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  1. Damn that looks solid. Will make axis version this weekend.
  2. Nothing fancy here but worth a share. Leftover pulled pork noach with velveta and some old salsa from the back of the fridge.
  3. Tweets seem like a ploy to remind the rubes to buy his shitty szn gear. Smart.
  4. Just now thinking about this. I'm leaning towards smoking a pork butt on Saturday then using that for sliders, tacos, etc.
  5. Any Corey sightings recently Vic?
  6. Is that one of those groping trains?
  7. 37 km per hour is 19.98 knots.
  8. Liquor Guns Bacon & Tits sounds like a fascinating enterprise.
  9. Looks incredible except for all of that green leafy shit.
  10. That looks great, can you post your recipe?
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