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  1. We get it. You don’t know shit. You can stop going out of your way to demonstrate how little about this you understand while you simultaneously conjure up non-existent risk and boogeymen to go with your ignorance.
  2. Ok, so the topic of use cases can be long AF, so I'm going to give folks a high level summary of the possibilities we've examined and fleshed out, and if someone is interested you can DM myself or CTJ and inquire further about details. Some items I'm also going to gloss over because they're going to be specific and pretty intuitive to the extremely small audience to which it makes sense. One example being "Product Endorsements." Well, if there's the 1 poster here who has a notable clothing line and wants to sponsor some athletes to wear their gear, I don't think that person needs a fucking explanation from me on how it works. Ditto the 1 dude posting here who owns Car Dealerships. So Ill probably write out more things that make sense to a bulk of this community. I’m also sure @immamac will paste this in whatever compendium guide he’s putting together on some forum at a later date. Opportunities: Affinity Groups: Affinity groups often have some of the most aggressive niche marketing we see, both digital and old school print, and they also are very active and aggressive with Meet & Greets, Happy Hours, Golf Tournaments, Networking Events, etc. Thing Mortgage or Real Estate Companies. Anyone within or adjacent to these communities interested in pooling resources for player appearances makes sense. NFT: Non-Fungible Tokens - Phil Knight has already done this twice for one oregon player to the tune of six figures. It’s not as complicated as many think, but I’m not going to run it down here. If someone is interested in this, you can DM myself or CTJ. It probably doesn’t make immediate sense for this community. Charitable and Social Work: Ton of opportunity here, but probably not this forum. But if anyone has or runs an existing non-profit interested in possibilities, feel free to reach out. Long term, this is a big deal, but it needs infrastructure in place. Specific Use Cases: Appearance Fees: Kind of self explanatory. I’ve written up tons of details for this, but on top of autograph sessions, other opportunities exist like Restaurants, Happy Hours, Car Dealerships, Conferences, Festivals, Business Openings, etc. My favorite fun one is sponsoring a team of athletes to compete in a BBQ cook-off or Chili contest. There is a lot of room for creativity here. Product Usage: Probably not for surly but if you run a company with specific services or that manufactures an actual product for sale, this is for you. Wellness Groups (health spas, etc), Clothes, Sports Equipment, Educational Equipment (laptops, tablets, things students use), Healthcare and Cleanliness (Sunscreen, Shampoos, things athletes use), Food and Drink, Personal Training, Transportation, etc. Media: Podcasts appearances (or creation), Social Media influencing/mentions/, Facebook advertising, Twitch/Steam gaming parties, Subscription Based Chat, Radio Interviews/Appearances, Website AMA’s, YouTube Guest Appearances, etc. Print Media: Sponsored Content, Advertorials, Subscription Newsletters/Daily Emails. Again, this is top level stuff. If any of this rings a bell or strikes a chord with someone, these have all been fleshed out quite a bit in detail, just throw one of us a DM.
  3. So there's no guarantee you'll see a bear, but Caddes Cove is probably your best bet. They're obviously not scared of cars. You want to get there as early as possible, it backs up. Google the hours, there's a couple days where it's cyclists only until like 10 am or something. I think we got there around 10, and we had to deal with quite a few backups, which wasn't all that bad, but I could see it being a real PITA if you're stuck somewhere not moving for 50 minutes because there's a bear up there and everyone just fucking stops.
  4. My man. It was a great time for the family...I definitely echo what other folks here had to say about Gailtinburg and Pigeon Forge being full of just trash people. That being said, there's plenty of fun to be had. Gatlinburg meh. WE got suckered into a mini amusement park called Ober, and the most redeeming value there was a tram ride to the top and back. It was fully masked up but I bet that's changed now. That was pretty much all we got out of G-burg, it was hot, packed AF and all the restaurants had a 90 minute wait with a screaming kid. Pigeon Forge was better...but I don't understand how 90% of that economy is run off of mini golf courses and go carts. There's like 10 different businesses. Anyway, we played some mini golf and rode some go karts, which I think would be unvaccinated kid friendly activities for you. Lots of options. We also did a couple of mountain coasters, and those were cool and again covid friendly. The ride through the smokies to G-burg was fucking awesome, and if your kids are of the age where that's interesting, you could easily spend 2-3 hours doing that, stopping at the waterfalls, etc. We also toured Caddes Cove, which was a pretty cool couple hour chunk, and we got to see 2 bears, and one mama had her 2 cubs crossing the road. Very cool, plus some old churches to stop and look at, etc. We also did Dollywood, which I was very impressed by...despite the fact they sell no booze, the park is very well kept up, and they obviously invest money back into it. Fresh paint, everything looked new and clean. For someone who remembers what Astroworld looked like at the end...it was great. Plus they designed the park thoughtfully...it's never too far from a ride or two that is toddler friendly, so a group with all ages doesn't feel like they're missing out. If you do that, Fast Pass for the lines and preferred parking are the best investments you'll make all fucking day. But just the views and the peace are the best part.
