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  1. Most of the weight was due to throat cancer. He now speaks through a trach. He introduced a Tombstone event I went to for Alamo last year.
  2. Been running in open track and field meets. I’ve got one today in Marble Falls actually. Super fun, and a great switch for me from the long miles. Got the quarter and 200.
  3. So the LSU game is back on?
  4. Wonderful things can happen when you sow seeds of distrust in a garden of assholes.
  5. Trade Dak to Jags for Foles/Ngakoue. I like Dak, but they are gonna cripple themselves.
  6. How great would it be, if Princely didn't choose Texas, and then Earl came flying out of nowhere and took his ass out. I'm getting nothing done.
  7. Cause our coaches keep fucking us. Unpleasantly.
  8. Sloan Thomas has a kid that's old enough to play? Holy shit, I've aged. Not well either.
  9. Seems like Tom actually learned something. Hopefully, we can subscribe the first go round as a combo of youth and arrogance as a young coach. And, he’d won with a lot of those guys. Getting his ass handed to him this year may be a big long term benefit. Here’s to tequila flavored kool aid.
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