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  1. Just Googled it. That looks bad ass, definitely what we're looking for.
  2. Haven't gone far enough into it on lodging. When you request a pamphlet a Rivers and Oceans person contacts you directly to work out specifics. I'll call her Monday and see what they have available.
  3. I was looking into this a few weeks ago for an August family trip. I figured if you do the Grand Canyon you should probably raft the fucker and see as much of it as you can. After some research I came across a company that gives you all kinds of info and helps you select an outfitter. https://riversandoceans.com/ We were looking at a 3 day deal where you hike into the canyon and helicopter out. Rest of the week could be spent hiking other spots. Haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  4. Mach 1

    Classic Car thread

    Username checks out
  5. Mach 1

    Classic Car thread

    I'd recommend putting that A/C in before anything else. I just did Classic Auto Air and it was a PITA even with full access to the firewall from both sides. Follow up with some pics. I've always like the Plum Crazy color.
  6. Mach 1

    Classic Car thread

    Interesting. I'm with you on saving original stuff when possible, but mine came with an ARP replacement sending unit. Looked pretty solid. We'll see when I fire it up.
  7. Mach 1

    Classic Car thread

    Good point. You need to check it out, the tank rests on that metal. I'm out of my element on electrical stuff. Replace the sending unit for sure while you're in there.
  8. Mach 1

    Classic Car thread

    Yeah, it's all salvageable. Once you get that crud - or is it a rubber cover of some kind? - off your gas tank it will probably look brand new. Opinions are split on restoring original vs buying a new tank - I think because original can rust on inside vs new ones not as solid. Mine was fine inside so I restored it. Rather than blast, maybe hit the trunk area with paint remover first. Use a wire wheel on a drill gun to make it easier to take all the paint off, also gets into nooks and crannies. Then hit it with the Evaporust a couple of times and you should be clean and ready for repaint.
  9. Mach 1

    Classic Car thread

    As Bozo said, a lot of guys say to buy the original shop manual. I must be missing something because I haven't learned shit from mine. Some must be better than others. My Mustang manual's illustrations are confusing, the write ups aren't very detailed. Just really dated overall. @Onboard 2.0 recommendation is where I'm at. Log in to Vintage Mustang Forum and search around - lots of good info there. Google is your friend. Break down your restoration into bit parts and Google specific stuff, like "1970 Mach 1 transmission shifter linkage" or "1970 Mustang rear shock replacement" and you'll get a few youtube videos and almost always a direct link to a VMF post discussing that exact subject. They do have good, modern manuals covering engine work. Google your engine number and "manual" and something will surely pop up. Good luck.
  10. Kept it simple this weekend, carne asada tacos and the margarita machine (me).
  11. You left out a ridiculous premise, religion, Russian gangsters ... This is one of my favorite shows over the last 10 years or so. It pulls no punches. It's ridiculous and entertaining as hell.
  12. This is completely off topic, but what the hell. Culver City has an interesting history. Look at this map. That far left appendage is now a Costco. It used to be a dog racing park. Back during Prohibition LA started cracking down on booze and gambling; Culver City did not, in fact they were rumored to have encouraged it. So they started buying up property to get to the dog tract, and slowly incorporated the gerrymandered piece into their city. When the booze and gambling at the dog track led to the untimely death of some patrons, the CC cops would simple drag the body over the city line at let the LA cops deal with it. Good times.
  13. Mach 1

    Classic Car thread

    I had to go through my invoices to find it - holy shit, I've spent a lot of money on this restoration. I don't want to look through those again. The Clock Works in beautiful Eagle River Wisconsin. 800-398-3040. Mine cost $190 bucks and it was in bad shape.
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