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  1. Dude should probably get his liver function checked out. He looks like he's been mainlining his states most well known beverage.
  2. Collins district is R+27. When you represent a gerrymandered hyper-partisan district like that your only risk of losing your seat is getting primaried from the right. So you either end up with a true believer idiot, or someone willing to go along with the true believer idiots in order to retain their seat. Not sure which Collins is, but I have my suspicions.
  3. Bossier City as well and they have the most depressingly awful Hooter's I've ever seen, so....winning?
  4. I don't have an electric fan/temp controller, but I do have a WSM. Out of the box, I wasn't all that impressed with the WSM (coming from an offset stick burner). The factory door is trash and leaks like crazy, it's a pain in the ass to clean, and the the factory cover sun rotted in less than a year so every time it rains, the lower chamber fills up with water. It also takes some finagling to keep temp consistent. I've filled my water pan with sand, so it holds temp better now, and I just ordered the cajun bandit replacement door and larger charcoal ring. We will see how it goes with those mods as far as holding temp and extending cook time. That doesn't make it any easier to clean out after a cook, or any easier to get started. One of the most attractive things about a pellet smoker to me is that it's almost instantly ready when you turn it on.
  5. I have a Wustof Santoku and chef's knife, and I probably reach for the Santoku 10x more than I use the chef's knife. The Santoku just feels better in the hand to me. For a pairing knife, I have a 5" Kershaw filet knife I bought off a Snap-On truck probably 25 years ago that I use for all kinds of things. Pairing, carving, and rough filleting of fish. It came with a hard plastic scabbard I keep in my tackle bag. When I go fishing, I'll throw the knife in the scabbard and take it with. It's great for a rough dockside filet, then I'll throw the rough filet in a zip lock bag and bring them home to clean up with my 12" Kershaw filet knife.
  6. You guys want to kick up your frozen pizza game, this stuff is awesome
  7. A buddy bought a Rec Tec RT700 a few months ago, and I have to say I'm intrigued. He's turned out some pretty great quality briskets on that thing...great bark, great smoke ring, fully rendered fat in the point, and he says it's been 100% trouble free. I'm at a point where set it and forget it and get a good night's sleep is sounding pretty good. The App seems cool, too. We went fishing last month, and he put ribs on the smoker for his family before we left. He was able to control temp and see the meat temp from his iphone, and called his wife and told her when to wrap and unwrap them from Rockport. Pretty cool. I'm going to see how he likes it in a year, and may pull the trigger then. For now, I've filled the water pan on my WSM with sand, and just ordered a Cajun Bandit door and charcoal ring. Hopefully that helps with my temp fluctuation issues and I can get it dialed in. I haven't been happy with a brisket from my WSM since I got it.
  8. Well Born to Run is basically an album of showtunes, so...
  9. I typed it into PornHub instead. I'm going to ask for a September Carrino for Christmas.
  10. One Surly under a groove Getting down just for the funk of it?
  11. serious question...do you understand how the legislative process in this country works?
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