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  1. It's probably because i'm a (wannabe) bass guitarist that i'd put Money as the best Pink Floyd song, with Lucifer Sam a very close second
  2. A Day in the Life Anyway, my submissions:
  3. My vote for Stones song is Paint it Black
  4. I'm not even that excited because unfortunately we all know Bama will manage to finagle their way into the playoff
  5. My favorite old/black and white movie. This scene might not be my favorite, but i love the camera angle of Ripper as he's completely lost it.
  6. I'm hearing a lot recently about movies, characters etc that are empowering to women. Are they so fragile that they need to be constantly told so? /no sexist...maybe a little.
  7. I know i'm opening myself up to many jokes on this, but i'm a very curious person so i'm willing to take the risk. Cuck Porn, who watches that shit? What types of people like it?
  8. Myself, i was getting a Bender from Breakfast Club vibe because of the coat and the layers
  9. These announcers are way too happy when KU has a good play
  10. Jenny Lewis at the Met on October 26th.
  11. "Those who stay will be champions"- Bo, never won a natty
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