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  1. Say I used 28 oz tomatoes -- roughly how many cloves of garlic? I'd probably end up freezing half that sauce, but it seems impossible to get good whole peeled tomatoes in any smaller size. I was planning on freezing what I didn't use the other night, but it just really wasn't that interesting, so down the drain it went.
  2. I had completely forgotten that she was married to an MLB pitcher.
  3. Yep, Joss Stone should be a whole lot more famous than she is.
  4. Both my dogs can play "Smoke On The Water" and "Cat Scratch Fever". What the hell is wrong with your dogs?
  5. Yeah, she was a world-class, effortless natural singer. Amazing. I was on a subway in NYC around 1989 or so, and a stunning woman got on and sat across from me. Calf-length bright purple overcoat, dressed to the nines, all by herself. It was Donna Summer. To say she had "star power" would be a major understatement.
  6. I'm not exactly a knowledgeable consumer of rap and hiphop, but I do recall Nelly being pretty much a joke from day one. Of course, "we" were excited that a local music artist had cracked the top 10 for the first time since . . . Head East?
  7. Well, sure, but I can't say I've completely formed an opinion on those points. For one thing, I need to go back and refresh on Orbis, etc. That said, Mueller was tasked with investigating Russian interference in the election (my words) along with anything else he uncovered, and to the extent I've leaned on the latter from day one, I'd be a hypocrite to say that anything was outside his purview, even if he stated otherwise.
  8. . . . originated in a Milwaukee strip club?
  9. It has been in absolute good faith. I am trying to understand the boundaries of your outrage. When more information is added, it gets a little difficult to circle back to the original post, and in my mind more productive to continue using the latest points you have made. This isn't a deposition, and I'm hardly an attorney. I appreciate that you have attempted to clarify what your thoughts are. I'd appreciate it more if you could answer those last two questions.
  10. Blueberry Hill is such a perfect St. Louis restaurant. Everybody seems to think it's an amazing, walk-back-in-time one-of-a-kind joint, and it's essentially Chili's with different flair.
  11. Already placed my order for pickup tomorrow. Roughly 5 lb each mild and hot. I'm thinking "hatch fettuccine alfredo" to start. (Rough take on Chez Zee's jalapeno alfredo.)
  12. Even if we accept that as truth, I'm still unclear as to the reach of an ill-advised (perhaps unlawful) surveillance warrant. The fact that it bore no fruit doesn't excuse the issuance of the warrant itself, but it does move it closer to "nothingburger" with regards to Trump, his campaign, Russian and other foreign agents, and the election. You seem hyper-focused on this supposedly outrageous action, but around here it feels like you use it as a cudgel to shoot down any discussion beyond that particular set of facts. I'm not thrilled with the way Mueller went about executing his task, but that's a discussion for another day. It doesn't directly address the topic at hand. Again, Mueller's performance is unrelated to the justification of the investigation and the building blocks used to justify it. Let me try to wrap this up, no doubt to the relief of all the innocent bystanders: do think the hiring of Christopher Steele was illegal? Do you think Clinton/DNC/Fusion/Perkins Coie or US intelligence committed crimes after receipt of the dossier?
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