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  1. This should be considered unsubstantiated rumor at this point, but I'm hearing from multiple people that Bill Carter is saying John has passed. I don't know Bill and have no access to anything he might be posting, but that would be a pretty shitty rumor to put out there if it weren't true.
  2. Yeah, he's an extraordinary lyricist. He puts things together that make the internal lyric nerd go "how in the hell did he think of THAT?" and THEN you realize that not only is it insanely clever, it's equally deep. "You've broken the speed of the sound of loneliness . . . " Really? So many layers in that one line. Get well, Mr. Prine.
  3. Oh, hell yeah. We like to make our own pizza but I get the dough from Brick Oven on Jollyville. It's not great dough. I'll do Saccone's every day of the week.
  4. The game plan for the media could not be more clear. Continue to use his words against him. Get him to snap. Yes, the media should be seeking the truth. Go fucking seek it for once.
  5. I'd better see some stimulus guitars around here soon.
  6. I am so fucking furious right now. Fill in your CR blanks, you'll probably be right. God dammit.
  7. Fuck. John Prine has it? And he's critical? That's not gonna end well. Fuck you, Donald Trump. My, the things I'd like to say but won't.
  8. I'd love to see a cost analysis of security for Harry & Meghan, calculated in golf trips to Mar-A-Lago.
  9. Dumb question -- could one built a frankencaster using a couple of JB or Pearly Gates or whatever? How close to a crunched up Les Paul could one get using Strat-like parts?
  10. Very important question: am I "jimmy" or is that the other guy? #needtosleepatnight
  11. It boggles the mind that there is no official table (CSV, etc.) to download at CDC or wherever.
  12. What website reliably updates case #'s and mortality for the United States? "worldometers.info" is not the answer. I'm specifically looking for the data going back to case #1, not just a rolling report for "today" and "yesterday". Ryan Struyk's tweet shows mortality, but I don't know where he got his data.
  13. The question is, why did EUA used to happen in a few days but now takes significantly longer? Did Trump's administration bog things down with new regulations (which would be ironic)? Not that I expect you to know the answer, Twicehorn, I'm just trying to understand the article. EDIT: you snuck in another response before mine, thanks
  14. I'm not judging in her favor or against her. I'm just curious as to whether anything else has come out besides her tweet. It seems like it should be an explosive story, so either "deep state left wing media" or something's fishy.
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