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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. Man...at first look, I didn’t see the blue line. After second glance...WOW. That’s one hell off a statement.
  2. Lol. Chick on msnbc in gas mask getting pelted with fireworks in Seattle. and panicking due to the mash when she has to run. Lmao
  3. These people aren’t really saying shit. All they’re concerned with is keeping people off the streets and giving the same ole lip service to change. Nothing will change and this will all happen again in another couple of years.
  4. Lmao. Cnn camera man just busted his ass
  5. That was fucking nuts. Mortar shell firework or flash bang tossed in the lobby right in the middle of the cops
  6. My best friend’s sister was killed by her husband. He shot her, set the house on fire, then killed himself. Thank god he did this while their two young kids were gone. Sad, shitty situation.
  7. I'm looking to install a gate on the sides of the house to keep the dogs contained to the main back yard area and prevent them from digging/playing in the mud. Once side stays mushy due to the neighbor's pool system, and the other goes from mud to concrete depending on the weather and neither side gets a ton of good light. I assume those conditions are why we dont get any grass to grow in those areas. Anyway...I'm just looking for some ideas/suggestions on how to approach it to get something in place. I don't need full privacy fence/gate height, and i don't really care if we go wood or metal. This is a rent house, so i'm looking for something fairly painless that looks half way decent. First side can be seen here. Challenges are how we connect/butt to the house, and the fact that the fence post (entire fence on this side, really) is garbage. I'm going to have to sink something here and not use the existing post. Width is 80 inches and it's straight across. Second side might be a bit easier. I've got a solid metal post I can attach to and run to the corner of the house. 55" gap here, and slight 6" angle from post to corner. I was thinking a single swing gate off of the metal pole might work.
  8. Looks like the auto renew probably failed. Your shits still encrypted. No hackers this time.
  9. TIL mariachi is a UIL event. For some reason I find that fucking awesome.
  10. Do we have any trainers in the mix? We’ve noticed the younger pup display some signs of aggression when playing. Things will be going along fine, then she’ll kind of lose her mind and start growling/biting and has a hard time stopping. She latched on to my wife pretty good and noise/scruff grabbing didn’t really seem to reset her or snap her out of it. The other pup biting down on her doesn’t seem to inhibit it either. like I said, 95% of the time she is fine, and we’re not sure if this is just normal behavior or something to be worried about. Never had a pup lose its mind. I can start a new thread if this isn’t the place for it.
  11. That’s awesome! We are going to ship these turds off to obedience school at 6 months. we know they require that extra attention but so far seem to be pretty smart I figure the more we challenge them, the better. Daughter is 16. She’s bilateral implanted since she was ~18 months. Does great, but mornings are a bitch sometimes. Her bed shaker wakes us up across the house but she sleeps through it. Would be interesting to see if we could train the dog to react to an alarm clock initially. she keeps her processors on all day, unless she’s in the bath or sleeping. Those are the times she could use the extra set of ears. Especially if when we boot her out of the house
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