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  1. I briefly scanned the First Unitarian Universalist web page. I didn't see any mention of any particular religious denomination. I don't think they will push any religion on her and it seems to have a full social schedule as well as some "classes" that may help her. Don't be spooked by the word "church".
  2. First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin.
  3. I've had two. To me, it's not that big a deal. Just lay still and go to sleep. Don't perseverate on "My God!!! Wires!!!". The hard part for me was finding a CPAP mask that fit without leaks and with some degree of comfort. Once I found a mask I could live with I use it every night. Unfortunately, for me it was not life changing because the second study revealed that I have narcolepsy as well as sleep apnea. So, the apnea is treated with the machine, but there is no good treatment for narcolepsy. I guess it's good that I don't have the problems associated with the apnea, but I am still sleepy most of the time...narcolepsy being an abnormal sleep architecture rather than airway obstruction.
  4. Nail poised above coffin lid in 1977 when Ron Mullen was elected to City Council. Nail firmly driven into coffin lid in 1983 when he was elected Mayor.
  5. That's a lot of surgery for an old person. Three essentially major surgeries. Do you have a medical person you can talk to and help prioritize these surgeries? A primary care physician? Some sort of generalist who can help you look at the big picture? She could take months, or longer, to recover from each surgery. She could, for example, get a better functioning shoulder, but the trade off might be increased general weakness throughout the body due to lack of activity while the shoulder surgery heals. It's a hell of a conundrum.
  6. Old Crow. Unfortunately it seems inconsistent. I've had bottles that weren't bad, and others that had a strong "off" flavor. Medicinal, but not in a good way like Laphroig. If you mix with Coke...yeah...whatever. It's not for sipping neat, but it will get you through hard times. Comes in a plastic bottle, so what do you expect?
  7. I would hope that clear, taste free ice is not sexy or to please the world, but to please yourself and your enjoyment of a good drink.
  8. Not really. It's a lot easier to just buy a bag of ice.
  9. I think your technique will work just fine. I just cringe when I see the crescent moon shaped cubes, evidently straight out of the food freezer, with expensive booze poured over it. Yes, I think you have to either use the store bought ice quickly, or toss it out after a short time...it does "absorb" refrigerator breath. I have several different ice trays, but find I am more likely to use store bought, but I have not seen large cubes. I know there are gadgets that make large round cubes, which are supposed to be the bee's knees, but that surpasses even my OCD.
  10. That's an option, but all the photos I see here have crescent moon shaped home refrigerator cubes which probably taste like last nights leftover Pad Thai. Additionally, to get very clear ice you have to boil the water before freezing which gets the suspended O2 out of the water. Then you are still freezing it in the home fridge/freezer which circulates air throughout the system contaminating the ice with food flavors. Again, I enjoy the ritual and it's only 2 bucks for a bag of good ice. Yes, I am OCD.
  11. You boys, please, go to the store and buy a bag of clear ice. Y'all think nothing of spending $50+ on a bottle of booze, but won't spend $2 on a bag of good ice? Come on. Refrigerator ice is nasty. HEB has good ice, but I realize they're never open. Ready Ice at the Quickie Pickie is okay, but make sure to get it from inside the store, not from an outside box that has been sitting in the sun all afternoon...that stuff melts and refreezes and is only a step above refrigerator ice. Part of the fun of cocktails is the ritual, and part of the ritual is good, clear ice. Forgot to add about brandy question. Pierre Ferrand, more specifically cognac, but all of their grades are outstanding and worth the money, IMHO. When there are no grapes, they keep their stills busy making gin, Citadelle, which is good, too if you don't require a London Dry.
  12. Slaughter? Damn man, that's north Buda, not downtown Austin!
  13. Ya' see, that's all the way to Oltorf which is south Austin, so not really downtown. Downtown is Congress Avenue from the south entrance of The Capitol grounds to south First Street. I guess you could make a point that downtown extends west on 6th to The Capitol Theater and east on 6th to Koen's Jewelers, but then you start getting in to east Austin and west Austin so better just stick to Congress. From the bridge on it's south Austin. Then you get to the Old San Antonio Highway. The Capitol grounds north sort of dead ends in to The University, so north Austin gets a little hazy. I guess you could say Hyde Park is north Austin. Help me out AB, you know this stuff.
  14. Downtown is Congress Avenue.
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