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  1. So thousands can safely march through the streets day after day after day, but can't wander safely through the State Fair Grounds without killing their Grandmas?
  2. Not at all. You're missing the larger point: if there are really "people of color" - or persons of colour, if you please - than why are we not seeing green, blue, indigo, violet, even orange? How can you simply skip five-ninths of the spectrum in your stupidity? I suspect it's intentional, as no one can be as stupid as you pretend to be. You should tone it down a little bit, you'll last longer.
  3. Well... but, did you notice the lobotomy?
  4. ... which is not at all high on the Uniqueness Scale, though.
  5. #MensaTom did not inherit a smoothly-running, top-of-the-line machine like #FuckLincolnRiley, much less as did what's-his-name Day. He inherited a disorganized mess, which - whatever any of us us may say or think about his results so far - is measurably better than what he started with, although not as good as what we hoped it would be by now. The interruption of all things has left us with fewer measurements to consider, but the dearth of usual off-season meals of shit sandwiches and koolaid notwithstanding, many will agree that things do seem likely to be improved still more and we expect to have better scoreboard control if and when the season arrives. #MensaTom has made his bed, using nothing but his own skill and daring - well, and a considerable number of millions of dollars of (mostly) Other People's Money. His arrogance has indeed diminished markedly, although it flashes out on odd occasions. If he has learned to avoid the urges to be seen as the cleverest guy in the room, at both press conferences and play-calling, we will see the plus-side of our usual 10-2 +/-2 seasonal expectations come to fruition. He has repeatedly shown the ability to prepare the team for big games, while also allowing lesser games to be lost to ... what, lack of preparation, unexpected circumstances, stupid playcalling (seemingly more designed to make #MensaTom look smart and tough rather than to win games)... whatever. If he has learned to concentrate on preparing the coaches and players mentally and let his coaches handle the hows to his strategic whats, he will be joining the Good Coaches Club. It has looked like the choices for the overhauled staff have been made well. If not, he's still a fuckup and we need to keep looking. I'll be a lot happier if Yurcich turns Sam into Joe Burrow and Ash builds a defense that actually gets to the quarterback on Third and Orlando, and so will you.
  6. Not living in SA, and being too fucking lazy to search, with my only serious connection to SA being Miz Long, who grew up in Alamo Heights, I fell into the intended RE developer trap of assuming that "Heights" in SA means a nicer-than-average location... so, prolly not so odd. And the rest of the questions? Intel doesn't call the fucking PD when there's a problem with an agent. Mil Intel doesn't call the Provost Marshal, although contrary to what someone implied, MPs do have jurisdiction over military personnel regardless of location. I believe CID (or DIA, etc.) would be involved with Mil Intel ceching on problem personnel. I don't necessarily think the MIB offed Harless and his entire family, but it wouldn't be much, if any, weirder than him going nuts and doing it himself in a quintuple homicide, double felicide, cryptic note-leaving frenzy. We are living in very strange times, both physically and socially, so until more information is "released", I will at least entertain the notion that either explanation may be essentially what happened.
  7. Nor is he alone in either the occasional sometimes way too often shit posting or lack of response. Where's the goddam strikethrough?
  8. Hey, you know where I can get some tinfoil? All I've been able to find so far is aluminum foil.
  9. And will keep being swept until it disappears. Staff Sgt affords home in Heights/Stone Oak? ME "releases" names but no cause of death? Mil Intel doesn't get every morning call from Cyber-intel agent, so calls city cops? Cops enter house, smell fumes, panic? But didn't see note on door until later? Such absolute bullshit.
  10. Keeps getting crazier. SO much bullshit in the story.
  11. How's about... "Hi, this is Mike Leach. The people you're calling are not available. If you are a friend, a relative, or have legitimate business, leave a message and maybe you'll get a call back. Otherwise, hang up and call someone else your fat little girlfriend Craig James." .
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