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  1. Yes, in "part ii, there is a multiplier for the corporate loans of up to 10x. Big business and wall street made out huge and they will look to buy up many struggling small businesses. Mnuchin called this a $6 trillion dollar stimulus, 2T now(dont expect to recoup) and 4t in part 2(expect to recoup). 0
  2. According to Dr. Neisheiwat, co-infection is possible, but extremely bad luck.
  3. If all caps is yelling, what is all bold? Is that mom/wife lecture tone?
  4. I couldn't agree more. Trump/Pence are heavily in favor of the cruise line executives they have hosted numerous times. If Congress doesn't find a way, Barr's staff will find a loophole.
  5. He is literally the only person thinking about re-election during a pandemic crisis. If he would govern on whats best for the country, instead of what he considers best for re-election, we would have been much better off. In fact, he would probably look a tiny bit competent even. Yes, Republicans still cling to the idea people WANT to be on unemployment despite studies suggesting the opposite. Of course, there are exceptions and those exceptions who like to stay on unemployment tend to vote Republican.
  6. Dick move for sure. Sorry you have to deal with it.
  7. Also had the end of ww1 to help the recovery from the spanish flu Correct on the added oversight, similar to the oversight provided for tarp. The Republican slush fund concept was unprecedented, am glad it was rolled back. Of course, if Trump wants to misuse the fund, Barr and his team will enable him.
  8. Confirmation bias is so strong on facebook though. People tend to only surround themselves with like-minded individuals and shout down any competing views. FB is pretty ridiculous right now.
  9. Agree with you there Dixon. One would hope, with the Pandemic team still in tact to advise the country, we would have shutdown/quarantine international travel more competently than we did.
  10. He didn't need to call it a hoax. Just using the term hoax with the subject of coronavirus was deathly irresponsible. Literally.
  11. But, Obama spent $9 trillion... IN 8 YEARS And your savior is trying to do that mych damage in one term, most of which the economy was good enough that he should have been running a surplus
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