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  1. how are they at Dtackle? i think that is where Brady gets fucked the most. See Donald, Aaron, or Tuck, Justin. I think the chefs are good at DE no? a lot easier to scheme around DEs than a game changer like Donald at DT IMO
  2. malakas?! you ain't fooling me you fucking turks
  3. come on bills get a fucking TD. there isn't much footballs left
  4. no shit and now KC gonna make you drive for like 6 to 8 minutes for another field goal. argh
  5. gotta get TDs like weeks ago motherfuckers bye feliciano
  6. still gets me. the complete lack of anything resembling honesty or logic. there is no way at all you will ever reason with this dickhead or these people. none. btw A lot of people are saying that Josh Hawley supports domestic terrorism
  7. i stopped watching because of that actually. that and i like my blood pressure below 120 miles per hour
  8. thats disheartening to say the least. almost robotic and without any sense of present, past of future. another casualty of losing the truth.
  9. for sure. but holy shit does it still make me lulz every time
  10. America's main disease is short-termism. Desperately need to build strength across the whole of society and try to get more people actively participating in civic discourse and business. (the idea that they are opposed is archaic and flawed). business is good. pro corporate is not pro business and the conflating of that irks the shit out me. as policy we need to disconnect the word corporate from pro business IMO. anyway, you homies be good. my no nuke friday is sweet so far. first one with such a breathe of fresh air
  11. these threads are like a kick in the real nuts. the mechanism of making decisions and improving things is broken, ergo, thats the first fix. until then the issues will pile up and the populace will get more pissed off. on the optimist's side of things - maybe, just maybe, the obliteration of the Republican party gets the democrats some runway to try and catch the US up to other western countries in terms of social services and quality of life. sadly, its the democrats so I don't think it will happen ergo my first ergo. the current pattern is R's make the water dirty and Ds try to co
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