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  1. musk is damn interesting as he weirdly connects various facets of the culture wars. i try to usually stay out of it but happened to stumble across his twats today. just sounds like a whiny baby. that'll be $9.95
  2. hey at least they weren't uh....you know. hows that saying go again? where's art when ya need him
  3. i got a dose of the S dust the last few weeks in the Med. no bueno man.
  4. sorry to see this. there is no solution that will work any longer. it is what it is.
  5. absolutely. one step further - football. fuck it. i don't want it that bad. we move to SEC and want to become what....bama? LSU or the paperclips? some one trick pony in a college town. that is a dangerous culture that I don't want to further empower on our campus. its perverse and leads to shit like Baylor. Not to mention its a dying game and won't be anywhere near the same in 10 years time. and now we will die with the hillbillies instead of being ahead of the curve because money and boomer olds. dammit
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