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  1. Look boss, what do you get when you pull over an okie? A tornado of paperwork.
  2. Tldr: He's (the man who knocked up my mom) an asshole and gets to sleep in the bed he made. Only took me 34/35ish years of various degrees of emotional/mental abuse from him to get to this point. Officially ended contact with my move to Denver via text message.
  3. Couldn't tell ya for schooling purposes. There are quite a few neighborhoods/townships that I saw that were heavy on middle aged families with kiddos. Wheatridge, Washington Park, etc. Cherry Creek is nice and more bougie and has the mall if you're into that. Plus, Scooters is in Cherry Creek and that's where the Texas Exes watch games.
  4. Made it up here! It was an adventure and the TL;DR, or the short of it, version - uhauls suck ass for tall people, my original apartment I cannot fit into the shower, literally, and will be moving to an upgraded place a couple blocks away in May. Living out of boxes and going full on hippy since I can't shower. I like the neighborhood and Cheesman Park. This strip of Colfax is an entertaining mix of junkies and the regular folk. I found a bar that has Avery's Maharaja on tap and Pete's Kitchen is fucking good diner food that will be a legit hangover cure spot.
  5. Ha. Welcome. Yep, and I will be in Minneapolis in a few weeks. It's great dontchaknow, yah?
  6. I'm in Fargo this week and they shut down the offices in the middle of our UAT. On top of that, most retail places are closed and it's a proverbial white shit storm out there.
  7. I'll be one block north of the park - looking forward to running it with the youngest dog and general laziness on gorgeous days when I can We'll have to get a beer when you come up!
  8. Well - signing a lease this week w/ a parking spot - will be near chessman park, right off of colfax, with plenty of restaurants, bars, pubs, breweries, etc. that are walking distance or bike riding. I am happy with it and not paying 2k+ for rent. I'll be moving closer to the end of march now and can't wait.
  9. 1. get truck 2. put dog in truck bed (kennel optional) 3. drive 4. profit
  10. So many alerts over the past two days from companies losing 5%. Some getting multiple alerts and all the damn 52 week low alerts. I'm going to HEB before they close so I can get stuff to make smores while the market burns
  11. It's owned by Facebook. How do you think it works? They take all the data points they can and sell them to every bidder. That whore in Buffalo is really just a bot who wants to track you.
  12. get well and just poke a hole in your noggin and let the blood drain out
  13. If I ever have kids I am taking notes... My story will go like this...Santa is real, kids. I heard we are his last stop, so we got a long haul tonight. Stay good, quiet and go to bed and stay in your rooms until 7am. Since this is santa's last stop, we should leave him a *insert adult beverage* , cookies, and some food for his reindeer.
  14. Who has the Y Mas recipe?
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