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  1. It's fascinating how your syntax, punctuation and grammar magically improve when you get triggered.
  2. I'm gonna get the WSM 18" this weekend. What's the preferred fuel of choice? I have some Royal Oak lump charcoal, but it's mostly small bits, a very disappointing giant bag. I have some wood chunks -- mostly hickory, some oak -- that I can use for smoke & flavor. Should I be buying something specific to get things going or is the lump charcoal good enough?
  3. Modern society is too binary. I suspect Brees had no idea what a dumb, insensitive thing he was saying. I think that's a classic symptom of white privilege -- he probably imagines his second-hand knowledge of the black experience is informed. He's down. He gets it. Well, he doesn't get it. And most of us probably don't. I think he could have handled the apology a bit better, but ultimately, I don't think he's a bigot at heart. He's ignorant. Most of us white Americans are. It won't get fixed overnight. The hard need for some to equate all expressions of bigotry is tiresome. Drew Brees is not Donald Trump is not Derek Chauvin. Different people, different crimes. I wish Drew had spent a little more time listening to black community leaders before issuing his apologies, because something akin to "man, I didn't know. I just didn't know. I thought I understood, but because of my stupid statement, I've had the chance to have meaningful conversations with all kinds of people who have made it clear just exactly how blind to the issue I have been. I will do better and I will help." He kinda said that very last part, but he has a ways to go. So do I. So do most of my white friends. Painting everyone with the same broad brush of malicious intent is wrong, though.
  4. Who was the shagger who always used the phrase "soy boy"? I'm not known for my restraint or tact, but if I ever say something as lame as "soy boy", somebody call in a hit.
  5. Very sorry to hear about your friend, Bama Chick.
  6. I encourage everyone to watch and listen through to the end. I don't know this man, but it's a helluva song. It's the kind of tribute George Floyd deserves, and not some drive-by opportunistic bullshit from POTUS:
  7. In his day, I imagine that old guy could turn those little shits into pretzels.
  8. So, what's the body count? How many protesters have died? How many looters? How many cops?
  9. Uh, what? It's a riff on Teen Talking Barbie. ("Math class is tough!")
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