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  1. P&G was a ridiculous conspiracy theory that their moon and stars logo was satanic. Amy Grant committed the cardinal sin of bailing on her husband for Vince Gill.
  2. Land is cheap and it’s close to shit.
  3. Thanks. All covers though. We’re just working on a marketing piece to help get gigs.
  4. Love that song. Here it is with better guitar tone
  5. Spent the afternoon in a studio today working on some stuff for a demo. Never done that before. Pretty fun time.
  6. First two Boston albums might be the best recording engineering job ever.
  7. What do you have against barre chords?
  8. We do an Adele (Bob Dylan) song that goes C- Cm. Pita change. But glorious when I don’t fuck it up.
  9. tbone_

    Getting old sucks

    Strong like tractor. Smart like bull!
  10. I think it’s the suits and sunglasses
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