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  1. Had it today. Got a regular and a spicy. No line. Didn't get stabbed. Feel like I missed out on the full experience. Fuck living in the suburbs
  2. FartingMonk

    NCAA Week 6

    I have Texas ML. Texas +10 And a parlay Texas ML FL ML WVU Ml
  3. Being in the military and then now in oil and gas. There is a fair amount of cussing. I mean I just told everyone how I love Five Guys in my mouth.
  4. It saved my ass at SFO. Line was almost out the door and signed up for the free trial.
  5. Champ, what are your hours going to be for dinner?
  6. Weird thing is it's August and I've barely noticed any mosquitoes this year
  7. That guy surely isnt ex military. If he were military all ailments above the waist is Motrin below the waste is.foot powder
  8. I think the dollar and oil being pegged together has already been proven false. Back when President Obama was running things oil sat at 20-30 and we were doing great. The cheaper fuel costs helped other industries thrive
  9. That's not what the report reads according to my friends at ERCOT. It is total MW generated that the report is based on.
  10. Yeah. While it is true that 22 percent of the energy produced this year was from wind. It is still very misleading. That's 22 percent produced. How much of it was consumed is the problem. Wind mills have a few (about 40) extremely good days and produce a shit ton of energy then they have bad days about 300 where they produce 0. So Energy produced to energy consumed is probably 5:1 so there is a lot of waste. Coal costs money. So they fire it up when on demand energy is required so it's probably closer to 1:1. Wind is great but we can't get energy from it when needed. A lot of times ERCOT NERC guys hate wind because they have to dump energy and get plants to fire down because their output is so high
  11. It aint about what you rob. It's about who you rob, ya feel me?
  12. That and they only have one warship out there right now. That's why I said the Persians were dumb to piss them off. Guess how many ships are going to be there in a few days? More than one.
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