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  1. Standard driving to dinner conversation tonight: I'm thinking about going to Peru this summer. I'm watching for prices on flights to drop and I did x,y,z at work today. What does going to Peru have to do with doing x,y,z at work? Oh, nothing.
  2. Was it a "legal" cardroom or an underground room?
  3. lets see, while 47 or so, heart attack lost my website to lawsuit changed jobs declared bankruptcy coached flag football moderated cloak room yep, article checks out.
  4. bring out the gimp! https://www.gimp.org/ open source competitor to photoshop, does everything I've needed to do for years. It will allow you to open a pdf and export to jpg. don't let the name fool you, it has nothing to do with pulp fiction, it's short for great image manipulation program or some such.
  5. blacklab

    Fried Chicken

    I went to the downtown one. Ordered one of the meals and it was way more food than I was expecting. As Kaiser said, not great, not bad.
  6. I didn't do it. If I did it was probably because I was trying to get a thread back on topic and a post that added nothing to the discussion and was just a personal attack. At some point a long time ago, someone didn't like whatever names were being used to describe dumb people and suggested we use retard instead. Fast forward to more recent times and people have decided retard is offensive and needs to be differentially disabled or some such. Twenty years from now some people are going to be offended by differentially disabled and come up with some other wording and the cycle will repeat.
  7. last August wife comes home from party and asks if there is a restaurant or bar or something named Tito's? I met a guy named Tito at the party, talked to him for over an hour. me: there's a vodka named Tito's. her: no, not vodka, he owns a distillery or something. me: a distillery is where they make vodka. her: oh, that's why all the cups and bottles at the party said Tito's on them, I thought tito's was a restaurant or something we have a bottle of Tito's in our bar. My wife has poured Tito's into her glass multiple times. The week before we were in Tahoe I pointed out a Tito's billboard saying it's made in Austin.
  8. Enough with restaurant and Dfw/Houston shit
  9. It did. The one I'm referring to was near Arkansas/Little Road. Looks like it got torn down and offices or something is there now.
  10. It's not that we didn't cough up the money, he turned us down. They're floating that shit out there trying to save face.
  11. We had Piggly Wiggly in Arlington when I was a kid. Was the closest grocery store to our house so we went there all the time. Albertsons moved in nearby and it went out of business shortly thereafter.
  12. I did not. I just nodded my head and said you did the right thing.
  13. My wife is always doing this as well. I've been out of town for 3 days and got home tonight. She works in a day care part time. Driving home from the airport She told me "The kids at school can't play with the water anymore. None of the other teachers would do anything about it, but it's very dangerous. I had to go to Patty and explain what was going on and next time I passed by someone was in there fixing it." I have no fucking idea what she is talking about.
  14. The table I sat at was brutal. all regulars 1 fish and me. Fish had no idea what he was doing but hit some crazy shit after getting it all in on the flop a couple of times. He won $2000 and got up and left, leaving me as the fish at the table. I missed on every flush draw and wrap and left feeling like I didn’t know how to play poker.
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