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  1. I've been ignoring case data for over a year. I look at mortality. I think deaths are far harder to hide or ignore.
  2. True story: I was trying to decide between Penn State and UT for grad school. A refresh visit to Austin, decision made, didn't need to see State College. Not sure why I ever even considered it.
  3. This is the overwhelmingly obvious answer. It may not pass peer review, but it's pretty damn telling, along with the vax/unvax ratio of those who die.
  4. It's such an absurd angle, but they know it will work, so on we go. It's as if nobody understands how the parties shifted post-WWII.
  5. I was trying to find Olympic broadcasts and mistyped a channel (36 -> 366), ending up on some sort of Christian "news" program. The guy being interviewed led off with the bold new take about the Democrats founding the KKK, and then he moved on to "60% of covid patients in Israel are vaccinated". Uh, no? 60% of Israelis have been vaccinated, but I'm sure that little nugget will start spreading like wildfire. I Hate America.
  6. It's obviously not Dusty singing, but I love this video shot at Gruene Hall. It captures the later years just right. What a phenomenal, super experienced, super tight, great fucking band.
  7. Well, damn. ZZ Top is one of those bands I just cannot imagine with a replacement player, at any spot. Thanks for the tunes, boys. Godspeed, Dusty.
  8. I wonder if Lauren has ever had an abortion?
  9. The school that just won the Sears Cup is "just another school" in the SEC?
  10. Just eyeballing the graphs, it appears we are lagging the UK by about 5 weeks or so. Delta peaked there around July 20. So, maybe we'll peak ~ late August? That's a lot of disease. I realize my prediction method is perhaps a tad unscientific . . .
  11. Agreed. Our stipulations to the SEC should be "equal revenue sharing, conference HQ in Birmingham, same commish, and we play Arky on T-giving and A&M last weekend of September".
  12. Then you absolutely need to go with the buffet model -- Warmoth, some level of Fender "you pick 'em", etc. That is, unless you find a particular model with a very shallow neck and you are trusting enough to order it to your aesthetics.
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