giving his career because Seinfeld's comedy is meh, he's not a great comedic actor and was the third best character on his own show (after Kramer and George).
  10. Are there any positive aspects of having him be the POTUS if you take out him not being Trump?
  11. 1. Jenny Lewis-On the line I saw her live and she was great, haven't gotten into any other 2019 albums but i'll check out some stuff you guys recommended in this thread.
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