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  1. He should try chasing a salad every now and again.
  2. And a come from behind theft against LSU in the greatest game ever played.
  3. Gone but not forgotten. RIP C Struggs. As I've said previously, if anybody on my current list croaks then we are all the big winners.
  4. This. I fucking cannot stand Abbott. Never have been able to for this very reason. That's okay. He can't stand himself, either.
  5. Gamaldi is such a worm. He needs to be tarred and feathered, too. Edit - and gotdamn if that's not the most punchable face ever.
  6. She looks like a short-circuiting animatronic Mandrell sister.
  7. Successfully completed the challenge, and all she's got Dachau for it is a nasty case of lead poisoning.
  8. And also completely beyond slorch's grasp.
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