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  1. Biderman's Deli in westlake has closed. Fuck I'm pissed. Best sandwich place for miles in any direction.
  2. Neighbor's dogs got bit a few weeks ago. One got it in the face and his head got to the size of a basketball. Other got bit in the tail and his tail looked like a snake that swallowed a softball. Luckily it happened just as they came back from vacation and they were able to rush them to the vet.
  3. Nice illegal procedure on the right tackle on the TD
  4. Schmidt's is not good. Brisket was >50% fat, ribs were sloppy mush.
  5. If you entered in the thread we'll have it on the site in a day or so
  6. We go there occasionally, but usually end up passing by on the way to Maudie's.
  7. Yeah, a cabo bob's, chipotle, wing place, Popeye's, fried chicken would be nice although Lucy's did just kick the bucket, but it was too far north for it's own good.
  8. thanks guys. Yeah Lobo, I've been looping around from Maudies, Torchy's, Hat Creek, and this week tried Rosie's. Will give Vivel a shot this week. I think a snooze/magnolia/Kerby lane would do some major business out here. Also think a Pluckers would kill it.
  9. Not sure why any of you engage BT. Just ignore him and move on. I deleted a post here that BT is now using to claim everyone is a white supremacist. BT if you're just going to name call please find another board to post on.
  10. Is there anywhere in lakeway/bee cave to get a good breakfast? Someplace that has eggs benedict and/or eggs/bacon/hash browns?
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