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  1. A good rub. Wrap tightly with foil. Low and slow. Did mine at 250 for 4 hours. Remove foil and brush with sauce if desired. Broil until sauce caramelizes. Boom !
  2. These are the best Texas uniforms ever worn and should be what we wear....forever.
  3. Even worse are the ones that drive in the rain without their headlights on.
  4. I love that movie. Portier won the Best Actor Oscar for that one. The first African American to do so. I remember buying that 45 RPM of Amen by The Impressions back in 1964 when it was on the charts.
  5. Watched The Defiant Ones last night on TCM. Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier from 1958. Nominated for multiple Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Actor for both Curtis and Poitier and won for Best B&W Cinematography and Original Script. A great cast all of the way around and even has Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer in it. Terrific movie.
  6. He was not on the list of "notables" for that tournament they showed yesterday afternoon.
  7. This was some the funniest stuff they did on the original so I hope so. Will watch.
  8. Jesus man....just relax. If every movie or TV series had to be realistic there would be a lot more boring ass shit out there.
  9. This movie never gets old. "Hello.....helloooo?"
  10. Speaking of Tiger..where the fuck is he?
  11. First thing I saw was some kind of bird holding a lobster in its beak.
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