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  1. Isn't that pretty much the law? I remember from my CHL class that pulling and waving around your gun would get your CHL yanked at the least, and could subject you to criminal charges.
  2. *Blind Melon, not Blind Lemon Jeff Buckley for Ed Sheeran
  3. Sit safely and comfortably in my car with the windows rolled up and the AC on while she screams her lungs out, gets tired, and finally leaves?
  4. With that midwestern accent she'd have never made it to a second date with me. Like nails on a chalkboard.
  5. I hope she has a dead man's switch somewhere. That might keep her alive long enough to plead da fif and take her time.
  6. Oh they understand the concept....but they only care when they agree with the business's views. Don't want to sell cakes to the queers? "It's a private business and they can do what they want!!!!" Want to make people wear masks to prevent the spread of a deadly virus? "Fuck you, I have rights I can do what I want! America Freedom Patriot Eagle Gun!!!!!!!111one!!1"
  7. I was just thinking about starting one. But I'm lazy, so if someone else wants to do it go ahead.
  8. That's why the most important election in Texas this fall is the state legislature. If Dems can control the house, they can have a say in redistricting.
  9. I posted on one of the threads about this couple that I covered StL for work for a while. The sales lady I worked with married into some old money St Louis family and wouldn't shut up about it. I likened it to old money New Orleans, but I guess SA works too, and for the same reasons. I always found it odd that one of the things she would often slide into conversations was that her husband was a "3rd generation Jesuit boy". I guess High School smack is a thing there. Anyway, it seemed like St Louis was the poster child of white flight, and most of the money, and the white people that held it, lived in suburbs like Clayton or Brentwood and most of the big political fights were County (wealthy white republicans) Vs City (poor, brown, democrats) and it seemed like county won most of the time.
  10. I’ve done dumb shit for a piece of ass before, and she wasn’t even rich.
  11. My mom finally cracked and demanded to see the kids. We went over Sunday, masked up and sat on the back porch for a couple hours. Did her some good, I think.
  12. We have one of just about everything mentioned here, except that countertop press looking thing. I use a cheapo waiters corkscrew I stole from a wedding at Barton Creek CC a long time ago. Mrs Rojo uses the rabbit. I've been lusting after a Laguiole for a long time.
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