  5. Pretty sure he's the poster who thinks that every, literally every single, police officer is a member of a death murder squad.
  6. I love the middle finger from one the board’s resident wackos. Hey @PilotsError, you dipshit, their open stance against homosexuality in their fucking handbook where kids can also be expelled for having sex makes them a toxic school to a bunch of liberal as fuck universities in the Pac 12 like fucking Berkley, Stanford, and every public cal school. This isn’t a controversial political statement by me, it’s a fucking factual statement. Or did you want to argue that a bunch of California based schools are indifferent to socially conservative points of view?
  7. This is fine. Tennessee already has such a tremendous public school system that I’m sure they won’t miss a few million here and there for funding. They don’t even need the money. Not when the state churns out some of the lowest percentage of HS graduates in the US. older article, but I’d wager it a still holds up. https://www.knoxnews.com/story/news/education/2017/01/24/tennessee-eighth-least-educated-state-in-america-no-43/96992168/ Texas edged them out by a whole spot, so suck it TN
  8. Their politics, specifically their views on homosexuality, make them toxic.
  9. You’re a fucking idiot. That much is clear. So much so breaking down your post is a waste of fucking time so I won’t bother doing it.
  10. Dude, these kids will show up to sign autographs for an hour. Our OL is on social media begging bars and restaurants to have Brunch With The Bigs. This kids are willing to do stuff for the money, you don't see pro players getting paid for doing zero work in return. They're ok with doing things for the money. That isn't to say there isn't passive income opportunities, but kids are going to be doing "something" for the money, by definition. You suddenly think these guys are going to roll their eyes at a thousand dollars for an hour of work? You would be wrong.
  11. What the fuck does "Advertising" have to do with anything? Throw a corporate function and pay the entire team 1k each to show up and sign autographs.
  12. What're they going to do? The answer so far at Texas is for CDC to tweet a graphic with NIL rules. That's a fucking problem.
  13. The original post I made was that the guy doesn't have that many years of experience as a HC to draw real best practices from, and working at Bama is clearly not the same as working at Texas.
  14. He did fine there, but he was there for what, 2 years before bolting, and the stories of his legendary drinking were well in effect at that time. I'm not sure 2 seasons before leaving is really enough time to have an extensive "best practices" list while he was drinking himself blind most nights.
  15. I'm not saying that @closetojumping's manbun/hair is approaching ImmaMac levels, but I think it is nearing that ballpark.
  16. "The University" has. Or at least the University signed a deal with Opendorse, which while dogshit is exactly the platform you're describing. It exists. Go ahead. Make an account right now. I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn a bunch of old AF rich donors aren't interested in navigating that shit any more than my mom was interested in learning the intricacies of VCR operation or CTJ is interested in getting a haircut. And now you're passively expecting businesses and boosters to go seek these players out, without having any idea of real value, etc. Folks want guidance.
  17. What, pray tell, has exactly worked for him in the past? Because his last two HC jobs failed miserably due to addiction, and I'm not sure you could say he was at either spot long enough to establish a clear list of "Things that have worked." If you mean what's worked for him at Alabama, do you mean showing up and recruiting to an existing machine? Because that's not applicable to anything at Texas any more than saying Chris Beard is going to fix the football program. Apples, Oranges, etc. But if you want to illustrate how hiring a dogshit recruiting support staff after your first guy got shut down by compliance at UT is "what's worked for him in the past" well, I'm all ears.
  18. This doesn't really feel 995 related, more of an philosophical question about addiction and recover.
  19. Once a couple seasons of Texas players getting high dollar NIL, it would negate any bag shit. Bag shit would disappear. Ironically, I think Texas can and should do both the splash and the ongoing maintenance payments for the team.
  20. You and other people REALLY need to stop saying "Texas spend." Because the problem here is that Texas, the university, can't spend. Boosters spend. Just like in the Bag Game. The problem here is that Texas isn't helping boosters figure out how to connect with and compensate players for the NIL. THAT's a big problem right now. But yes. Texas hasn't been dirty in the past, not compared to the market. Not sure what your point is in quoting me, we're generally in agreement.
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