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  1. I really like your all whites too......great helmet logo by the way.
  2. Hopefully they are testing fans that want to attend the game like we are.
  3. This times a million and 1. Fuck that screaming fucker.
  4. Back on topic.....I am holding my breath today as we await both Texas and Tech's test results from yesterday. I really want to see us play Saturday.
  5. I always thought that guy looked like Tony Kornheiser.....his name is Arthur Hunnicutt and he was in a ton of old movies, mostly Westerns.
  6. I would like to hang onto that chick with the microphone.
  7. Craig Way probably never watches "classic" games because he knows every play and outcome from every game that has ever been played in any sport. I cannot remember the outcome from games that were played last year unless it involves Texas and I watched almost all of them.
  8. Richard Pryor says hello to all of you younguns.......
  9. This movie is greatness and one of those you cannot turn off when you stumble upon it changing channels.
  10. You cannot compare the number of deaths with those countries. How about this stat... US has 4% percent of the population and 20% of the deaths and the total number of deaths are more than any other country in the world. If you cannot see the problem here you are a fucking idiot.
  11. I think you meant Sonny Jurgensen...
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