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  1. Lulz. I appreciate you not directly it solely at me...but at me nonetheless. Response in spoiler. Don't want the NIL tangent to take over the thread.
  2. Normally I would agree, but we don't have the luxury to wait and see what comes of NIL and some supposed federal intervention when it comes to recruiting. Texas should be able to dial it up to bring in recruits now. If they need to dial it back, shut it down and start over, etc. that shouldn't be too tall a task. I mean fuck, the NIL should be a home fucking run for us in recruiting and, at best, right now it's a fucking wash. At worst, we're being lapped by the Oregon's of the world. We've got fuck you money. This is one of those times where we should be saying 'fuck you' to our competition.
  3. Things are trending well with Anderson and Campbell. It also appears problems with our recruiting setup/staff are being identified and changes will be made. Everyone panic?
  4. It was coed in 99. Girls inhabited the same floor for crying out loud. Sorry for partying.
  5. Let's sponsor a fleet of pom girls to work on this project for us. We can live stream the offices to folks who donate. We won't have issues raising funds.
  6. I bought two more because fuck Herman and my concerns on the above will disappear when we start winning.
  7. Maybe they could see into the future and just really like the beer?
  8. If ctj is implying that OU is clean, I'd be pretty fucking shocked. I think he's just stating they avoid the all out bidding wards and make deals to lock up their targets quickly (where 'deals' are necessary). That seems to be the main difference to me. If we're going route 2, it appears we'll get into some bidding wars when necessary (with the caveat that the player doesn't sacrifice the locker room culture). All of that said, I'm probably wrong with all of the above and you'll never get the time back you took to read this.
  9. You should sit in front. The stories about Sydney scream spitting Copenhagen long-cut into the back of your freshly bought white coaches polo while Bijan runs for a 30+ yard TD will be classic.
  10. Well you see.... we're willing to give the benefit of the doubt to one of our current commits so long as a Bama commit is behaving the same way. However, if one of our players does it without mimicking a Bama player, then our commit is an entitled cancer who should be shown the door. Especially if a poster claims to have seen said commit behave a certain way at a track meet, not posted about it, but claimed to have posted about it. I could have missed something but I think that's the stance.
  11. Seriously. Like that dead beat Vince Young who declared early after putting out some decent tape. Fucking quitter.
  12. Fuck that. The city council of Austin has finally united the sides. It's the only thing they have done right. Let's have this fight out in the open...the Daily got damn Texan.
  13. but if Manning comes we get to have Applewhite vs. Simms debates all over again. Card vs. Manning. Local(ish - ya it's a stretch) talent vs. elite national player with name recognition. Applewhite vs. Simms 2.0. Card vs. Ewers won't allow for enough irrational stances. I can't support it.
  14. Gagree. After a few samplings, I'm stuck on the beef Vegas burger.
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