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  1. You sound like a man who could stand to have a drink.
  2. You don't suppose the team's disdain for Mehringer and Orlan_o was communicated to recruits, do you?
  3. Can't believe how you dumbasses can't crack this code - it obviously means we're getting Urban, and MensaTom is moving down to OC. Popeyes = Pope Yes. MensaTom will be back on OJT for the next couple of years. The OC part, he's got already, but he has a lot to learn from Urban. It's a win-win-win for errbody.
  4. Let's just say... inexpensive...
  5. Maybe yes. Maybe no. Maybe fuck yourself. Maybe yes. Maybe no. Maybe fuck yourself. As at least one or two surly assholes pointed out, there are in fact some scenarios in which Harrell might be a viable candidate to replace a fired MensaTom. For example, Harrell's O puts up 45 a game, but Ash's D fucks up so badly that we lose five of those games, then MensaTom hits the road and Harrell may very well get a shot at the HC. Or, less related to foobaw, MensaTom gets popped for DUI with a live shemale and a dead female in the back seat... Bottom line, don't turn a range of several possibilities into a binary yes/no resulting in "impossible" instead of "not very probably, but could happen".
  6. Well, he obviously thought that the reserved seat for TH was for him. Looks like he just found out it was for Token Honky. That's the ticket.
  7. wrong word. you need to reread Stranger In A Strange Land. Ah, yessss... Naval Intel has always had an impressive stable of pretty decent writers to front their imaginative fiction teams.
  8. In Harrell's place, I believe I'd take the (alleged) 3 year guaranteed 6 Megabux, and make damned sure to document any meddling. Guessing Herman won't fit him for a Beck saddle of co-co'ing, assume he gets his own pick of receiver coaches, maybe OL too. So little info on Drayton, I'm assuming he stays, particularly if we land Bijan... but, man, I haven't been overly impressed with the RB room exploits.
  9. Deviltry in details. What If - Harrell works well, but only up to the point that MensaTom allows, so things are not as wonderful as might be hoped. What then are Harrell's moves this time next year?
  10. ? Apparently I'm getting false readings from my sarcometer...
  11. Where is ol' Mark these days? How hard is it gonna be to pry him a-loose from there?
  12. You assume there are nuts to be kicked, but that may be overreaching.
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