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  1. Love 'em both but family loyalties lie with the Navy. Go Navy!
  2. It's like hiring Hetman all over again. "We're Texas!" Except when we get tunnel vision and decide we want a coach and let them bend us over."
  3. Hey, maybe if Doncic keeps this up he will get a call or two when he takes a shot to the head.
  4. Utah coach is doing everything to avoid looking at Herman. lol
  5. Because Harrell says so and there isn't much boost to be gained in 2 weeks..
  6. I don't know if he is coming here. Bet they wouldn't announce Harrell before early signing day, to give USC the opportunity to keep their early commitments.
  7. pacman

    12/8 NFL thread

    Former Longhorn Marcus Johnson just scored a 46 yard TD, his second TD in 3 weeks.
  8. You all are too late. I already built and sold them a new one. They are very happy with the design.
  9. Same as Carl here. Wife loves it but she sleeps in a tomb of blankets. I can't do it for deep sleep because I get way too hot while sleeping. I will occasionally nap with it, if the house is cold enough.
  10. Okafor is a Herman favorite Okafor thinks he is a tackle Okafor plays tackle
  11. watching herman favorite okafor block air probably doesn't make anyone on the bench feel good.
  12. Exactly this..you will have more luck outside of Austin area. Our vehicle prices suck for whatever reason. SA is another consideration. You can try to get Austin to match an out of town price, but they usually just tell me to enjoy my trip lol.
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