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  1. I didn't say Arizona has elected no legitimate Democrats, I'm just saying it shouldn't be a surprise when such a state elects a Democrat whose values are more aligned with the Republicans.
  2. Au contraire. They deserve a shit-ton of publicity.
  3. Well, 1966. That's expecting a lot of foresight.
  4. Wilt fucked a groupie with a mud shark?
  5. Why are people surprised when historically red states elect Democrats who are basically . . . Republicans? AZ, WV, etc.
  6. He is DOING something -- he is fomenting discord. I'm sure you'll have an explanation as to why that is not illegal, and you are surely right. I don't give a fuck. This is outside the bounds of what should be expected by agents of the court, period. Stop arguing. I have no doubt you are relating the law as it stands. I am saying the law is fucked up.
  7. I don't care who is to blame. This is a perfect example of how the system is fucked up.
  8. The courts don't censure attorneys at anywhere near the rate they should. My opinion, of course. I go back to this case -- if one is an agent of the court, then one should not be trying to circumvent the court. It's a very simple conclusion, based in right and wrong, not "the law", which is as often as not monumentally fucked up. You should probably stop trying to change my mind, because you can't.
  9. I completely agree. I also think the legal profession doesn't agree, at all. Attorneys in general seem to feel they have no higher obligation than the man on the street, which, while possibly true, is monumentally fucked up and represents a whole lot of what is wrong with this country.
  10. I completely agree with the sentiment, but apparently the issue is that Covid vaccines are not yet fully-approved by the FDA, so the military can't (or at least won't) make them mandatory. So far they are only authorized under an emergency use EUA. When they gain FDA approval, then they can become mandatory. Ultimately, it's a pretty small number of people, but it's still frustrating. This article points out how the Navy requires the flu vaccine: Military.com on vaccines
  11. It's true for China. I don't know what other tariffs might still be in place.
  12. I'll tell you what lack of action on Biden's part bothers me more than almost anything else: he hasn't reversed many (if any) of Trump's stupid tariffs.
  13. He was at the shootings. I saw him discuss it in an interview -- he ended up dropping out almost immediately after.
  14. That smells a whole lot like the legal profession protecting their own. And that fucking sucks.
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