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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. all the best @Bama Chick that just sounds horrifying. no one should have to experience that path at all. so sorry.
  2. sorry, i haven't seen a clock ticking down or like a fast helicopter on a well timed interception of a grizzly bear nuke bomb mission. i need more hollywood here before i can really understand if anything is wrong well, whatever, in all seriousness yes where the fuck is the military. I told you motherfuckers a few months back you would be wishing for a military coup of some type.
  3. sorry let me edit that. why is this fuckhead not in a tree that has a rope swing already in it and some people who don't like him happen to be around the tree and like to play with ropes
  4. I think the problem is when people start with a us vs them starting point in the CR way. r v d. If something can talk just of reform or anything above that culture war then its fine in my book. fine lines, yes i know
  5. well said. and thats what it is. someone needs to help that dude get some love from somewhere
  6. in a month or two we will say "remember when they just punched the media cameraman?" some good times
  7. eh. no stress mate. America has looked plenty horrifying long before this
  8. so as night falls over in the US the voice of reason is art acevedo. sigh. i picked the wrong pandemic to stop smoking
  9. nah, I don't think ridding the streets of the anti-American heathens is the tipping point you wish for my homie
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