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  1. Closing in on completion, incredible. Thanks for the notes. Y’all on the sidelines need to get in on this
  2. My homemade is ok, but could be better. I’ve got some axis round thawing, could you share your recipe? Could be a good recipe for shit you kill and eat thread.
  3. I’ve never had your food, but congrats. You’re in a tough industry and just killing it. That’s all about passion and creativity. Hope to be down there next summer.
  4. Just had it. Better than chik FIL a. Wouldn’t shank anyone or rub my vehicle up against a concrete pillar for it, but would eat again.
  5. There was a guy named Lucky that had a baseball card shop in River Oaks. I grew up on the west side of Fort Worth. Spent a lot of my youth on the west side lions fields. There was a good pizza place called Partons right over there. Once tried to get into New Orleans nights in high school. I went to a private school.
  6. I was born and raised in Fort Worth.
  7. I love smoking Turkeys and do them year round. PSA, buy turkeys the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas. The ones out in the thawing bins are dirt cheap.
  8. You want corn, and they are cheap and easy to make. Follow this:
  9. Fuck TCU, this is a win.
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