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  1. Let me know if you got some. Need 3 for sure, possibly 1-2 more depending on the people deciding if they want to go or not.
  2. I only knew it as Pronto, switch happened after I left.
  3. blacklab

    Mr. Robot

    wow. I can't remember anything quite like that. Breaking bad is the only series I can think of that is like this in the differences in the episodes from week to week.
  4. blacklab


    It's going to be a day spa/massage place
  5. Buddy of mine got drunk at the strip club and took a taxi home. The strip club handed him a bottle of water as they shoved him into the cab. He was pretty drunk and opened the bottle and was telling a story to his buddy, and can't talk without using his hands and was spraying water all over the cab. The cabbie got out of the cab and started shoving him and provoking him into a fight. A few years earlier a few of our coworkers were killed by a cabbie not too far from where he was. Thinking of that he shoved the cabbie away, got in the cab and started to drive. He got about 20 feet before he realized he was right in front of his apartment. So he pulled into a parking lot, left it running, walked back towards his apartment, told the cabbie to fuck off, and went into his apartment and fell asleep. A few hours later the police were at the door and arresting him for grand theft auto. Cabbie was never more that 75 feet from his cab. Cabbie changed his story with the police and DA multiple times once he figured out he might be charged for assault. Buddy hires a lawyer and gets plea deals done with assistant DAs multiple times, but each time when it comes time to go to the hearing to sign the paperwork the DA who made the deal had left or been fired, and he had to go through the whole process again. Each time the new DA assigned would offer something like 10 years in prison as the plea bargain, they would get within a week or two of going to trial, then they'd come to an agreement of a year or two of probation, then they would quit and his case would not get picked up by anyone for months. He racked up an unbelievable amount of legal bills during this time. After a couple of years he finally got a plea signed. I think it was total bullshit as while he did deprive the cabbie of his cab for 2 minutes, he never had intent to permanently deprive him, very similar to this case.
  6. blacklab


    Went today and got a Rueben as well and it was great. Felt like I walked into a deli in nyc
  7. blacklab

    Formula 1 2019

    here for the lol Ferrari
  8. How do we as fans tell the players to hold?
  9. Arm across the throat by OL is legal now?
  10. This is the correct answer, summarized much better than I could. Dem president bans stuff->price of oil goes up->now makes sense to drill where we are not currently drilling->more oil out of the ground->price goes down->goto 10
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