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  1. Also if you drag them by the feet they fill up with sand.
  2. Ferris for sure. The difference is the hyper sensitivity to punishing mistakes and the fact that dumb shit you do can stick with you forever. To wit, the 13 yo son of a friend of mine who is now facing child porn charges because another 13 yo girl sent him tit pics. True story. That wasn’t a thing for us as kids.
  3. Wtf do you do to entertain? Play the violin or something?
  4. Down the Shore. Meh movie but Gandolfini is always great.
  5. Exactly this. They don’t want less attention. They want more than the royal family will let them have. And they want to exercise their god given right to get paid for it which the royal family won’t let them do.
  6. Had a tempurpedic for 10 years or so. Slept hot. Got a purple. Didn’t like it at all and sent it back. Now have a Brooklyn hybrid. Comfy but sleeps hot. Very tempted to go back to springs.
  7. So, here’s what I want to know: What guidelines does it violate? Can the violation be remedied? Can they submit now for approval? If this was already approved, where is the approval paperwork? As the developer, declarant, board member, president, and member of many HOAs something here doesn’t smell right.
  8. Funny how sometimes artists get better over time. I’ve always thought they were very talented musicians and a tight band.
  9. tbone_

    Messed Up Lyrics

    Depends on the pie I guess
  10. On the news this morning the question was why can’t they continue in some limited royal capacity. Answer was because the rest of the family didn’t want them out there pursuing commercial interests while supposedly still being royals. So that’s it then. They are going to be the British Kardashians. Way too much money to ignore I guess.
  11. God damn I could have run through that hole
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