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  1. If you’re feeling salty, I’m your tequila [emoji41]
  2. And happy birthday you old fuck
  3. Hey, little girl, don’t you know he’s the devil?
  4. If you guys want to really get pissed off go tour the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville sometime.
  5. I walked in to buy a music stand once and walked out with a $1,900 Taylor.
  6. tbone_


    I did not know that Rip was in dazed and confused.
  7. Dougo - lessons or find someone to play with. Or randomly go to Marty Schwartz YouTube channel and learn some new songs.
  8. Now there’s something useful I did not know.
  9. I always got my snowcones “suicide” style as a kid
  10. My daughter tells me she can’t wait to sell my guitars when I die. Here’s how I buy acoustics: go to the best store in your area, make sure you have some time to spend, find a good sales person, and have them start bringing you guitars in your budget and slightly above. If one speaks to you, you will know it. That’s the one to buy.
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