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  1. You know you can save yourself all that trouble and go to one of the Chinese places that sell roast pig by the pound and buy a roast pig head for 4 bucks. I bought one from Siu Lap city in Houston last week and made it into some tamales.
  2. I agree with that. He's not doing it to appease mil though. He's doing it for wife. Trading in 5 days of misery to have ammo over wife is worth it
  3. So apparently at the Christmas party a brawl broke out and ended up having an even bigger rumble when they got back to the ship. What started as a fun Christmas party ended up an airing of grievances. enlisted, chiefs, and officers all are about to face some major shit. 40 in all. The kicker is the thing that started the whole mess was the CMC(command Master Chief. The highest ranking enlisted member on board) was fucking a newly reported sailor. New sailor meets CMCs wife and gets jealous and starts fight. Another sailor who was also banging CMC jumps in. There is video footage but motherfucker didn't rotate phone and was probably using a potato so it's shit. https://taskandpurpose.com/eisenhower-holiday-party-fight-video
  4. Speaking of tugs and submarines. There is a video out on the interwebs of the USS Georgia not realizing it was still tied off to a tug when it decided to start driving off and ended snagging and sinking the tug that just did a stores load
  5. Probably main or auxiliary seawater piping. Pump in seawater to act as a heat exchanger and then pump it out. The hull is probably the last thing to get compromised. Flooding is probably going to be from seawater piping
  6. That's easy. Find the leader of the bully clique. There always is one. Take out your sidearm and shoot him in the head. Make the other members of said clique clean up the mess and bury the body. After that use corporate card to take everyone out to a team lunch.
  7. Down Periscope was the most realistic submarine movie to me so that's number 1
  8. Get them some Sriracha. They love that cock sauce
  9. He had done something to mess up. XOI is the last stage of kangaroo court before you go see the Captain to determine your punishment. Usually the standard is they take half a months pay for 2 month. 30 days of restriction. And then bump you down a rank. Right after they told him he was going to see the Captain to get that. He was sent topside to relieve the Topside sentry watch. Basically the bouncer for a submarine. He is issued a 9mm Beretta. He shoots the 3 shipyard guys and then blows his brains out. That entire chain of command will be relieved of duty
  10. Wow. So just got the real story. A-Gang member just got out of XOI. Was told he was going to get sent up to see the old man and after the ass chewing. They gave him a gun and told him to go stand topside. Really fucking smart
  11. 2 in the afternoon. I think a disgruntled nuke would have done it in the morning. Now it sounds more like the topside watch. Probably got in an argument with the 3 braddahs and pulled out his 9mm Beretta issued sidearm and said fuck it.
  12. I was stationed there at shipyard for 3 years. Those fast attack subs are woefully undermanned and work 16+ hours a day while having duty every 3rd day. I bet it was a nuke sailor of whatever sub was on drydock 2 said fuck it and picked out whoever he thought was causing him all this grief. I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier.
  13. Had it today. Got a regular and a spicy. No line. Didn't get stabbed. Feel like I missed out on the full experience. Fuck living in the suburbs
  14. FartingMonk

    NCAA Week 6

    I have Texas ML. Texas +10 And a parlay Texas ML FL ML WVU Ml
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