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  1. I have a 1 1/2 garage that I use for storage. I ran a window unit and sometimes a small dehumidifier. In my experience, you need AC if you intend to spend any time there. Room size dehumidifiers last for 2-3 years, at most. Plan on replacing it now and again if you go that route...they also add heat, so again AC is preferable. I'm going to add a mini split when the financial world settles down.
  2. If they have a long term care policy, read it. Most, if not all, have a waiting period and a degree of disability that must be met before they start to pay.
  3. I have Intermatic PanelGuard Model IG240RC. Warning lights all indicate it is working properly, but my fried AC says otherwise. I get the variable speed thing, but it seems like that could be accomplished mechanically rather than digitally. I have a Square D box in the pump room that tells the well pump when to turn on and off. A simple set of points and two springs that essentially read the pressure. Worked for a quarter century, and would still be working if I hadn't fallen asleep and let ants get in to it. Ants got it, not a power surge. Circuit board just seems unnecessarily complicated to me....but I'm an old who actually fixed a carburetor instead of just bolting a new one on.
  4. 4 AC fans and circuit boards have fried amongst my circle of friends and neighbors in the past 6 weeks. I have what is supposedly a whole house surge protector, but that didn't save my fan and circuit board. Is Austin going through a period of electricity fluctuations bad enough to roast things? Is there such a thing as a whole house surge protector that actually works? I may start another thread about the idiocy of having a circuit board on a fan. On/off switch operated by points or solenoid would seem to suffice, but ohhh noooo...we gotta have a gotdam mini computer to turn on the fan.
  5. ...well, avoid Cloak Room.
  6. It would be nice to be able to get facts, curve flattening, etc., without having to read dozens of posts of political crap. I can go to CR for political crap.
  7. While I do understand the convenience of not having to touch the faucet lever with hands covered in chicken blood from grill prep, or oil from mechanics chores, I also think it's a problem to introduce a computer chip into a simple mechanical device. That said, even "simple" mechanical faucets now contain many plastic parts and are much more complicated than the simple brass worm gear of the past...but that's a subject for the "shit that pisses off old men" thread. There are toe and knee operated levers used in medical settings, but I doubt that would pass the wife's desired design elements and would be considerably more expensive.
  8. I have about a dozen tube radios and about a dozen more antique speaker cabinets. My plan was to build small guitar amps and use them with the cabinets to produce "bedroom" amps that would be more wife acceptable. I made one, but then life got in the way plus I ran out of interest and motivation. I hate to put them in the landfill, but they are taking up room. I asked the guy who fixes tube radios in Austin and he doesn't want them. Any ideas? I'll give them to anyone who will take them. Is there an antique store that specializes in electronics?
  9. I have a Margarittaville. Haven't used it enough to get the ratios right, but I used at one party and no one complained. I have made some good lemon freezes without the booze. Do let the ice sit out for several minutes before using it. I don't know why, but letting it "soften up" a little produces more snow and less shards.
  10. Bacon in a cheap ass aluminum (disposable) cookie sheet, outside on the grill. Take bacon out with tongs. Let disposable cookie sheet cool. Toss when grease solid, or pour in jar for later use. Almost zero clean up.
  11. I think it may be the "new improved" no stick liner. I ordered a stainless steel one to see if that takes care of it.
  12. Sort of OT, Luke AFB did a "Covid Flyover" in the Phoenix metro. Went right over my daughters house. I'm sure social media will be all over it. I like flyovers and this was the biggest one I've ever seen. 14 planes I think.
  13. Dumb question amnesty request: I don't get the closed restaurant/food supply chain debacle connection. I'm going to eat the same amount of bacon whether I eat it at home or at IHOP. Same amount of bacon bought from the pig farm either way. Is it the restrictions on export causing it?
  14. It's not "soda", it's "Coke", dammit!! Bunchca' yankees around here.
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