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  1. That was a weird play. At first I though he slammed his head but maybe that forearm cut of blood supply? MMA sleeper?
  2. She didn’t cal them domestic terrorists, did she?
  3. That’s a nice comprehensive breakdown of the fracas.
  4. Sweet thanks. Was looking in the wrong place.
  5. Is there a way to hide the forums/unread/notifications/ etc from the bottom of the page when browsing in safari on iPhone?
  6. Later Cam...enjoy the bench.
  7. Sure does seem like it did a bunch of damage to that city block without doing a whole lot of visible damage to the buildings.
  8. Watch ESPN app is dated. Use the regular ESPN app
  9. So my wife had a hiatal hernia repair done today. About an hour after she gets back to the room the Director of Nursing (something like that) comes in to tell us that the OR nurse started showing symptoms that morning and bombed a rapid test. Covid positive. Ugh nurse would have been in full PPE, and I’m sure chance of catching is low, but damn. They said they have the rapid tests and to come in Monday/Tuesday if she started showing anything. nice knowing y’all.
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