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  1. Got my 2nd Pfizer on Monday at 3PM. 12 hours later I was sick as a dog for about 48 hours. Good now.
  2. One thing for sure he looks nothing like this guy Buddy.
  3. What the fuck is that guy that comes out from behind the counter supposed to be? Looks like he has donkey legs.
  4. I saw that film at The Paramount in Austin when it came out. I was 11. Loved it. James Garner did a lot of his own driving in it.
  5. One of the greatest of all time with incredible acting from the entire cast.
  6. I would love to see Ken Burns do a series on the Negro Leagues. Some of the greatest players of all time. Would be fascinating.
  7. My bracket was a mess early like many others but it does BU versus Gonzaga tonight with BU winning
  8. Love me some Lilies Of The Field.
  9. I am concerned you know that much dialogue from that movie.
  10. Ha!..... no and I think the movie is way overrated anyway.
  11. My last 3 trips to Whataburger have sucked. Luke warm food and missing fries. I am done. The DQ next door (Georgetown) is much better.
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