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  1. Well, they couldn't help but to prove your argument correct.
  2. For future reference, you don't need an excuse to post that gif. Just post it whenever, and wherever, you please.
  3. "Come and Take it" belongs to the Nationals. Otherwise, would read again.
  4. Miami guy says the same https://www.canesinsight.com/threads/2021-rb-brandon-campbell-receives-offer.158525/
  5. You are either the buck stops with the head man in charge or making excuses for the head man in charge, imo. Alabama can get away with things we do not have the luxury, like shitty hires of friends of friends. Bama's deep pockets, player turnover, and intricate "supplement" program take care of development. We actually need to be able to develop the talent we have here at Texas.
  6. NCAA needs to find a way to quit pretending p5 football/basketball is "amateur" sports. Of course, they will not look to modify that gravy train (over $1b revenue with the bulk coming from football/basketball?). Regarding Richt's comment, the next player Richt develops will be the first.
  7. about time the State stop passing the bill on to the cities and local jails i believe the funding number is actually $700+ million, the 300 figure is for a new hospital in Austin to replace the exisiting, ancient infrastructure...
  8. I m happy to have AOCs "dumb, naive ideas" in government. I don't agree with ost of her ideas but I am proud of her for offering them. She is unusually vocal for an inexeperienced member of Congress. Even if her ideas are "dumb and naive", they get us away from the usual ideas sponsored by your favorites corporate lobbyist. She is a different voice in a world of bought comformity. Hopefully, her ideas spurn some experienced, good ideas from others, or even herself as she gets more experience, and we get some change in our country, for the better. Hopefully her courage to take a seat in Congress encourages others, who are more qualified but wouldn't normally step into the cesspool, to do the same. Regarding the topic at hand, racism, is there any other link between the most vitriolic targets of the Trump base: AOC, Obama, Omar? If so, I hope somebody will share as I am happy to hear it.
  9. i wouldn't expect anything but a diplomatic answer at this point
  10. Strange timing. Were their any hints he would be doing these things today, or this week? In my highly optimistic (well, sort of) mind, I am hoping Trump knows he will lose the next election and is getting an early start on blatant corruption and horsetrading.
  11. pacman

    Dwyane Wade

    Definitely a societal problem here as too often we tell that girl that only boys play baseball. Or, we tell that boy that only girls like pink. If we can stop trying to assign gender to random things, activities, colors, etc., we will be much more helpful as a society to humans like Zaya. At the very core, what does it mean to be Zion or Zaya? All she really has done is change her name and ask people make reference to her differently. For the most part, it is all societal constructs. Zaya wears dresses now? Has longer hair? Goes to a different bathroom? Has a girl name? All of these "differences" are created by society. IMO, if we didn't force kids down any one path, we wouldn't have this massive divide over gender in society. We have to stop telling kids what/who they are, what defines them, and what they can participate in based on if they were born with a penis or vagina. If we do that, they will no longer need to push back, to break out of their societal assigned box. fuck wade the Heat player, but happy he is a supportive father in this situation
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