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  1. Just to throw this out there i would take the Chiefs and lay the points take the Packers with the points
  2. Is that the Jaba the Hut girl that is always at the end of the scorers table that is down? Where they are is right where she sets whoever she is
  3. Fuck these refs. KU had one mother fucking foul called on them in 19 minutes Bull fucking shit
  4. Shit that gives me an idea..... A fucking potato pizza ! You could make it a baked potato pizza..... A hash brown pizza... A french fry pizza.... A tater tot pizza.... A mashed potato pizza.... The options are endless. The Bubba/Gump of pizzas!
  5. He is also not a homer. He will say what he actually believes.
  6. I think Ricky Williams is really good on the LHN pre and post game shows.
  7. NFL players rarely can go back to see their college team play since they have to, you know, work the next day. Maybe once a year on an off week or if they play a Thursday night game.
  8. Where was this "massive incoming tariff money" coming from? Oh that's right......motherfucking us!
  9. Back in the 60's in Austin we had... Piggly Wiggly A&P Safeway HEB And our go to was the Crestview Minimax
  10. Tito's was also the first legal distillery in the state of Texas since prohibition which began100 years ago today.
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