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  1. The percentage of $21.8B created since Jan 2020 ($15.4B) is 29.4%, not 41%.
  2. When I was a young boy, my parents took my sister and me to a bluegrass festival in the Ozarks. Jerry Reed was the headliner. He wasn't exactly bluegrass, but whatever. He made a big impression on me. I don't really understand why we went -- my parents were huge music aficionados, but they leaned heavy towards classical. I'm glad they took us, though.
  3. Why would it matter?
  4. We warned them. They didn't believe us. Now they believe us.
  5. Well, shit. I'm not all that used to drinking at 9 AM. I mean, it's not like it's never happened, but still . . .
  6. Just out of college I ran in the same circles with a relative of Voight. I can't remember the exact connection, some of you may know him, he's a Longhorn, but Voight's brother is Chip Taylor, songwriter of "Wild Thing" and "Angel of the Morning". Voight's daughter is Angelina Jolie. The guy I knew was pretty straight up, but holy shit, the rest of that family . . . what a mess.
  7. We beat some damn good teams. We . . . didn't beat some not so good teams.
  8. Yeah, I scrolled back and saw that. Hollywood couldn't write a more pathetic story.
  9. Fuck the Longhorn Network. I had to run and pick up my kid so I was listening to the Horn on the road, got home, and didn't realize the LHN bailed on the broadcast until the fucking spring game came on. Managed to hear the end of the game back in the car. WTF?
  10. The classic definition of "recession" is pretty simplistic -- I would think it could be met under any number of economic environments. According to this article, that definition is no longer recognized, instead replaced by what seems to be a less concrete and fuzzier version, which is news to me: NBER definition of recession
  11. I don't care if people own handguns, hunting rifles, shotguns. I don't care about concealed carry. Open carry seems to be a testosterone substitute, but whatever. What I really care about are the high capacity high fire rate weapons that for some reason (this is a puzzler) are selected by psycho mass murderers to do their evil.
  12. I encourage you to go scorched earth.
  13. LMAO at the Nancy who was bitching about neg rep . . . doling out neg rep. Game, set, match.
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