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  1. Anybody see the yeah yeah yeahs live and if so were they any good? They do a show in my neck of the woods in November and am debating getting tickets, they are just real expensive and I’m a poor.
  2. I’ll echo it sucking and didn’t really learn anything new.
  3. My dad went to a concert in which a lot of the people left after skynyrd opened for Peter frampton.
  4. Regina Spektor was amazing, her singing voice is as good live as in the studio.
  5. Probably damage inc. which is just good and the others are great.
  6. It's a retirement community!
  7. It's popular enough and probably enough episodes for syndication, but why is there no re-runs of the Good Place on TV?
  8. This is probably not a big spoiler, if at all, but the bust out storyline is my favorite of the series.
  9. If you like indie rock, indiecast is pretty good
  10. qwertyu1234

    Fruit Bats

    My favorite of theirs:
  11. Spoon B-side from their latest album which I found out of the blue
  12. Seeing my girl Regina Spektor in August.
  13. I’ll be dead in the cold, cold ground before I recognize Missourah.
  14. Nah, you guys are all wrong. Josh Johnson is their QB of the future.
  15. Why is the word “fuck” so easy to lip read?
  16. That was my first thought as well, but I’m actually curious what the hell that entails.
  17. FWIW Tim Donaghy is a known chronic liar. Edit, Curly already mentions it.
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