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  1. Helobious loves ya, baby!
  2. Any reviews from the new Killen’s BBQ in MMP? Thinking about giving it a shot today.
  3. Funny, I could’ve sworn I saw the grounds crew rake the base paths after the 3rd.
  4. Why is the out of town scoreboard at MMP not working? Was this mentioned last night?
  5. The clip from that interview that he gave to (NBC?) where he was verbalizing punctuation, "period" "comma" "period" ,was pretty sad. He was clearly messed up from either the concussions, the booze, the pills, or likely all of the above.
  6. Because on a subconscious level D&S offer plausible deniability for their own racism... i.e., "I'm not racist! I have black friends!" Or...
  7. Did Rusty represent Yates? I thought that was George Parnham.
  8. You're talking about people who enjoy golfing in their own excrement. https://www.kbtx.com/content/news/Report-118-million-gallons-of-sewage-found-flowing-from-AM-to-golf-course-Wolf-Pen-Creek-481553711.html They would gladly equate swimming in Buffalo Bayou with purifying themselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.
  9. I remember feeling exactly like this after we lost Brutus. And now it's hard to imagine life without Bluto. I think Deej has it right...you're never going to replace Crosby. But you are going to find another dog that's also going to give you way more than love than you'll ever be able to return. What else in life offers that kind of guaranteed return on your investment? Do it.
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