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  1. You won’t know until you get older.
  2. Today marks about the 15th year that I have never been on any of them.
  3. Oh that’s perfect. I had forgotten that.
  4. Who does he play for now?
  5. Not by me. That was some bullshit.
  6. Lighten up Francis. Leach is awesome. And significantly more awesome now that the fucking sec and all of college football has to pay attention to him.
  7. tbone_

    Fire Tom Herman

    Like I said. I get the butthurt.
  8. tbone_

    Fire Tom Herman

    I get all the butthurt over the game but honestly most of our teams the last few years would not have been able to pull this one off. And a number of them would have just quit. So there’s that at least in my mind. But yea, there’s work to do. Same as it ever was.
  9. It’s insane how easy it is to get to $100k or even a bunch more on backyard pool and landscape.
  10. I saw him at the Belly Up in Solana Beach a coupe years ago. Cool show.
  11. What are they whacking you for on that project?
  12. I remember thinking when that album came out these guys may be from Seattle but this isn’t grunge. It’s just awesome.
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