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  1. I agree and was about to quote and post the same thing. Is a shoot out on private property (of the owners) ok? What about someone else’s private property? What about a public library?
  2. You can get a single zone mini split installed pretty cheaply (for a one zone there are actually preloaded diy kits). My experience is they work great, are quiet, and cheaper than doing anything to your central AC.
  3. I just use the water hose outside to run water up the line and let it flush out. Works well and I’ve managed to never end make a mess in the attic.
  4. Is this an “are you serious” meme? Sad to say, I’m almost 40,married, and have 2 kids, but our cookware would probably shock and abhors most of you that aren’t college any more. But I’m trying to to learn. Based on the feedback, I may give a couple of these a try.
  5. 1) is it really healthier for you than the traditional non stick 2) does it clean up well In the dishwasher?
  6. I was clearly wrong about Wanda’s role. I felt bad for her character in the end. I did enjoy the movie though. I also hope they stick with Kra(I can’t spell his name)ky for Reed.
  7. In a place with limited space like an island or mountain resort area, you’re going to have to strike a balance. You can’t convert everything to STR but you also don’t want to force out all the mom and pop, because you can’t just throw up a new hotel over night. Most vacation destinations charge STR owners HOT. Not registering it will get you kicked off Airbnb and VRBO. Oahu shop owners disagree with your statement they don’t see a penny. There was a large coalition against the reg Oh, and shocked someone in the department that drafted the bill resigned over corruption issues (big hotel/condo groups trying to push through an order that limits completion for them)
  8. Sure they have a lever to pull, but at what cost? How much spending do those STRs generate from tourist? How much in taxes? The 2 STRs that we bought - rehabbed from vacant falling down eyesores - are now triple+ the value we purchased them at, and we are paying a shit ton in property taxes. We also pay 10% to the county and 5% to the state on the gross from every stay. There are multiple ways to approach problems, and if a places main revenue is from tourism, the local government has incentive to work with the people bringing in the money.
  9. Got my tickets for tomorrow. 24 more hours before I can safely read this thread and the rest of the internet
  10. I just want to confirm - those reps are split over 5-10 sets right? My weight loss has stalled. Too much drinking. And cake. My knee after surgery requires more warming up I’ve noticed. First set or 2 with any weight feels like my knee is going to snap, even if I do 3-5 body weight squat sets.
  11. Marry, date, screw: Wendy, Skylar, Carroll Baskins? GO.
  12. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but this thread has potential? Have you thought about renting a big ass back hoe? Kid would have fun running that. What about dynamite to clear out the hole? That would be quick and entertaining for everyone (make sure to video).
  13. Can you build a 2000 sqft home for less than $400k at this point? edit for data. Not much room for error or meat left on the deal. One source, but it’s in line with what I was getting quotes on about a year ago (I was getting around 150/sqft w/o really getting far in the process) https://www.credible.com/blog/mortgages/how-much-does-it-cost-to-build-a-house/
  14. Why does that use avg household price but median income? I’d expect that to skew the delta higher.
  15. She pays people off, ruins peoples lives, and kills innocent people. But hey, did you see how upset she was at the thought of voter right violations? She crusaded against that…until it served her better to agree to let the rigged machines in. But that was only temporary. In the end she got him back by kicking him off the board. She really does care about all the little people having a voice. Misunderstood anti hero!
  16. Wtf. That was a million times worse than GoT ending. Fuck everyone and everything.
  17. Your main panel is going to be aluminum. Cross off all the house in your list. And I prefer slab foundations unless the house is at least 6’ off the ground so I can walk under it.
  18. I have 2 episodes left and that bitch Wendy is still alive. Wtf? Why? shes also started doing some bullshit “I know I’m hard to love” sympathy act. I laughed when Marty didn’t vigorously disagree
  19. Should I expect a 10% interest rate by the time a reFi a small multifamily/commercial property we are rehabbing? Hopefully prices don’t plummet because we estimated ARV on numbers back in September
  20. If there wasn’t an outage going on at work today, I’m pretty sure I would have been sick. And I’d be getting better at the theatre right now.
  21. I enjoyed it but I am confused about the psych ward. At first I thought it was their mental image of the afterlife. How did they end up back in there though?
  22. And @troph I enjoy your housing info/updates. I think your at the scale/level I hope to get to some day. So hang around those threads too.
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