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  1. jimmyjazz


    Damn. Her voice is so pure, and you're right, it has that burnished Kim Richey vibe to it. The melody is similar to something Kim would write, too. Nice call.
  2. The original thread is still there in the non-cloak forum. Y'all are safe.
  3. I grew up a couple of miles from I-44, about 100 miles from St. Louis. There's not a whole lot to see. Maybe drop in to Maramec Spring trout hatchery near St. James. It's pretty cool, and only a few miles off the interstate. Alex Pizza Palace in Rolla is superior to all "St. Louis" style pizzas I've had. It also doesn't give you 3rd degree burns on the roof of your mouth from melted Provel cheese. Agreed that a trip to The Hill is mandatory for Italian food -- if I haven't already recommended it, I suggest Charlie Gitto's. I would say in addition to City Museum, visitors to St. Louis should check out the Art Museum and the Zoo. Both are world class. They're less than a mile apart in Forest Park, which is a beautiful, large urban park. I believe it's one of the biggest urban parks in the country.
  4. Oh, I'm with you there. At this point I can't trust any truth to resonate.
  5. Well, there's a lot of bullshit in that take. Let's start with the "successful businessman" angle that resonated with Trumpkins far and wide. It wouldn't take much for Bloomberg to crush Trump on numbers alone, even if we DON'T get any net worth info out of DB, etc. Now, getting anyone to actually pay attention to the numbers is another thing, but let's not fool ourselves: Bloomberg will kill Trump on the "businessman" argument.
  6. No, I mean where you routinely get your low-IQ ass kicked.
  7. I think this thread belongs in the cloak room, where you routinely get your low-IQ ass kicked.
  8. So you don't think POTUS' hard-on for someone our intelligence community does not see as a primary threat is a problem? His prioritization over killing that guy because of his last name is totally cool? OK, hook'em. Idiot.
  9. I'll read it, but before I do, I'll posit a theory: when POTUS is enamored about killing a somewhat minor player simply because he's Osama Bin Laden's son, then we have a problem.
  10. Well that's a mighty fucking stupid take, even for you. Witness: Trump rallies.
  11. I'm addressing the blatant hypocrisy of those who criticize her for being idealistic, yet can't find it in themselves to criticize Trump's blatant lies. Lies are far worse than ideals, but the modern right wing will take a shit shovel full of lies and just ask for more.
  12. No. 3.5% year-over-year is the max since he took office.
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