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  1. My eye quack (retina specialist) office says they will be seeing patients for my next needle-in-the-eyeball session, Apr 17... is that likely to remain true?
  2. Prolly woulda, if had seen anything on his roster like something called a tight end?
  3. Far's I can tell, errbody got the same plays in their version of the Greg Davis Big Little Playbook. There aren't any new formations or new plays. The profession of coaching offense consists in choosing the ones to actually practice, and then choosing which of those to use against each opponent, and then choosing which ones to call at various points in each game, depending on the circumstances - down and distance, field position, score, time, personnel on both sides, and and and. All I saw Yurcich do was diagram a few plays and explain the receivers' route choices, which inhere to errbody's offenses, from Jr HS to the Stupor Bowl, and universally include what Yurcich was saying, namely that the essence of the passing game plan is to force at least one defender to make a choice and for both passer and receiver to be prepared to take the opposite one... Bottom line: Yurcich didn't say anything that all DCs don't already know - my opinion, of course.
  4. Not quite true. That source lists quite a few such words, and insists that the "positive" versions are obsolete or inventions. Neither of those denies the existence. Obsolete only means "most people don't use them", and you all know how many fucks we give about what most people think or do. Calling them inventions is absurd - you can't negate something that doesn't already exist, whether that something was "invented" or fell out of the sky is not material. Feel free to be gruntled, whether you are couth or not.
  5. Nah. Lining up off side by an OL is more frequent than holding by a DL. Moving before snap ("false start") is hugely more frequent than off side, though.
  6. Holy shit! You're right! Since you have nothing better to do, could you go ahead and deconstruct these Yurcich Droppings so we can see how the better DC's will be destroying our offense. You know, in the future?
  7. Prolly depends on who's got the bigger pile of cash available. Well, and the best FedEx pickup.
  8. Fat may be the operative condition here.
  9. 22;000 tests a week? Interesting number, 1/1000 of the state population. Hell, yeah, whole population tested in, what, about 20 years?
  10. Errbody god are prick. Pay now, go later.
  11. Need to publish BMI data on victims?
  12. In point of fact, he IS wrong. To us War Babies, you're all fucking Boomers.
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