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  1. Chuck Norris is a pussy.
  2. How does anyone know if Ewers is any good ?
  3. Loved Unicorse. "Annnnnnd why should I care?"
  4. Pretty sure it's about who was your favorite, not who you think would win. Win ?????
  5. Those of you ruling Card out are idiots. i predict he starts.
  6. What happend to the season 3 premier that was supposed to start on 8/10 ? All I saw were re-runs last night.
  7. That guy sucks ass.
  8. Sarcasm ? I have never seen any Griner commercial endorsements myself. Hope I never do.
  9. That is definitely Jim Bertslsen. You can see the top part of the "5" on his 35 jersey plus Wooster wore that face mask with the middle nose protector.
  10. Yes... very, but being old is better than being dead.
  11. Not Texmex but went to Plowman's on West 9TH Street in Taylor this past Saturday and it was outstanding.
  12. This play happened right in front of me as I was sitting on the first row in the north endzone. Will never forget that play or the ensuing drive right down the field to win the game.
  13. Watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape last night. That is a teriffic movie. Leo was incredible and became the youngest Best Supporting Oscar nominee in history for his role. All around great cast too.
  14. What exactly is pineapple "flavor" ?
  15. Wow that Indy road course was something. They really need to adjust turn one however. Every restart was exciting as hell but is was also a clusterfuck.
  16. He was not "one of the greatest" of all time. He was the Greatest Of All Time....period. The numbers speak for themselves.
  17. Reminds me of the best bathroom graffiti I ever saw and if you are young you may not get it...... "Jesus is the answer"......... Who is Matty and Felipe's brother.
  18. Wow really ??? Who would have thought.
  19. I guess this would not have happened if his sister also had a gun......according to defenders of guns.
  20. It is an "M" with the "e" and "b" also in the logo for Montreal Expos Baseball. Way before the Brewers.
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