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  1. Finger talk not going away.
  2. That’s why they’re equipped with multiple USB ports.
  3. Would have been interesting if they arrested him for disorderly conduct for shouting that shit in public. Something tells me he wouldn’t have gone peacefully.
  4. Ref is like, ‘you mind moving the body so I can spot the ball and move my foot? Thanks!’
  5. I guess one way to not have a punt blocked is to just score points every time you get the ball. That was a solid in game adjustment bu Reid
  6. He calling Andy fat? Nice observation!
  7. I was cleaning out the garage this weekend and found one NIB. If it survived the purge, you interested? eta...slightly different version. Not just the longhorn silhouette.
  8. One of those years is not like the others
  9. Guys on SECN broke the plane crash news to burrow. Their question was the first he’s heard of it. Eeek
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