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  1. Actually there can be offsides without contact or a snap. If the defender enters the neutral zone before the snap causing an offensive player to move it is called offsides. I do not remember this particular play or if that is what happened however.
  2. Always loved Susie. Would always chat with her in the Burnt Orange Room after games. She still looks good and she really looked good back when Tom was coaching. He did a lot for this program and I will always be grateful for that.
  3. Sorry you live such a miserable life. Maybe you should drink more to be happy.
  4. Fuck that. Craig Way on the radio call while watching the muted broadcast. I think it might be Keith Moreland on the color because Roger Wallace, who is also good by the way, will be doing the basketball game at Purdue.
  5. I am sure there are literally dozens of people holding their breath about the women's soccer coach decision.
  6. Are these made of breasts or thighs? I saw a video of how to make them at home and they were using thighs for that recipe.
  7. You really do not understand how this works do you?
  8. Actually he showed up pregame with the full beard and stache. When he came out after halftime he had the stache with a goatee, Post game he only had the stache. What a douche and if that is his wife in those commercials she seems to have a fat ass.
  9. Shit if this is true it is a pretty damn smart move for FSU. Say what you will about Stoops but he can coach and recruit.
  10. Rule number one.... Never camp at the beach period because it sucks ass. If you have a trailer or a Winnebago with a hook up it is tolerable....maybe. If I cannot afford a room I am not going.
  11. Bunch of pussy assed mother fuckers on this thread. Go fuck yourselves. And don't come back when Texas wins out cock suckers. Oh and I am drinking Kool Aid.
  12. This! I am a buyer for a large millwork company and I have to buy that shit all of the time. I refuse to stock it however.
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