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  1. Avatars are bleeding over everything on mobile chrome.
  2. So, jumped the LIRR to visit the fam on L.I, and hit up a few breweries and a cidery. Did North Fork Brewery first, and Run The Juice was legit. Then the Cider, nothing worth noting. Now at Mustache Brewery, and I've got the last pour of DJ Night, damn good! Cousins got Scorpion drawer, still legit!
  3. So stuck in NYC in the financial district for the next week and a half, any good recs? Here's the highlight of the night.
  4. You in Austin? Got a few corny kegs I might be willing to part with.
  5. Fuggoff. SXSW screws anything that would be an improvement in traffic during this week!
  6. [CSB] Place I lived my 3rd year at UT, guy in the back of the complex had paper plates, expired of course. Someone back there bought a new-ish car, and had their paper plates stolen off the car like two days later (they left the corners of the paper under the frame). Oddly enough, the original car with paper plates happened to have new ones with a newer expiry date on them. And the paper tears perfectly matched the neighbor's missing paper plates. [/CSB]
  7. I made this application that takes transactions and rounds them down to the nearest penny, and takes those fractions of a cent and puts them into another account...
  8. Damn cajuns and their funny speak!
  9. What, no carbon fiber handle for the bucket?!
  10. People who can't respect RACI charts, and don't inform colleagues of changes they're doing across multiple silos. Especially when said changes are in the area you're responsible for.
  11. From my experiences: At shift change, car video data is uploaded at the station, MDT is shut down, camera system is shut down, then the car is shut down. Issues arose if you shut down the vehicle without uploading the video data.
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