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  1. Ah the good old Frats suck! Fuck you! debate Very productive
  2. Motherfucker nearly had his leg amputated. Then it was not a given he’d ever even walk again. Stfu and eat a bag. If this isn’t sarcasm it’s the stupidest thing ever communicated in the history of man.
  3. The moveable object meets the resist-able force. Would be a matchup for the ages.
  4. The Texas Longhorns gave up 51 in a home loss to Kansas. They’d lose to a Fisher Price team.
  5. Didn’t they lose to the agroids this year and still play for the trophy?
  6. Fuck that. He earned his free rounds this weekend.
  7. Wasn’t it James Brown who was on one leg, which is why everyone knew Ricky was getting the ball?
  8. Ricky abused their ass 4 years in a row em route to the Heilman iirc
  9. Anyone driving a phev these days? Any feedback? I’m intrigued by the concept.
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