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  1. Not that Bob


    I just took 700 lp's to south Austin Half Priced Books. Y'all go hunt.
  2. Not that Bob


    I'm getting rid of part of my collection. None of the stores are interested in classical, which is most, although not all, of the collection. Some really old stuff I inherited from my mother, probably from the 50's and 60's. Majority still in shrink wrap from Rose Records in Chicago. About 20 years ago they sold cutouts and I bought hundreds. 500-600 total. Some limited numbers of opera, country and rock. I'll give them to someone who will keep them out of the landfill. The catch is...you have to take them all and you have to come get them. They are nicely boxed so can be stored easily, but will take up about 4 3ft. shelves. In Austin.
  3. Yes. Have pulled aerators and have cleaned problem shower heads and have replaced toilet fill valves. Problem is upstream of those items.
  4. Restricts flow in several, but not all faucets and toilets. One shower just a drip. Have cleaned shower head with no result.
  5. City replaced 50+ year old water lines to neighborhood which dislodged sediment which moved in to home water lines. Is there any technique for removing sediment in the home lines other than re-plumbing the whole house? I've seen septic lines cleared with compressed air, can this be done whole house? Is there some way to inject vinegar or phosphoric acid in to the lines?
  6. Goodwill is the place I'm talking about that always tells me "we don't take that". Maybe I just piss them off.
  7. Off topic, but sort of in the same chapter. Where does one get rid of stuff? Lumbar from old projects. Outgrown clothes, still good but too tight. Those bolts and screws mentioned above. Half bottles of cleaning supplies. Stuff that still has some use...too good to just throw away, but I don't need it and I don't want to drive to a dozen places only to have them tell me "we don't take that".
  8. I have 65+ grains of hardness and something crazy like 2300 tds in my well water. I have a softener and chlorinator, but that doesn't do it all. I've just had one plumbing disaster, breaking off an angle stop and I think I should just replace all the angle stops and shut off valves throughout the house. I'd like to get the good stuff if I'm going to do the job. The one that broke looked like low quality, part plastic, part pot metal crap. I'm looking at BrassCraft. Any other brands I should research? Any other tips?
  9. Ages 17-27. Pretty much any day every day. More often than not drove home from drinking and did not remember how I got home or when I left. Played in a frat party band and part of the pay was access to the kegs. I made sure I got paid. Not as dramatic as most stories on this thread will be, but absolutely the truth. Miracle that I didn't kill myself and others. I have since learned better. Met this unbelievable girl in a music store. Got her number. Took her out. It was an innocent date. I was a kid. She was a kid. I drove her up to her house to take her home and she said, "Oh shit! My brother! Get out of here!" He was running at me and screaming. I took off as fast as I could run. He was screaming "You better run you motherfucker!" I was younger and lighter and got my ass to a phone and called the cops so I could go get my car without getting killed. He had broken two windows and pulled the driver side door almost completely off from the body of the car. Good thing I was fast because if he had done to me what he did to my car I'd 'a been kilt.
  10. I have a 1 1/2 garage that I use for storage. I ran a window unit and sometimes a small dehumidifier. In my experience, you need AC if you intend to spend any time there. Room size dehumidifiers last for 2-3 years, at most. Plan on replacing it now and again if you go that route...they also add heat, so again AC is preferable. I'm going to add a mini split when the financial world settles down.
  11. If they have a long term care policy, read it. Most, if not all, have a waiting period and a degree of disability that must be met before they start to pay.
  12. I have Intermatic PanelGuard Model IG240RC. Warning lights all indicate it is working properly, but my fried AC says otherwise. I get the variable speed thing, but it seems like that could be accomplished mechanically rather than digitally. I have a Square D box in the pump room that tells the well pump when to turn on and off. A simple set of points and two springs that essentially read the pressure. Worked for a quarter century, and would still be working if I hadn't fallen asleep and let ants get in to it. Ants got it, not a power surge. Circuit board just seems unnecessarily complicated to me....but I'm an old who actually fixed a carburetor instead of just bolting a new one on.
  13. 4 AC fans and circuit boards have fried amongst my circle of friends and neighbors in the past 6 weeks. I have what is supposedly a whole house surge protector, but that didn't save my fan and circuit board. Is Austin going through a period of electricity fluctuations bad enough to roast things? Is there such a thing as a whole house surge protector that actually works? I may start another thread about the idiocy of having a circuit board on a fan. On/off switch operated by points or solenoid would seem to suffice, but ohhh noooo...we gotta have a gotdam mini computer to turn on the fan.
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