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  1. Was he wearing an Adrian Petersen OU Jersey? That would provide an authentic fair experience.
  2. Has Cornyn figured out if children can get the Corona Virus yet?
  3. I tried one yesterday at the Pearsall location. It only took 15 minutes in the drive through. Without being at the fair, it just wasn’t the same.
  4. I don’t understand the need to focus on the innocence or guilt of the victim. This raid demonstrates significant issues with how our police operate. They executed a search warrant in the middle of the night which resulted in somebody’s death. Whether it was a no knock warrant or the cops knocked, put yourself in the shoes of the people in that apartment. Would you clearly understand that the police are at your door as you’re half asleep? They took a tremendous risk for a minimal benefit which I assume was gathering evidence in addition to the drug house that was being raided at the same time and potentially arresting someone connected to the actual target of the investigation. On top of that, one of the officers upon hearing shots fired decided to blindly discharge his weapon multiple times into an apartment building putting everyone in and surrounding the apartment at risk. How has he not been arrested and charged by this point? On top of these mistakes, they attempted to coerce the boyfriend into agreeing with their version of the events by charging him with attempted murder. Her guilt or innocence is irrelevant in reviewing the various mistakes made and potentially how to eliminate these issues going forward.
  5. Excellent gun - That was my first gun. My parents gave that to me for Christmas when I was 10. We had a massive freeze that year and I emptied the magazine at least 10 times into the iced over creek at the ranch.
  6. and their rules of engagement are less specific
  7. The one lesson I've learned during this pandemic is that tasers seem worthless. I still don't understand why 3 trained police officers can't bring down one man before he gets to his car. Are they not allowed to carry batons? It's obvious to me that the big disconnect in our society is when police should utilize lethal force. In this case I'm not certain they tried all non-lethal avenues before going to their guns.
  8. There's a fourth alternative which always seems to happen to me - It quickly jumps up after a month or 2 of selling covered calls and you lose the appreciation.
  9. That brings back some memories from college. Putting that on leftover tamales was a breakfast staple. I'm going to have to make a grocery store run and stock up. If you hear of easy cheese shortages, I started the run.
  10. I agree with 4-5. If you get a chance, look at his front legs. I’ve been told that deer with visible calluses on their front knees should be at least 5.
  11. Also I wasn’t aware of the protesters gathering in bars after the protests or going to concerts. I guess I missed that.
  12. Why did the Mets trade Taylor for Marisnick? Was it to upgrade their flow?
  13. I just don't get the absolute anger on this. Sign stealing using technology and relaying it to the batter in real time has been going on since at least 1940. Hank Greenberg, Bobby Thomson, etc. One of the most famous moments in the game resulted from stealing signs. Baseball essentially allowed the technology to exist to steal signs and utilized the honor system to monitor potential cheating. It's only shocking that more players haven't pulled a Fiers and tattled on their prior teams. I understand the anger at the lack of player suspensions, but that was the deal. Also, Joe Kelly's still a little bitch for throwing high.
  14. Fisher benefited from having Bud Adams as his owner for many of years. Bud would never fire him and pay out the rest of his contract. How many of Fisher’s winning seasons were in the last 2 years of his contract? He’s the Albert Haynesworth of coaches.
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