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  1. As my dad used to say...“for every pig, there’s a pig fucker.”
  2. He was complaining that they didn’t get time to sub, but he said it himself. They saw the punter come out so they put the return team in. When they realized the formation they wanted to sub back for defense. You get time to sub once, not twice, Nick.
  3. Nice basketball style TO and substitution.
  4. Man. That was a lick but not targeting based on anything the defender did. Even if he lets up that hit is happening.
  5. Bumping this. Anyone ever heard of L&K tailor (https://www.lktailor.com/)? They travel around doing measurements and send to HK for assembly. also someone mentioned Vegas above. What’s the deal there? I’ll be in Vegas next week. semi fat dude who wants a nice fit. Not 1% by any means so curious what something like that would run.
  6. George

    KU @ ISU

    You guys are so cute. You’ll get no sympathy on this site for piss poor 3rd down D.
  7. I was glad we got beat over the head with some more social commentary. This week’s topic: Bullying! excited about what’s in store for us next week.
  8. Garrett knows he fucked up. I’m sure he knew it as soon as he did it. Doesn’t change the fact that he deserves to sit for a while.
  9. It’s pretty impressive that an all out brawl didn’t break out. I think the browns were probably as shocked Garrett did that as the Steelers.
  10. I want pouncey in my posse
  11. Head made it over but the ball wasn’t close. Damn.
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