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  1. I will add remote Alaska folks are unique. By unique I mean quirky to all extremes. Hard working, tough as nails, surviving, thriving, grateful, and addicts galore. Support for others and words like don't step foot on my property again have authority. Crazy summabitches to get outside in the ridiculously cold and I get looked at funny down here in the lower 40 when I say snow machine. I blame yall. On the unique note, had a drunkass 54 year old Homer fishing lady hitting on me at the hotel bar. She runs a B&B down there now. Can confirm she did not smell like fish thankfully. Kevin Bacon has 6* of separation and if you spend time up there, have family there, or have worked in energy, from upstream down, the service industry, etc. you are closer to 2* of separation. Everyone knows everyone in this weird way. If I can make things happen with my company up there, I may have a 500g trailered offset ready to go and smoke some brisket, ribs, etc. this summer. It's a decent trip for you and I promise the bbq won't be the shitshow you're used to by now. Turnagain, etc. is terrible. 🤣
  2. Love this thread. Was up there in Anchorage 2 weekends ago when 15+ inches of snow dropped. Wanted to get out beyond the valley and no dice. Was gorgeous though. Most likely will end up outside of Anchorage sooner rather than never. Why do people up there not like it when I call break up season, Codependent season?
  3. I'm walking out the front door and driving 8 hours when I go and plan to hit up bozeman, great falls, Missoula, or just go up north first and cut across. Fly to any town and drive. It's beautiful up here.
  4. It's tempting as it hasnt gotten over freezing today
  5. TLDR: Quit my job, new offer is coming in this week and I will accept early next week. I now have 3 weeks off for a vacation I haven't had in a bit. Holidays, Family time, all of that will occur as I am driving south in the next few days with no rush or care in the world. Y mas, and a select few other restaurants, breweries, etc. will be visited and I will most likely get some day drinking in. That said, a friend with whom I'll be crashing at a few of the nights as offered to buy me anything down there that I don't want to take back with me. What are the top 5 things HEB makes now that I must try?
  6. So happy you got to go up there Zepol! It's magical and one of my favorite places. I can't wait to get back.
  7. I'm over in Billings, MT these days. Drove through North Dakota back in October, I enjoyed it. Better than clients in Fargo and that area.
  8. 7* this morning, still have a couple inches of snow on the ground after a quick 4-5" blizzard yesterday morning. Expecting another inch or 2 starting around sundown. Just a lil chilly. Next 2 months will bring the real cold.
  9. Doc Holliday


    That's a great dispensary btw. Good choice. Go up to girdwood for where the best flower is. They also have some pure AK strains up there, that are divine.
  10. What a great game and atmosphere. The visuals on LHN were great and I loved seeing the women's teams there to support. Good stuff, chaps.
  11. It should stay students only, imo. Build the fire and fanbase for students there while making it special. Then bring that passion over to the drum and new facilities eventually.
  12. I really wish I was a student to be able to go to this game. I hope it's electric AF and loud AF. I get it's SHSU and don't care. Make an impact and let's play a game in there every year.
  13. In college I would eat at Bodacious every Sunday for cheap. It was like 7.50 for a large tea, chips and two chopped beef sammiches. One of my favorite memories of being in the right arm pit of Texas for a stint.
  14. Best BBQ in Billings, MT - Dickies. Please send me BBQ. 😢
  15. This was in 2020 during the ramp up and peak of covid.
  16. Alaska closed all things at that point. We would have had to spend the 2 weeks in a hotel room and not leave it for their quarantine rules at that time.
  17. Word. Covid fucked up my guys trip up there. A buddy has a plane and we were going deep back country for 2 weeks in covid July. Pure back country freedom.
  18. Good luck! All my clients are up there and I miss it. Mooses Tooth, Matanuska Brews, and more. If you need legit local info or other connections let me know. I've got people all over the city.
  19. 15* and Montana folk don't wear heavy coats, yet. Covering up, sure, and acting like they're going to die because it's cold. Not so much.
  20. I'm single and supporting one of my company's delivery centers down there. This thread gives me ideas.
  21. When the project manager who has fucked up my project for months gets fired. Started calling his shit 2 weeks in and it took 6 months.
  22. very much my Montana theme song these days.
  23. It was in the 20s this morning with a brilliant frost layer across the grass.
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