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  1. I'm going to guess your threshold for excessive is anything over a googolplex.
  2. I got one of the HEB pizzas that they make fresh in store. Disappointing. Not enough sauce and the crust is sub par. Was this an anomaly or is it just not that good?
  3. This week is looking...not good.
  4. Good job America. Good fucking job.
  5. I'm more convinced than ever this is all a simulation.
  6. And down the spiral we continue.
  7. Holy. Shit. That fucking sucks. I hope he's ok because we need more people like him. And OF FUCKING COURSE this happens. Fuck you simulation. How in the blue FUCK does this happen to someone like this and yet dotard and any number of human paraquats on the right are going to live to 100? Seriously, fuck youi.
  8. Remember this, it's very important. Oh who am I kidding? This shit will be forgotten next week. And then it will happen again. And again. And on and on.
  9. GOP voter utopia is getting nothing done and complaining that nothing it getting done. It’s already here. They thrive on it. It’s a sick state of affairs.
  10. This is what i just don't get. They are paintings/pictures. But in digital form. Why? Why is that a cool thing? If this were like 1981, ok maybe. But...I just don't.
  11. You think he's going to click on that? I'll try to at least give him a sporting chance.
  12. I'm sure it will get as much attention as the dotard or ken paxton. Nothing matters. None of the bad guys have consequences. Fuck the simulation.
  13. Same. I have one, but would give it up in a heartbeat. The problem is, as elucidated by my FIL, you "never know when you'll need to shoot someone coming up your stairs in the middle of the night". This is why there is no end to this. Irrational fear. To quote Jim Jeffries: You think people are coming to MURDER your family? HOW MANY FUCKING ENEMIES DO YOU HAVE?!?!
  14. Just got back from the domain (dammit) and half the stores have their front doors open while blasting the AC. Residents shouldn’t be the ones tasked with conserving power when these fucksticks are gobbling it up.
  15. You could still institute a wealth tax because it’s the right thing to do. Who cares if some people think it’s for a different reason? They can be mutually exclusive.
  16. Seriously, I can't wait to leave this fucking state.
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