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  1. No doubt it’s not but sometimes people don’t know what they got!
  2. This pic reminds me that I need to ask Steve (owner of CC) again about buying the red sparkles. Very few people played that set more than my dad and I’ve wanted to add them to my stable for a while.
  3. If that M4 is fully auto then go that route! Other than that, DD for me probably.
  4. I’d do 300BO. You can get something nice for $1000. Ammo sucks right now but it’s getting better. I saw 9mm blazer brass on the shelves at academy Thursday.
  5. I worked for a consulting firm. Very high level. Shared talent with the NSA. Certs don’t mean shit in that space. We didn’t charge more because 3 of our guys had Sec+ certs. None of that is even discussed. Nobody cares. People who hired us had people on staff with certs, and they needed us because they’re guys weren’t capable. Security assessments and consulting is a whole different beast. White box work is another level altogether.
  6. Damn she can’t hold a job worth a shit.
  7. Application security and secure software development require a mastery of multiple programming languages. You have teams that just do black box stuff and run ots tools and submit reports and recommended mitigation’s. Then you have teams that do white box stuff and do a deep dive into the application itself, the environment it’s deployed in, the technology stack, etc. Everything gets analyzed, automated tools are run, code is manually reviewed, interviews with design teams are had, interviews with network teams, interviews with c-suite (most people miss this), interviews with 3rd party vend
  8. PM me if you want to chat. Short response: those certs don’t mean shit. You’ll get asked some really hard questions in interviews that you won’t be able to answer. Application security and ssd are of the table for you and that’s where the money is.
  9. The mules are also about the cheapest too. Like 12k for a 6 seater. Maybe a little more I can’t remember.
  10. They are bulletproof. My only knocks on them are they could use more power and they’re not that easy to get in and out off. Other than that, they don’t give 2 shits what you put them through.
  11. That’s the stupidest looking house I’ve seen in a while. What’s going on upstairs? Looks like the house was assembled from different sets of plans and wheeled into place. Add in the above ground pool 800 feet away to top it all off.
  12. I don’t think it will be this year or next year. But Harris wants an on field role I believe so him staying is likely predicated on that in the future.
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