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  1. tbone_

    Classic Car thread

    According to Google, about 3x as many 1st gen Camaros as Firebirds. 842k 1st gen Camaros. 277k 1st gen Firebirds.
  2. tbone_

    Classic Car thread

    That’s kind of what I always thought. And I always sort of dug Pontiac back in the day. Which is why I bought one. Plus they are cheaper than Camaros.
  3. Damn man. Sorry to hear that. Good vibes for him.
  4. Either that or she’s trying to sell you her used panties. Either way play it out.
  5. Me too. He seemed like so much less of a cunt then. Who knew.
  6. So true on all of this. The talent in that town is beyond insane.
  7. We played a social distance set sat evening in our culdesac. Here was our set list: Set 1 1 Steve McQueen 2 Proud Mary 3 Free Fallin 4 Stop dragging my heart 5 Super 8 6 Blue Bayou 7 Turn the page 8 White Rabbit 9 Folsom prison blues 10 Burning Down the House Set 2 11 Bobby McGee 12 No Matter What* 13 Never been to Spain* 14 Picture* 15 You're no good* 16 Last of My Kind 17 Can't find my way home 18 What’s been going on* 19 Straight On* 20 Gimme Shelter Set 3 1 Black Horse Cherry Tree 2 Son of a Preacher man 3 Turn the Page 4 Gold Dust Woman 5 Pride and Joy 6 Love me like a man 7 Cold Cold Heart* 8 Shallow* 9 The One I Love* 10 Sweet Child O Mine* People seemed to appreciate it. Lots of room in the culdesac and driveways to stay distanced. We’ve been asked to make it a weekly sat eve deal. We didn’t even need to plug in to be heard. But we probably will next time because the singer likes the dynamics she can get with a mic better.
  8. I want a drank blvd heather glen tshirt.
  9. tbone_

    Classic Car thread

    Nice looking car but boo on the auto. Mine has the correct 400 but not the original one. I like having the correct old motor but if I ever nut and bolt that car I’ll probably do a crate LS.
  10. Ever heard the old saying, a picture is worth 1,000 words?
  11. And pics of that strat aren’t showing up for some reason.
  12. I’d just get a Katana amp. Has all the effects and amp models built in you’d ever want. People here swear by them.
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