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  1. As someone who grew up in Arlington, I can verify that Mansfield is a shithole.
  2. 10yo went to the dentist today and did not have a good time. I've never really liked them and after hearing the details I told my wife we're not going back there. 10yo "I want to go back one time" me "Why" 10yo "So I can tell him I'm never coming back"
  3. Helpful video for you comcast users having trouble with your router/internet v09044940000c0sp099iivn9vgs593c0.MP4
  4. If any of you guys with 3rd Gen 4runner or Taco needs any parts for your truck let me know soon before I send it off to the junkyard. Front seats were redone with leather a little over a year ago and are in perfect shape. Alternator is also around a year old. I am probably putting the wheels and tires from the 4runner on the FJ so if you want/need original 2010 FJ wheels with cheap tires on them I'll have those too.
  5. So sorry SB. Your pics of him on your boat were some of my favorite ones ever on this thread.
  6. Got my first Moderna at CVS in dripping springs today around 1pm. Have a little headache now but nothing else.
  7. They have several of those at World Market. Wife sent me pictures a few months back.
  8. They had 2 people giving shots at the cvs in Dripping. Each was doing a shot every few minutes, around 40 people an hour.
  9. First dose down from CVS in dripping springs. Second appointment set up for March. Scheduled for 12:15, but wasn't on the printout at the front. Had to go to the back and fill out some forms. Ended up getting the shot around 1pm. Dozens of people there getting the shot.
  10. I just got an appointment at a CVS here in Austin https://www.cvs.com/immunizations/covid-19-vaccine
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