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  1. I almost feel like the Trump phenomenon is more of a head scratcher. At least Adolf wasn't a silver spoon con man with a long family history of fucking the very people he has convinced to follow him.
  2. Trump will make so much money off of trumpsters, after his presidency, he may finally finish a year out of the red.
  3. RIP RBG. Thank you for your service to our country.
  4. Finally watched the game. I don't know how Kelly has managed to kill all the offensive skill on this team but congrats to her, inguess
  5. pacman

    PlayStation 5

    Hopefully it gets fixed but trying to order a switch is still a mess too. I have never had a ps but looking forward to trying it, if they ever take my money.
  6. Still finding the game enjoyable. This is my first foray into gaming that I have stuck with. I did play the 5v5/6v6 battlefront games for a bit but not near this much. A bit behind the curve since I never player fps or br games previously. Apex is just so fast paced that it has kept me enthralled.
  7. pacman

    PlayStation 5

    Sams Club has it but probably not for long
  8. pacman

    PlayStation 5

    Yep, came here hoping someone had the scoop
  9. pacman

    Texas BBQ

    Look, we are all friends here, so I say this in the kindest way. Don't you ever fucking put the pic of your sides first, above your pic of the bbq. Just don't.
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