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  1. 5+R/A= $5 with rebuys and an add on 10 - $10 with no rebuys or add ons
  2. I like that the poster "ChickenSandwich" was the first to like my above post
  3. His new lawyer did file ineffective counsel as part of the writ, but she came in with guns blazing and claiming attorney client privilege on everything. So he dropped the ineffective claim so she would have to answer questions.
  4. You don't need a criminal attorney, you need a criminal, attorney.
  5. This is #1 by far with me. She could have just walked away knowing she fucked up but instead doubled down trying to cover up her bullshit. Why the fuck was it so important to her to keep Kelly behind bars? @scottsins and other defense lawyers - have you ever flipped to the other side and tried to keep someone you defended in jail for any reason? I just can't imagine any scenario where this would come up. If a client got acquitted and/or charges dropped and you later found some evidence that points to him being guilty do you go and try to get something done to you client ever? (I realize double jeopardy probably prevents anything from being done if they already went to trial)
  6. Yeah, I think a competent lawyer or one who had the best interest of their client would have fought that as irrelevant.
  7. That's my biggest question on the show. Struck me as pretty weird and creepy. Second biggest question was wtf was the ranger doing. After episode 3 I thought there's no way I could think Cummings was a bigger cunt. Boy was I wrong.
  8. I pay/get paid from the guys running the group, they just use the poker bros as the platform.
  9. I've joined this union on Poker Bros. Lots of tournaments and cash games going. It's not pokerstars 2004 level of competition but there are lots of fish. PM me if you'd like an invite. Times above are eastern, so add an hour to them.
  10. Watched the first 3 episodes tongiht. Patricia Cummings, Wilco DA's office and CP police can eat a bag of dicks. So refreshing to see the new DA actually out for justice, not just convictions. The answer to "What's the purpose of police investigations?" made me sick. Got the wrong guy? Don't give a fuck, just here to convict someone. Fuck you you fat piece of shit.
  11. If aggy recruits were as good as billy thinks they are they should be winning national championships every year.
  12. Lost Creek is a little south of you and was $3000 to join and $500 a month a few years ago, not sure what it is now. It's part of Club Corp and you get a free round a month at a bunch of local courses and golf all over the country by just paying a cart fee. Horseshoe Bay and Barton Creek lakeside are some of the local courses.
  13. Thread in DT about this, closing this one
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