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  1. He'll be so dementia addled by 2024 they won't be able to put him in front of a live audience. His whole campaign will be 30 second commercials and printed statements. No debates, no public appearances other than waiving from balconies. He'll still get the nomination, and 40% of America will vote for him.
  2. True. Hell, a bunch of them already sold out the country for a Russian 6.
  3. I'd contribute to Ruben Gallego's campaign if he would primary her.
  4. "Democrat Party" is just a tell that the person using it consumes too much right wing media. I think the "tu" analogy is pretty spot on in that it pretty easily identifies where that persons opinions are formed.
  5. How dark we talking? That might get her kicked out of the family.
  6. I'm so glad she made it over for oysters and crawfish. When I was leaving she gave me a big hug and pulled me close and told me I was raising a fine boy. That meant a lot to me.
  7. Because they couldn't make it legal for white people and illegal for brown people, so they created an ambiguous law to allow selective enforcement. Duh.
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