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  1. jimmyjazz

    Willie Nelson

    Not sure. Maybe because you called me an ass.
  2. + infinity I love that whole New York album, but damn if "Dirty Boulevard" isn't Lou at his finest. I'm not sure "Rockville" is actually REM's finest, but it sure gets bonus points for Mike Mills' backing vocals, not to mention his songwriting.
  3. jimmyjazz

    Willie Nelson

    WTF are you trying to say? I haven't come close to criticizing Willie. Go shit on some other thread.
  4. jimmyjazz

    Willie Nelson

    Well, I'd prefer Willie (and Keef) keep playing long after I depart this particular way station in life. Watching him struggle makes me . . . sad.
  5. Well, I don't rightly know. Apparently I pushed a button. Are you high?
  6. Oh, I hurt immortal's feelings. Is Johnny your sock, immortal?
  7. jimmyjazz

    Willie Nelson

    OK, you be sure to police me and go ahead and post links to those other threads, because I searched to no avail, although it seems we are always beholden to formats with lousy search capability. My bad, Dad.
  8. Like I said, I'd rather people not concern themselves with the greatness of the artist. And I agree: "Sundown" is a fantastic song.
  9. Well, I'm not surprised. I would think your odds of being the victim of a school shooting would have been pretty damn high.
  10. jimmyjazz

    Willie Nelson

    Is Willie doing OK? I saw him on a late night show a few months back and he seemed very winded. He subsequently canceled some dates then went back on the road. This clip from the CMA Awards makes me wonder if he's struggling with a lung issue. He just seems low on energy and isn't singing well (although he nailed the high notes). Oh yeah, Kacey. Hubba.
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