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  1. This thread was inspirational. I went for it yesterday and made egg nog following the Alton Brown recipe. Holy shit, I feel like a Philistine. Had some store bought in the fridge and almost had to spit it out after drinking the homemade. Cheers.
  2. This dude says fuck Peloton. He'll train for the Tour de France on the mean streets, thank you very much.
  3. Mach 1

    Classic Car thread

    Bullitt Mustang coming to auction https://barnfinds.com/most-expensive-muscle-car-ever-1968-ford-bullitt-mustang
  4. It's not the definition of insanity, it's the definition of hubris, fear, and self preservation.
  5. Cannot: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Cool Hand Luke Bullitt Remake: 1A Jason and the Argonauts 1B The Birds *best Halloween costume I've ever scene was a girl with bent coat wires connected to her costume. she had fake birds on them and whenever someone would ask, who are you? she'd flail her arms and the birds would slide around, seemingly attacking her.*
  6. That's it. I'm going back and rewatching all of them. Fucking genius. One of my My favorite scenes is the following (the Richard Lewis clip is up there, along with many others). Watch the first few seconds then fast forward to the 2 minute mark.
  7. My son was also born in 2005. He's been to a few games with me, but the last couple of years have been interesting. He'll come down from playing Fortnite or Call of Duty and size me up: "How'd Texas do today?" "They suck shit through a straw. So, not good." He then sits down and says "How does that make you feel? Are you okay?" Fucker is going to turn into a psychiatrist.
  8. The Team is Not Back Hear it Again Kick Your Balls Win something asshole
  9. Get out your notebook, there's more. Your lives are in danger.
  10. Schiff is my Congressman, and I'm proud to have him as my representative. He's a a perfect representation of "We are better than that," but unfortunately around 40% of this country isn't, due to ignorance, misguided ways, or plain selfish corruption. But Democrats seem to be bringing knives to a gun fight. Republicans are willing to do whatever is necessary, including bringing in a foreign nation to assist them in their agenda and power grab. Lying, cheating, gerrymandering - whatever the fuck it takes. Yet Shiff's final response is, "We are better than that." Yeah I get it's a nice nod to Cummings, but Schiff is trying to appeal to a vision that seems a little out of reach right now. I'm leaning toward bringing a Howitzer to the gun fight from here out. Not sure how to do it, but it's time.
  11. Great movie. Bale was awesome. They did a great job shooting the race scenes, swooping in and out. Really felt as if you were right there in the thick of things. csb1 I tracked my old M4 at Willow Springs. It's a fun/fast track, lots of opportunity to pass (and be passed) /csb csb2 Just before the events here Shelby broke off a partnership with DeTomaso to build a race car. DeTomaso went on to build it on his own and called it Mangusta, or Mongoose, as in the animal that can kill a Cobra. /csb
  12. I see some Vantage similarities
  13. Mach 1

    Classic Car thread

    All stock. It's a numbers matching car so I'm trying to limit modifications. Also it will be a weekend cruiser with my son, nothing crazy. I am thinking of upgrading the 3.0 peg leg rear though. Probably drive it awhile before I decide to upgrade or not.
  14. In the Classic Car thread. It's in pieces at the moment, but off to the paint shop within the month.
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