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  1. Hard to argue with Blue Jean Blues, but my choice is "She's a Heart Breaker". Different, and not guitar driven like most of their songs, but the words amaze me every time. "She can break a heart, and take all the love she needs." The whole song epitomizes the drollness of ZZ. Hendrix: Axis: Bold as Love. Doesn't get much play. The matching riff that he plays over "ribbons of euphoria" is magnificent. Just a well thought out song, and the ending is perfect. All the phaser/flanger stuff is dated now, but it was revolutionary at the time. First Hendrix concert I saw, someone shouted for him to play Axis. His reply was "We don't play that one live...it's too beautiful". Beatles: In My Life.
  2. I spent a couple of thousand on high pressure dual flush Kohlers. Yeah, they were high pressure. When flushed they sprayed enough water to wet the seats. I replaced them all with level 5 flush Kohlers. Happy with them.
  3. As much, or more of Lonnie Mack's sound was due to his use of Magnatone Amplifiers rather than the Bigsby. The Magnatone uses frequency modulation vibrato whereas Fender uses tremolo...I think, but don't bet the farm. Magnatone has a Leslie type sound. I'm pretty sure I'm right on this. Here's a cut and paste. Strictly speaking, and put as simply as possible, tremolo modulates volume, while vibrato modulates frequency.
  4. Tears in my eyes. Don't miss the "soul scream" at 3:50. Dammit!! So good.
  5. This is essentially a remake of "Why?" from his first album "The Wham of that Memphis Man". I assume that anyone posting on this thread already owns that album. If not get it today. The voice and fingers were stronger back in 1964. One of the great debts we owe Stevie Ray is that he brought several of his guitar heroes out of obscurity, Lonnie Mack being one.
  6. I've killed half dozen rattlers with my .22 and bird shot. Just wanted to know if I should replace the gun for regular long shot. Killed a few with a shovel, but that is my second choice...by a mile. I have a phobia of those bastards.
  7. Jomo Light Disaster. Vulcan Gas Company. 1967. Same light show.
  8. Does bird shot mess up the rifling on a 22?
  9. You can hear that music numerous ways, but those framed 78's are a thing of beauty and a memory of your mother and grandfather. Display them proudly.
  10. I'm not trying to be a dick here...actually I don't have to try, it just comes naturally. Anyhow, I don't think you can make a comparison here, that is original vs. cover. Don't get me wrong, I love them both, but Stevie had years, if not decades to refine and rethink the covers. Jimi had only 2-3 years and was mostly involved in touring and writing new stuff. You can hear some evolution in Jimi's versions when you listen to various versions in various releases...especially live bootlegs. Stevie had more time...although regrettably way too little.
  11. No worries. It's not run of the mill construction grade plywood. It is nicer wood that is a veneer on top of cheaper wood. Cheaper old guitars like Kay and Silvertone...maybe some lower end Epiphones. I call it plywood, but I guess more correctly it is veneer. I watch a bunch of repair work by the guy at Rosa String Works and he calls it "plywood". I think maybe the more correct term would be laminate. Either way, these guitars have more than one type of wood on the top, and sometimes the back and sides. The old Danelectro guitars were made of Masonite and, I think, were semi-hollow body.
  12. Okay, never mind. It's not sawn. It's "shaved" by a highly sharp lathe so no sawdust or waste is created. Back to the guitar pron.
  13. I'm talking about acoustic guitars. Look at repairs on youtube, neck resets and intonation fixes, and they often determine if the top is solid or plywood. I guess my thinking is that the amount of sawdust created in cutting a thin ply would almost amount to another piece of wood...the sawdust. I will look at plywood production during my exercise time tomorrow. That might answer my question.
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