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  1. After much searching. Finally found this to mount on my AR
  2. Why don't you just fly her to new York and ship the car with a service.
  3. I know some people that filed under diaster comp and that's how they are getting paid. As for me right now. I never tested positive. My roommate who is a bartender. Her work shutdown because one of the bartenders got it and I was in direct contact with her. My buddy who I went to go float the river with tested positive. And then my girlfriend who works for HISD tested positive. I ended up calling work to let them know and they immediately told me to stay home. I still am awaiting the results of the second Covid test. I wasn't sure if the.company was going to pay me because I was on vacation when all of it happened. The plant manager called me and said hey. It's not your fault. Stay home until you get the second negative but we are paying you. Got paid for my 36 48 split last night and they coded it under diaster PTO. So I basically got another 7 days of paid vacation. Now I'm kinda hoping that second test comes back positive. Hahaha. Not really
  4. Salmon in garlic butter sauce Seared scallops
  5. Female soldier caught dude peeping on her in shower. Makes a report about it. Gets disappeared.
  6. I still have my reminder from swine flu part1. Part 2 ain't gonna be shit
  7. Yeah. Just trying to get some smoke flavor on it. Probably go cast iron next time
  8. Sous vide at 130 for an hour. Seared it at 450 on pellet 5 minutes each side.
  9. 70-80 percent of ICU beds are normally occupied on any given weekend. During Covid 25 percent of ICU beds were occupied. Now beds are at 100 percent. Still only 25-30 are Covid related. The way is is reporting is the surge is from Covid when it is really from stuff being normal again. At least that's what my nurse and doctor friends in the med center is telling me.
  10. Got the nasal swab at CVS today and the blood draw at LabCorp. Nasal swab sucked. Blood draw was normal blood draw
  11. I'm one of 5 board operators on a 4 shift crew. The next guy doesn't certify until at least March. 2 of them are over 65 but there is a really uneasy feeling across the board with everything. Went fishing with a buddy this morning. Same feeling
  12. Went out to the dikes in Texas City this morning had a helluva time and it was discouraging for am hour but ended up hooking these bad boys and a bunch of smaller ones
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