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  1. That's because the democrap party and the jew liberals have made it illegal to be a strong god fearing christian in this country!!! I know it's true because I saw it on facebook!
  2. I've read something like 70% don't come off alive.
  3. WilCo with a B. Better than I expected. Looks like we were doing better, then everybody went driving around over the weekend.
  4. I'm probably spending more. I already worked from home unless I was traveling to customer sites. I was usually on the road 3 days a week, 3 weeks a month. When I was on the road I had a Per Diem, so being at home more, I'm spending my own money on food. I guess the dry cleaning savings offsets some of that, but not $100 a day. I AM losing some weight not eating restaurant and hotel food 3 days a week, though. Getting out and walking or riding my bike every day helps, too.
  5. He is the "Ugly American" distilled down to 200 proof.
  6. I texted with the lady that owns the little place I stay in Seadrift. She's officially closed, but told me she'd let me stay since I'm a regular. Bubba's is closed, the Mexican place and the Shack are take out only. The public harbor is closed, but she didn't know about Charlie's or Swan Point. The forecast looks bangin Tuesday, and next Friday and Saturday look pretty great, too. 2 confirmed cases in Port Lavaca, and 4 in Victoria according to her. If there's a ramp open, I might just get up ass early and drive down Tuesday morning and fish and go home.
  7. Mrs Rojo has a part time gig at a title company. Supposed to be 20-25 hrs a week doing admin type stuff. The past two weeks she's worked 40+/week. Their slowest day last week was 5 closings, and this is a 2 full time person office. She said all but one closing was for a refi.
  8. They also included guides as "non-essential business", so all the guides are grounded, too. And no short term rentals. I'm sure that's shutting down the Air B&B and VRBO stuff, but I wonder if that includes hotels? One of my buddies said fuck it and headed to Harlingen and is planning to fish until Wednesday or so. I have to admit, it's tempting but I've been fucking swamped at work.
  9. Yesterday it was the governor of Michigan, today he's shitting on GM....It's like he forgot his narrow victory in Michigan is a big part of the reason he's president today. Or he's not worried about reelection for some reason....
  10. Looks like a Southern Hog Nose snek.
  11. Pescado_Rojo


    Yea, I just got a 1/4 from my neighborhood guy and my office smelled like a dead skunk until I double bagged it and put it in a water tight box in my desk drawer. The pens are so discrete, and the good ones will get you high AF.
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