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  1. Made first team all conference at safety as a junior and then first team all conference as a QB as a senior. Not sure if any other player did that in the SWC.
  2. Is there a gravy shortage there or something? Not even close to enough.
  3. Well that is one way to bring a guy down.....
  4. Why were you driving on the shoulder?
  5. Dan's is a hundred times better than Whataburger.
  6. Sorry but women that wear a flannel shirt like that to hide their ass suck. Either show it or do not wear yoga pants and hide it.
  7. I became good friends with Mike Lockett when he was here because he lived in the apartment complex my then mother in law managed. He was a great guy and I used to throw him passes in the off season. He died tragically in an automobile accident as I recall.
  8. I understand for sure. I am a buyer for a large millwork company and a container shortage is crippling us. They went from like $1500 rent per shipment to around $25,000 each to ship items from overseas. Unreal.
  9. What is stupid is we put something that is completely bio friendly and put it in a plastic bag where it will last for hundreds of years.
  10. There was one in Austin too.....I went once but when I saw the guy cooking over the wok and seasoning it with his head sweat I never went back.
  11. Watched Silverado for the first time in probably 25 years and forgot how enjoyable it was. Incredible cinematography and a great cast. Kostner was teriffic as the crazy guy and I have always enjoyed Kevin Kline's work in anything.
  12. I read this thread almost daily but really do not post often. I have been following Houston since they were the Colt 45's.
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