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  1. Haha. About a quarter of the crew gets sick all at once every deployment. We don't do shit about it. We were on a "special training" one time with some dudes and they got sick too. We rode that shit out and Doc and that medical group only treated people who were extreme. It just meant standing more watches and seeing people drag their asses to the bathroom while puking and shitting themselves for two weeks. Now I'm not sure how they would respond to the coronavirus but shit with swine flu. We didn't do shit.
  2. No sports betting No bar tabs Not having to take the girlfriend out to eat Employer buying dinner for us that have to come in until this is over Gas being super cheap and no traffic Groceries for 2 weeks is one night of eating out. So yeah. I'm being forced to save
  3. As long as there is money converting cow farts into vinegar I'll continue to have a job. But even then I'm looking to get completely out of oil and gas/ chemical field forever in the next 3 years
  4. Blip in the grid took down a few plants in the area. Luckily for us it was just a few minor things. Big flash in the sky like lightning. Probably exploded transformer and then instant flares across the channel
  5. Well, Exxon Baytown looks like they just shutdown whether they liked it or not as of 20 minutes ago. Substation blew a tranny. It blipped our lights for a second. But it looks like it rocked the shit out of them. Their flares are lighting up the sky. They might just decide that's it. Leave the motherfucker down
  6. I'm donating mine to charity. She is on the mainstage at Ritz on Friday nights
  7. Had a trip to Lancaster PA booked in July. Paid 500 for two tickets. Saw price had dropped to 97 per ticket round trip. Went to United website and got 500 dollar voucher and then rebooked same flight.
  8. I bought into some REITs yesterday just because of the beatings they have taken. To my surprise they went bonkers and shot up like crazy. Immediately dumped them to put back into my long term blue Chip stuff
  9. I was just at HEB on Clear Lake City Blvd in Houston. Completely stocked
  10. They are beginning to limit access to our plant and depending on how severe it gets. They may just keep a Rideout crew here. 14 operators on a 24/7 basis until this mess is over with.
  11. 25 percent of the submarine force during WW2 are still on eternal patrol
  12. I'm hoping for bad news for the next month. My company stock program is amazing. If it tanks I can get it super low plus the 10 percent for the next two quarters and just ride it out since I can't even sell it for 2 years. Just live off that 7 percent dividend
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