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  1. One of the greatest movies of all time. Also included Ian Moore as a member of the band.
  2. My wife and I really enjoy this but she finds it more disturbing than me. I think it is fascinating when someone writes about an alternative reality. There are really no boundaries when doing so and you get to peer into the imagination of the writer. It also looks like that time period would look in my eyes. Great sets and color hues. Acting is exceptional.
  3. Have hit up Redbox several times recently because my wife and I rarely go to the theatre any more. Watched 1917 and Jojo Rabbit on Sunday. Both were very good. The way 1917 was shot was amazing. The whole movie looked like one continuous take. Watching the "extras" from the DVD was absolutely fascinating. Jojo Rabbit looked great on screen. The kid was really good and I thought the ending was perfect.
  4. Yes but always thought that hazing was suppose to be taking place in the high school parking lot.
  5. The exterior of the high school was shot outside the old Americana theatre on Hancock just off of Burnet Road. That scene was shot right in front of where that car is parked. I think it is a library now.
  6. The catcher that played along with that prank was former Longhorn baseball player Mark Reynold's brother Ronn who was an All American from Arkansas.
  7. This thread sucks without photos. When will the un-fuzzy episodes be available? Some you might not want to see though.
  8. My question is why in the fuck would you get on a cruise ship anywhere in the world right now? They are all ignorant.
  9. The only thing he is worried about are his re-election chances slipping away. That's it...that's the list.
  10. What about all of the suppliers? Nothing has changed here at my warehouse except we have a few bottles of Purell around. I am exposed to 40 or 50 different people a day that come into my office. They are field managers, drivers, assembly line workers working side by side and receiving people. They interact with truck drivers all day. No one knows who these people have been in contact with. Keeping the guy swinging a hammer by himself is great but it is endangering thousands of other people as well. This goes all of the way up the supply chain.
  11. Great idea.....let's see how long we can keep this virus active.
  12. You can add all kinds of things to that beer bread recipe. Cheese, jalapenos, garlic butter, black olives or just about anything. You can also experiment with different kinds of beer. I like using Shiner Bock. The best thing about this bread is it can be ready start to finish in about 90 minutes or less.
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